Ian Anderson Says Morrissey Isn’t Half As Miserable As People Think

Ian Anderson recently engaged in a talk with Spin, during which he revealed his list of favorite albums. Notably, Morrissey found his place on Anderson’s list, with him offering some distinctive thoughts about the singer.

The Jethro Tull vocalist specifically referred to Morrissey’s 2001 compilation album, ‘The Best of Morrissey.’ He talked about the artist’s music with praise and explained his thoughts about him, saying he wasn’t ‘as miserable as people made him out to be.’

Anderson’s comments about the former Smiths singer and his art went as follows:

“I didn’t know Morrissey at all until very recently when I read some controversial comments reported in the media. Having then listened to some early songs, I bought his autobiography in which he reveals the traumas and tribulations of childhood and his early days with The Smiths through to the recent past. But his songs have a real elegance and are built around economical and minimalist melodies.

Poetic, insightful lyrics and not half as miserable as people make him out to be! A bit of a humorist, actually. Works with great musicians of that genre and seems to be having a good time on stage. I am a buyer of compilations, generally, as they serve as a good introduction to artists of all times and musical styles.”

You can check out one of the songs from the album below and see if you agree with the vocalist.

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