Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date (Cast and Plot)

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most popular and famous series in Japan. It has a large fanbase and is loved by the whole world. The legendary manga and anime are directed by Yoshihiro Togashi. The anime was first released in 1998, and the manga was put on pause in 2006.

The whole series is separated into six seasons. The first season of the anime aired on October 1999, and the second season almost came after 12 years, it was aired on October 2011. Each season explains a different story and the events that Gon gets in.

Hunter x Hunter follows the adventure of Gon Freecs, a child who gets on a journey to find his dad after knowing that he’s alive. His father left him when he was a little child, but he isn’t an ordinary man. Gon’s father, Gin Freecs is a renowned hunter known by the whole world.

To hunt down his father, Gon also becomes a hunter. After going through many dangerous adventures and clearing several obstacles he finally hunts down his father. We can say that it is one of the most popular anime because it sold almost 78 million copies in 2019, which was the best-selling manga series of all time.

The anime series ended on September 23, 2014, with148 episodes. The ending was unsettling because in its last episode they showed that there were many more secrets to be unraveled in the world of Hunters.

The fans were depressed and they waited for a long time for the comeback of this series, after many memes and violations, the fans finally got something to take lean on. The series has announced that they will release Hunter x Hunter Season 7!

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

Finally, the long wait is finally ending. The creator of Hunter x Hunter,  Yoshihiro Togashi created a Twitter Account with the username of @Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp to give his fans updates on the incoming Season of Hunter x Hunter. 

This was a mysterious Twitter account that blew up in no time. It was believed by everyone that this account belonged to Togashi. The tweet was in the Japanese language and when we translate it, it says “4 more episodes for the time being”. It is believed that Togashi is talking about his manga progress rather than animation.

The fans will get to see the new four manga chapters more than any content for now. The last Season of Hunter x Hunter has aired almost 8 years ago. They are believing that they will find some news about the anime soon and are hopefully waiting for the Season 7 of the anime.

There hasn’t been any kind of official announcement on the release of their Season 7 date, but it is confirmed that it will air soon! It is believed that the new Season 7 will premiere in late 2023 or in early 2024 if things go as planned.

The Season will contain 12 episodes like it did in its previous Season.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Plot

Hunter x Hunter and Dark Web Continent

The next Season will contain the Dark Continent Expedition arc. We can be sure of this because anime will follow the manga and adapt its stories. But the incoming arc is short so their next arc, the Succession Contest arc might also be a part of their next Season.

Well, the next Season will be conducted by Mad House and they have dedicated one season for each manga story. So, generally the shorter the arc, the shorter the Season. So, it will consist of 12 episodes.

During the last Season of Hunter x Hunter, Gon was finally able to reunite with his father. His adventure finally seems to come to an end. But in the last episode, it seems like the series is just beginning as they discuss that there is still a Dark continent to be revealed.

In the manga, the arc has already taken place so we can confirm the plot of its new Season. The Season will begin with Kakin Empire. They weren’t to set foot in new places and expand their search where they will explore the Dark Continent.

In the Empire Team, we believe that Kurapika will join the team and at the same time, Ging Freecss and the Zodiacs will also join forces to unravel the Dark Continent. Their journey to explore the deepest secret then begins.

The arc is filled with creatures and magics, the Season is filled with many new stories and things that we’ve never seen before in their previous Seasons. They will be surrounded by magical and dangerous creatures, they face challenges and situations that they had never experienced before.

It is believed that the prominent character in the Season 7 will be Kurapika. The Season will unravel many secrets about the clan of Kurapika and their histories. The fans will get a chance to study deeply Kurapika’s thoughts and his goals.

That’s the summary of the Dark Continent and if Season 7 will include the next arc, the Succession arc then the plot will take a crazy turn. They will get involved in a deadly contest while they continue their journey to the Dark Continent.

The new Season will clearly feature some awesome characters, will unravel the secret about the Kurapika clan, and will explore the deepest corners of Hunter x Hunter.

It’s up to Togashi on how he will end the Season if he decides to join the two arcs. Anyways, the story will be awesome and there’s no doubt that it will be one of the best Seasons of Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Characters

As we’ve already discussed, the prominent character of the Season 7 will be Kurapika. He’s not the only character that we’ll see in action, we’ll also get the chance to experience the action of Ging Freecs, Gon’s father.

We might not get many chances to see Gon and Killua in action as we did in the previous Seasons. If we take a look at the manga then we don’t see Killua or Gon having some prominent roles in the new Season.

In the new Season, the prominent character will be Kurapika and other exceptional characters will be Ging Freecs and Leorio. In Season 7 we’ll get the chance to see the old characters as well but there will be the appearance of many new characters more than the old ones.

We’ll probably get to see many new characters in action. Anyways, the character we can expect in Season 7 is Beyond, Parison Hill, Mizaistom Nana, Cheadle Yorkshire, Kanzai, and Botobai Gigante.

Where To Watch Season 7 of Hunter X Hunter?

The premiere date and official announcement, nothing has been done till now. We can not confirm say on where you can watch the new Season of Hunter x Hunter, but looking at Season 6 we have some conclusions.

Madhouse had distributed Season 6 of Hunter x Hunter, being that on point it is possible that you can watch Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter on Crunchyroll. Well, in Crunchyroll you might only get to see the subversion. The dub version might take some time to be complete and when it does you can watch it on Netflix or Toonami.

Stay tuned for the New Season because this time we’ll see some of the breathtaking moments in the anime, with some exploring!

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