In which episode Tsunade’s dream was shown?

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Naruto Shippudden is one of the most popular anime series in the entire world. People find this anime interesting as the storyline of this anime is wholesome.

Not only the storylines, but the deployment of amazing characters in different turns of events also made this anime dearer to its fans. There was a time when this anime almost broke the internet.

In the final moments of this anime, there was a moment where all of their character’s dream was revealed. At the same time, we also got to visualize the dream of Tsunade.

She had a very simple yet she was not able to fulfill it. She still has no chance of fulfilling her dream as it was shattered into pieces irreparably.

Let’s unravel what was the true dream of the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

What is Tsunade’s true dream?

Tsunade is one of three legendary Sanins and the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju(God of Shinobi). She was also the former Hokage of the hidden Village Leaf before Hatake Kakashi.

Tsunade is also the friend of the late Jiraya and Orochimaru. She is the one who granted the knowledge of medical ninjutsu to Haruno Sakura. She is famed as the world’s strongest  Kunoichi.

Tsunade has a very terrible past. She lost her beloved ones one after another due to different circumstances. Because of that trauma, she abandoned her shinobi life for many years.

She contributed a lot to the Hidden Leaf village when by looking after it by being its Hokage. However, she held that position only for the sake of the village. It was not her ultimate dream.

If that’s not her dream, what is it? Let’s unravel.

Tsunade’s dream was to be surrounded by her loved ones. Her dream is to live with all of his loved ones in peace and harmony.

As she lost her loved ones one by one, she never got a chance to spend time with her loved ones properly. They all were killed one by one. She lost her dearest ones but who are they?

Senju Nawaki:

Senju Nawaki is the only brother of Tsunade Senju. He used to live along with his only sister because both his father and mother were killed. He was also the grandson of Hashirama Senju.

He was a shinobi who used to go on a mission with Orochimaru. The bond between Tsunade and him was very dear. The strongest Kunoichi loved and cared about him very much.

Sadly, she couldn’t love him for a long time as he died on a mission. When he was on a mission along with Sanin Orochimaru, he was caught in an explosion before Orochimaru could save him.

Tsunade got stunned by hearing the sudden demise of his brother and got mentally shattered into pieces.

Dan Kato:

Dan Kato was a jonin-level shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village who had a dream of becoming the Hokage of Konohagakure despite not being the strongest ninja.

He was also the lover of Tsunade Senju. After the demise of her little brother, Dan Kato was the only dearest one of the Fifth Hokage of the Village of the Hidden Leaf.

Tsunade loved her the most and never imagined a cheerful life without her. She never imagined that she will also lose his lover. She expected to spend her entire life with him. Sadly, fate didn’t support her expectations.

During the Great Second Ninja War, he eliminated countless enemies. However, he got fatally wounded at a certain point. Despite Tsunade’s continuous attempt to save him, he lost the fight with his injury and faced his grave.

She faced a drastic tragedy and abandoned the life of shinobi. She lost the love of her life.


Jiraya was also a team member and one of the Sanin title holders along with Tsunade. She and Pervy Sage shared a lot of missions together and became capable shinobi together.

Jiraya’s relationship with Tsunade was very beloved. He used to like her a lot and also confessed his feeling but she rejected him as she was afraid of losing him too.

He was also the drinking partner of Tsunade. He was the last dear one Tsunade had but she lost him too. While researching the Akatsuki clan, he was killed by one of his own students.

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How did Tsunade fail to accomplish her dream?

tsunade dream

Tsunade has a very unique dream that we rarely get to listen to. She has a very simple dream and there’s no effort needed to fulfill her dream.

Her dream is to be surrounded by her loved ones. There’s no extra work or difficulty in fulfilling her dream. Her fulfillment depends upon her fate.

She only wants to live a  peaceful life with her beloved ones but her fate was not that good enough to even fulfill her simple dream because bad luck hit her and her dearest ones again and again.

Tsunade couldn’t fulfill her dream of being surrounded by her loved ones as all of them got killed one by one in different events.

Tsunade had only three people who were dear to her. They were Nawaki(brother, deceased), Dan Kato(lover, deceased), and Jiraya(deceased, close friend and teammate since her childhood).

She lost all of them one by one and was left alone. Her biological brother died after being caught up in an explosion during his mission. Dan died during the Second Great Ninja War in her own hands because of a fatal injury.

Lastly, she lost Jiraya after he got caught by Nagato’s Six Paths of Pain while gathering intel on the Akatsuki clan. Tsunade was left alone by all of them as they all got continuously killed in different turns of events.

Hence, Tsunade’s dream remained unaccomplished as she lost all of her loved ones drastically.

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When was Tsunade’s dream revealed?

Tsunade’s dream was to get loved and surrounded by her loved ones. we got to witness that when all of the other characters in the series except Madara, Naruto, and Sasuke were sleeping.

During that time, we audience got to witness the dream of all the major characters of the Naruto Shippuden series. As all the other shinobi were asleep, Tsunade was also seen sleeping and dreaming.

Thanks to the Infinite Tsukuyomi, we all got to know the true dream of all the shinobi including Tsunade. Infinite Tsukuyomi is a genjutsu that traps the entire world in an optical illusion.

It enslaves the entire in a dream where people live in their dream. You might be wondering how is it possible to live inside of a dream.

Nothing is impossible in Naruto when Kishimoto’s brain cells go nuts.

Let’s get to know how all the shinobi were put into their dream!!

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, the Ghost of the Uchiha got revived as he planned. His plan was to put all the people of the world in an infinite dream where they live their happy life as they wished.

To do that, he needed the chakra of 10 Tailed Beast and the Rinnegan which he got as soon as he was reincarnated. By the use of that power, he reflected his Rinne Sharingan on the moon.

As soon as he performed Infinite Tsukuyomi, all of the shinobi were trapped in an unavoidable genjutsu. He was the first shinobi to perform that act. He put all of the other shinobi into his genjutsu.

However, Naruto and Sasuke were the exceptional characters who were only the unaffected ones. They survived the Tsukuyomi by hiding under Sasuke’s Susanoo.

Sasuke’s Susanoo helped both of them because of which they were able to rescue all of humanity from the Infinite Tsukuyomi after sealing Kaguya.

So, in episode 474 of the Naruto Shippudden, we got to witness the dream of the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf.

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Did Infinite Tsukuyomi fulfill Tsunade’s dream?

The Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village has different dreams. Her dream is simple in reality and even in Infinite Tsukuyomi too. In reality, her dream is to get surrounded by her loved ones.

When the God of Uchiha used the Infinite Tsukuyomi for the first time, all of the shinobi except a few were trapped in his genhutsu. Even the fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf was helpless and trapped in genjutsu.

While in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, her dream resides along with Jiraya’s tale where Hidden Leaf Village is in peace. In her dream, Minato and Kushina were still alive parenting Naruto, Minato and Hiruzen managed to maintain peace with the Uchihas and they weren’t killed.

At the last moment of her dream in Infinite Tsukuyomi, her lover Dan became was present beside her as the Hokage of the village and we also got a glimpse of Jiraya and Nawaki.

As her dream was to be along with her dearest ones, she was living happily inside the genjutsu where her dreams were fulfilled. Tsunade’s dream was accomplished in Infinite Tsukuyomi where she was along with her lover, brother, and Jiraya.

Did Tsunade want to be in her dream?

A dream is a place where anyone wants to live in. It’s a place where one feels the safe most. And there’s no human who hasn’t dreamed.

So, what is in one of our favorite characters, Tsunade’s case? Did she want to live in her dream forever? Should Naruto have stopped Tsunade from dreaming?

Was Infinite Tsukuyomi preferred by her? All these queries tickle every audience as they want to know if Tsunade wanted to live in her dream or not although she was trapped in Infinite Tsukuyomi. She might hate to admit it but she probably would’ve favored being in the genjutsu of Tsukuyomi.

As she lived the life she wanted inside the genjutsu, she wouldn’t have hesitated to get out of that dream. She met with her loved ones even her brother and lover who were already dead in the reality.

Tsukuyomi’s was the dream Tsunade wished to live in. That is why she might’ve liked to live in the dream forever but she didn’t as she got awakened by Naruto.

Although Infinite Tsukuyomi is not real, it’s just a genjutsu in which real souls are in a different world controlled by Madara Uchiha. She’s looked more than happy at the end of her dream so we assume that Tsunade wants to live in her dream as she is now alone and will never be able to able accomplish it now.

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What is Tsunade’s dream in infinite Tsukuyomi?


The dream of the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village started with the late Jiraya’s newest novel. We see here in a small hut reading the novel.

In Tsunade’s dream, we see Naruto is not alone and lives with Minato and Kushina. Unlike reality, Naruto gets treated as an exceptional kid by all the villagers although he was a Jinchiuriki because of his status being the son of the Fourth Hokage. Minato and Hiruzan also somehow stop the coup d’etat of the Uchihas.

Itachi didn’t go rogue and not even Sasuke. Naruto tries to control the Jinchiuriki’s power and surprisingly Kuarama is helping him out with that.

We also get to see Hizashi Hyuga from the Akatsuki clan, not Nagato and Konan. Later on, we also get to see Dan Kato waking her from sleep and he was the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Nawaki was also shown along with Jiraya and Orochimaru at the end of her dreams. Tsunade’s dream shows the peaceful Konohagure which is the total opposite in the reality.

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