In What Episodes Does Luffy get His Gears?

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Luffy’s Gears are getting stronger in every episode. From his first use of Gear Second in Ennes Lobby to his Gear Fourth in Dressrosa, do you know when he learned to use it?

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The captain of Straw Hats has been in many tough battles. In each battle, the opponent is stronger than him but he overpowered each of them and proved how strong he can get to the fans.

During the Enies Lobby Arc, we saw the first appearance of Gear Second and its powers. Now let’s take a look at how he trained for them and got the rest of the gears.

When did Luffy use Gear Second for the first time?

Gear Second for the first time

Let’s time travel!

Let’s go back to Water 7 where Nico Robin was threatened and captured by the World Governments, while everyone is astonished by Robin’s decision and thinks of her betrayal, the captain of Straw Hats has other plans.

After their thrilling adventure in the Skypiea, the Straw Hat crews have now arrived on the Paradise known for its shipwrights, Water 7.

It hasn’t been long since Robin has joined the crew, except for Luffy everyone is suspicious of her because of her past with Crocodile. Well, Sanji is also not suspicious of her and we all know why…

After arriving at Water 7 Robin has started to show some suspicious moves, talking with someone in the shadows. But just after some episodes, it was revealed that Robin was with the World Governments all along, and she decides to leave the crew.

Luffy refuses to accept the fact that she had left the crew without any specific reason, so the crew travels to Enies Lobby to save Robin, to know the real reason behind her lies.

When the crew reaches Ennes Lobby, they get into a great clash with the CP-9 and marines of that place. To save Robin, each of them engages in a battle with the CP-9 members and Luffy’s opponent was Blueno.

While battling with Blueno, Luffy used the Gear Second for the first time in episode 272.

Gear 2 allows Luffy to flow blood all over his body or in a specific part of his body. Such a process allows him to move swiftly and gives more power and strength to his body.

With the help of this Gear, he easily won the battle but he had to face consequences. Gear second consumes a great amount of energy and makes the user exhausted. But we all know Luffy’s willpower.

As it consumes a mass amount of energy, he needs to eat more to regain his stamina, which couldn’t be any better for Luffy.

After defeating Blueno, the Strawhat went to battle with Rob Lucci, (a member of CP9) it was an epic battle by both of them but Gear 2 wasn’t enough to take down the strongest member of CP9.

Now, let’s see what’ll Luffy use to defeat Rob Lucci.

When Does Luffy use Gear Third?

Luffy use Gear Third

Luffy uses Gear Third while battling with Rob Lucci in episode 288.

Luffy beats Blueno but while fighting with Lucci he gets in big trouble. The power of Gear second isn’t enough to beat the strongest member of the CP9. Lucci’s Devil fruit’s powers were much more powerful than the captain of Straw Hats.

The captain of Straw Hat has been beaten badly, and without other crews’ help, it nearly seems that it is impossible for Luffy to win the battle against Lucci. But he says something which gives fans a new ray of hope.

Lucci mocks the Strawhat for being so weak and tells that he expected a more spirited battle from him, but Luffy smiles and answers him,

If you want a spirited battle, I’ll show you… Another strategy. GEAR THIRD!! -Monkey D. Luffy

Then Luffy blows air in his thumb and makes a humongous fist, as big as Oars. The punch is so powerful that when he strikes Lucci, he blows him up with the whole building of Ennes Lobby.

Gear 3 allows Luffy to make his arm bigger by blowing air into the joint. Although it might look like a balloon, the damage capacity it holds is unreal! Gear 3 can severely wound an opponent, It blew up a whole building so decide for yourself.

But it also faces consequences, it gives Luffy a mass amount of strength and power but it is for a limited time. After the time limit is done, it consumes all of his energy and he turns into a shrimp.

Yep, shrimp.

A user will be left with zero stamina while he uses Gear Third. But it has a good way of recovery, eat as much as you can. As long as Luffy eats tons of meat he is fine using this Gear.

Gear third is just brute force, imagine an airplane landing straight at your face, that’s how Lucci felt when he saw Luffy’s gigantic arm incoming straight at him.

Luffy won the battle against the world Governments thanks to his powers. He was able to rescue Robin but declared war against the Government. After the battle, the whole crew went to water 7 again and started to have a feast.

As they were having a feast, Marine Vice-Admiral Garp, came to the island and that’s when he revealed his infamous dad.

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When the crew was about to escape from the island, Garp started throwing cannonballs with his bare hands. Eventually, the Straw Hats escaped successfully with the help of their new ship, Thousand Sunny.

They managed to get away but caught the attention of Marine Headquarters. They needed to be prepared for their incoming battle against their next opponents, but will Gear third be enough?

Let’s see what happens when the Straw Hats get attacked by the marines in Sabaody.

Luffy realizes he needs to get stronger

Luffy needs to get stronger

Before getting straight to the point, let’s take a look at the first-ever loss of Luffy in the Sabaody Archipelago.

The captain of Straw Hat got into deep trouble after punching a Celestial Dragon. A whole force of PX-5 (army of Kuma made by Vegapunk) and Admiral Kizary arrive at the island.

They got overwhelmed with the power of Kizaru and PX-5, nothing could get any worse but just then the ‘real’ Kuma also appeared at the scene. At first glance, it looked like he was about to kill the Straw Hats, but he was actually saving them from the marines.

Kum blew every member of Straw Hats into different islands. That was the first moment where Luffy was defeated horribly. But worse things were waiting for him.

After getting blown up by Kuma, the captain of Straw Hats landed on Amazon Lily. When he was on that island he heard about his brother, Fire Fist Ace’s public execution news. Without giving it a second thought he went to Impel where Ace was imprisoned.

With many obstacles in the face and near-death situations, Luffy reached the bottom floor of Impel Down where Ace was kept imprisoned. But he didn’t get a chance to meet with his brother,

When Luffy reached the bottom, Ace was already taken to Marineford for his public execution. Things were looking much worse for the Straw Hat. Fighting against all the odds, with the help of Crocodile, Jimbei, and Bon-Chan Luffy managed to escape from Impel Down and reached Marineford.

This gave birth to one of the greatest wars in the history of One Piece, the Paramount War.

Luffy and Whitebeard pirates vs the Marines and Seven warlords. The war begins and tension arises in the whole arena. Almost two times Ace nearly gets executed but gets rescued by Crocodile and Luffy’s Conqueror Haki.

Against all the odds, the pirates managed to save Ace from the execution platform, but Akainu (Marine Admiral) mocked Whitebeard and provoked Ace, which worked perfectly for the Marine.

Ace got provoked and using that opportunity, Akainu used his magma punch to attack Luffy but his big brother stood up against him and took the attack for his brother.

Akainu’s magma punch was so powerful that it made a hole in his chest. It destroyed his whole internal organs and Ace died in his brother’s lap.

This broke down Luffy from the inside out. Although he wanted to take revenge for his brother he fainted due to all those injuries he got during the Impel Down and War.

After Ace’s death Luffy gets badly traumatized, he gets mentally broken and blames himself for being weak and that’s why he let his brother die.

After realizing how weak he is, Luffy promises to be strong enough to protect his crew members and carry on Ace’s legacy. Then he starts his training to become stronger with the Dark King, Rayleigh.

Luffy starts his training to become the strongest and learns Gear 4!

When does Luffy learn Gear Fourth?

Luffy started to train with Rayleigh but before that, he needed to give information to other Straw Hats about their next meet-up.

The Straw Hats promised to meet after 3 days (after Kuma blew them up) but things started to take a new turn. Luffy realized he was weak, so he needed more than just 3 days.

To deliver this message, Luffy went to Marineford with Rayleigh. The next day, the captain of Straw Hats was seen in the newspaper. The newspaper was seen by every Straw Hat member but they also realized something.

“3D2Y,” They noticed this sign being written on Luffy’s arm. The captain of the Straw Hat had a secret meaning in his arm.

The 3D meant they were no longer meeting in 3 days, as they had promised in Sabaody. The 2Y meant they were gonna meet after 2 years. This was a genius thing thought by Eiichiro Oda.

This was the main thing that triggered the Timeskip [Insert the link to “When Is the Timeskip in One Piece”] Every member of Straw Hat started to train for 2 years on their respective Islands.

Luffy started to enhance his Devil Fruit ability and learned how to use Haki effectively in consciousness with Rayleigh.

He carefully learned to use his Devil Fruit at its full potential and learned Gear 4! In Gear fourth, he learned to adopt two new forms; Bounce man and Snake Man.

The captain of Straw Hat completed his two years of training with Rayleigh and became more powerful than ever. He was now strong enough to save his crewmates.

Let’s see where Luffy uses his new Gear for the first time.

When does Luffy use Gear Fourth?

luffy gear 4

After the Timeskip the Straw Hat crew is now much stronger than they ever were. They are now ready to travel their voyage to the New World.

Just before they reach the New World they get engaged in many battles but Luffy is strong enough to take the opponents down without using his new power. Now when they reach Dressrosa, things don’t seem easy as they used to.

In Punk Hazard (before going to Dressrosa) The captain of Straw Hats allied with Law, and the captain of Heart Pirates allied to defeat one of the emperors of the sea, Kaido.

As long as it was not Shanks, Luffy was fine. Before going to Kaido they had to defeat the King of Dressrosa, Doflamingo.

Both Pirates are preparing to fight with Doflamingo, and they start to make a solid plan, but everyone knows how ‘co-operative’ Luffy is with Plans.

While Luffy was in Dressrosa, there was a contest in the Corrida Colosseum. The contest wasn’t very interesting for the captain of Straw Hats but the prize caught his attention. What was the prize?

Mera Mera no Mi, Devil Fruit of the infamous pirate, Fire Fist Ace.

Luffy took part in the contest to save his brother’s Devil Fruit and this was all a part of a plan of the king of Dressrosa. After taking part in the Colosseum it was impossible to get out, but even if he could there was Ace’s Devil Fruit in the line.

Luffy needed to make a decision to save his friends or Ace’s Devil Fruit. Right at that moment, we see someone, a familiar face.

We see Sabo! Luffy’s other brother!

The person who was believed to be killed by a Celestial Dragon was still alive. Luffy was in tears after seeing his brother again. He entrusted Ace’s Devil Fruits to Sabo’s hands and left for his battle with Doflamingo.

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The epic battle between Law and Luffy vs the king of Dressrosa, Doflamingo aka ‘The Joker’.

It doesn’t take very long for the Joker to show his tremendous powers. He easily overwhelms Luffy and Trafalgar Law. He is so powerful that even his clone that he made from his Devil fruit powers was giving a tough time to the captain of the Straw Hats.

Luffy and Law were getting humiliated badly and after the awakening of Doflamingo’s Devil Fruit Power, there was no hope left for the citizens of Dressrosa and for the pirates but the captain of Straw Hats was still holding his trump card.

Doflamingo used his power and caged the whole city, no one could escape the city nor there was a safe place within the city. The whole city started to get compressed but the captain of Straw Hats enabled his Gear 4!

In episode 726, Luffy uses his Gear 4 against Doflamingo.

Just when things were starting to look bad, Luffy came up with his trump card. Another ray of light started to shine on Dressrosa. The captain of Straw Hats was holding his ground against Doflamingo, he was defeating him but the consequences started to hit.

After using Gear 4 he becomes so exhausted that he can barely even move. According to Luffy, he can’t use Haki for almost 10 minutes.

He could only use his new power for a limited time, as it consumed almost all of his stamina. He became very weak, giving a great opportunity to Doflamingo, he almost gave a final knockout shot to Luffy but unbelievably the residents of Dressrosa brought time for Luffy.

The captain of Straw Hats rose up again and this time he used his new move in Gear 4, ‘Snake Man.’

Luffy quickly started to overwhelm Doflamingo in terms of power, his trump card was unexpected by everyone. In the end, he finally defeated Doflamingo and saved the city of Dressrosa. Thanks to his Gear 4.

When will Luffy use Gear 5?

luffy gear 5

The whole world is going nuts after the reveal of Luffy’s original devil fruit.

His new powers have left the whole fan’s jaw dropped.

Luffy has used Gear 5 in the One Piece manga Chapter 1044.

The captain of Straw Hats’ real powers hasn’t been revealed in the anime yet, but when it will get revealed, you will be more astonished than ever.

It’s not sure how many episodes it will take for Luffy to reveal his greatest power but we are sure that this will happen in the Wano Arc. Let’s stay attuned and wait because Oda will make your jaw drop once more!

It is believed that we will get to see this great attack of Luffy by 2023, the white-haired Luffy in his Gear Fiver form!


After overcoming all the pain, wounds, blood, and emotions, the captain of Straw Hats stands up again and starts to train himself again to become more powerful.

He learned all his new Gears to save his beloved ones, so he can never lose them again. To achieve his goal to become the King of The Pirates.

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