How to Watch Ice Age Movies In Order

ice age movies in order

Ice Age has always been a remarkable movie with a great storyline and humor. No to mention, the legendary squirrel, Scrat, and his beloved acorn have left a great mark on the audiences. If you are here searching to watch Ice Age movies in order then you are at the right place!

There is a total of 6 movies about the Ice age. Let’s dive in without wasting any second.

Ice Age (2002)

The first movie ‘Ice Age’ was released in 2002. This is a masterpiece production by Blue Sky Studios. This takes us back to an age when every kind of animation video was under the control of the D-P-D trio, Disney Pixar and Dreamworks.

The major characters during the first movie were Sid (sloth), Manny (Mammoth), and Diego (Saber-Toothed Tiger). Their epic journey starts with a mission to take Roshan (human baby) to its home, back to where it belonged.

Looking back, this was a great movie that included children, animals, and challenges, with a great sense of humor. Can you even forget Scrat? The most famous character from the Ice Age. He won the heart of most of the fans and got major recognition worldwide.

The story plates a part in ancient times, almost 20,000 years ago some humans are traveling from the mountains of North to South.

Chieftain, Runar, his wife Nadia, and their little child Roshan are on their journey, and Soto, leader of the saber-tooth tiger group notices the crowd. They are keeping an eye on them, trying to find a perfect time to get revenge upon humans for killing his pack members.

They make a plan to eat Nadia’s Son the following day. The attack begins but luckily Nadia can escape with her son, jumping in the waterfall. Soto is furious and orders Diego to bring back the human Kid.

On the other side, Manny and Sid are also continuing their journey but right at that moment, they start to notice something. Nadia is severely injured and during her last moments, she passes Roshan to Manny.

Manny tries to leave Roshan behind but Sid wants to return the kid to his tribe, a mission in which Manny doesn’t want to take part.

An innocent little kid is behind them waiting for help and in another hand, Soto is trying to take the life of an innocent child. Manny, Diego, and Sid start their journey to take the little kid back to his tribe.

They are unaware of the challenges that are waiting to welcome them. Will they complete their mission by overcoming all the obstacles or fall into Soto’s trap?

Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)

Directed by Carlos Saldanha, the second movie of the Ice Age: The Meltdown was released on  March 31, 2006

Manny, Diego, and Sid are back again but this time they have more friends. Ice Age has now more supporting characters like; Ellie, Crash, and Eddie. The crew has to go through many natural challenges. They will need to survive the extreme flooding harmful to their homeland, ‘Ice’.

Manny, Sid, Diego, and Scrat are enjoying the natural disaster without thinking about its consequences until he realizes that the whole earth is about to get flooded. While everyone is in commotion they witness Sid attempting to dive from a huge waterfall.

Manny and Diego attempt to save Sid from his stupid action, they try to climb the mountain to save him but something else catches their eye. The great weather has brought destruction to the place.

They witness that the valley is melting away and now they only the outer layer of the glacier protecting the whole island from a great massacre. If the outer layer gets destroyed then the whole island will be flooded.

Manny explains to everyone about the current situation in the valley and informs them about this tragedy. But nobody believes that and laughs at Manny. Just when every day refuses to believe, an imposing vulture warns them about the approaching disaster, and everyone’s high spirits suddenly start to get low.

While the villagers are scared and are in the commotion the vulture reveals that there is a giant boat at the end of the valley, which gives a ray of hope to the villagers.

While everything is going worst, the council of the villagers calls Manny to a meeting and talks about the higher threats to his species going extinct. Manny is ready to create a family and save his species but he can’t find any other mammoth.

While Manny believes that there’s no one left of his same species, he discovers another Mammoth, a female one, named Ellie. She is the only female mammoth alive in the whole world, but there’s a problem, she believes that she is of another species, Possum.

The only female mammoth is accompanied by Crash and Eddie, two possums. She believes that they are her ‘brothers’.

The trio (Sid, Manny, and Diego) have discovered that the sunny and warm weather is a great threat to the valley. If the massive glacier barrier falls (which is the only thing that’s holding down the ocean water) the whole valley will get flooded down.

They have to race with the time and they have only one hope, the boat that is located at the end of the valley. But Manny also has to save his species. The trio and his friends will have to go through a massacre.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

The Dawn of the Dinosaurs was released on July 1, 2009.

The story starts when the animals are searching for Sid who is in the homeland of dangerous and ruthless dinosaurs.

The new movie follows the previous one. They have changed their lifestyle as their previous homeland has faced a great massacre. Manny and Ellie are now a couple and they are expecting a child soon but Manny is scared for his baby if everything is fit for its arrival.

On the other hand, while Scrat is still chasing his acorn, a female saber-toothed squirrel, Scratte has caught his eyes. He is pursuing his acorn but now he has a new objective, to make Scratte his.

Manny is worried about his first child and Ellie because of the situation he has faced in past on how the hunters killed his family and that ended up being a tragedy. He is trying to prevent the same result and ensure everything for his upcoming child and Ellie.

Simultaneously, Diego tries to make a move against his prey, a cocky gazelle but fails. He starts to realize that he has lost his wilderness of a tiger. Seeing Manny and Ellie together with their new unborn baby, Sid gets jealous of them.

Right there, Sid discovers three eggs in a cold place, beneath the ground. He decides to adopt them and names them Shelly, Yoko, and Eggbert. Manny isn’t happy with his decision and tells him to put them back where it was but Sid refuses to do so and the following morning, the egg hatches.

Tyrannosaurus appears from the egg!

Sid decides to take care of those baby Tyrannosaurus but they are ‘dinosaurs’. They have a scary and harmful nature to them which terrifies other animals. They create havoc in the group and even destroy the toy that Manny had made for his unborn child.

It doesn’t take long for another tragedy to happen. The Eggs’ rightful owner, Momma, the mother of the Tyrannosaurus quickly finds Sid and her little children in her homeland. Manny and his friends pursue Mooma and discover the homeland of dinosaurs, a huge rainforest.

On the other hand, Diego is being treated like a coward in his new herd. Sid wants to own a family and steals Momma’s eggs which ends up pretty badly. Now he is trapped in the territory of ancient dinosaurs. He needs to go through many dangerous moments, and luckily, he ends up meeting a dinosaur hunter, One-Eyed Buck.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)

Distributed by 20th Century Studios and directed by Mike Thurmeier and Steve Martino, The Continental Drift was released on July 13, 2012.

The story takes place where the animals encounter a group of pirates, they try to escape from the dangerous sea warriors on a dangerous ice block but the block starts to crack up because of Scrat!

Manny and Ellie now have a daughter, Peaches. The family is struggling to manage their daughter as she is in her teenage years.

Peach usually goes to visit her male mammoth friend, Ethan which concerns Manny. The single daughter has already reached her adolescent age and while Ellie tries to inform him that their daughter won’t be a small child anymore, Manny refuses to accept that fact.

While his daughter Peaches is going to the fall again with her best friend Molly, Manny precludes them and abducts Peaches.

On the other hand, Sid is happy to get reunited with him but his happiness doesn’t remain for long as he gets abandoned once more by his Granny.

Manny finds his daughter with Ethan and humiliates Peaches as she is with her friends. This breaks the young mammoth’s heart and expresses her feelings stating, that Manny had never been her father.

Manny and his friends discover Granny who had been missing, the entire time she was living inside a tree trunk. Meanwhile, Manny and his friends encounter a group of deadly pirates led by  Captain Gutt, (Gigantopithecus), and Shira, (female saber-toothed cat)

Gutt is interested in Manny and his friends, he offers them to join the pirates, but they decline. The pirate can’t keep up with this and tries to force them but fortunately, they escape and they destroy their pirate ship as well.

Later, Gutt and Shira get separated from each other. While the whole crew is worried about her, the captain doesn’t show any concern. He abandons her but luckily, she gets rescued by the herd.

The acorn’s mad lover, Scrat foolishly sets a geologic chain reaction to get his ‘acorns’. This sets a massacre in the valley, Ellie, Peaches, and Manny are now separated from each other.

He finds himself with Sid, Diego, and Sid. But the mountain of problems won’t just end here. The animals have separated from each other and all because of Scrat and his acorn. You will surely see some heroic moments!

Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

Distributed by 20th Century Studios and directed by Mike Thurmeier, The Collison Course was released on June 19, 2016.

The movie begins with the mad Scrat and his beloved acorn. The mad squirrel is searching for his acorn but discovers himself in a cave and sees a suspicious thing and he pokes it, it activates a spaceship-like saucer and gets launched into the ship.

Scrat gets blasted into space and crashes into other planets like a pinball game. The journey that Scrat gets into is loved by the whole audience. He then places his acorn into an asteroid but unfortunately, the asteroid splits and ruses straight down to earth.

On the other hand, Peaches is finally about to wed Julian, so Manny and Ellie are preparing her Daughter for her special day. Shira and her husband, Diego are also looking for a bright future, and a family but the small children get scared because of their ferocious looks.

Sid was about to propose to his girlfriend, Francine but just before that he gets dumped by her. He is now lonely and sad. While Manny and Ellie are celebrating a disaster occurs, Meteor Shower.

Meteoroids start to rain from the sky and attack the place where Ellie and Manny were having their anniversary party. The whole celebration turns into havoc, but the animals manage to escape safely.

Simultaneously, Buck is on the lost planet returning an egg of a dinosaur to its rightful owner after it was stolen by three Tyrannosaurs, Roger, Gavin, and Gertie. Then, he discovers a pillar of ancient stone and takes it back with him, and encounters Manny and his friends.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (2022)

Directed by John C. Donkin and produced by Denise L. Rottina, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild was released on January 28, 2022.

This one is the latest movie about the Ice Age. In the Aventures of Buck Wild, there is an absence of the main characters of the Ice Age. The main character in the movie is Buck and his brothers Eddie and Crash.

Buck continues his adventure in the wilderness when Eddie and Crash cause a great avalanche mistakenly. Because of the avalanche, their house gets destroyed and the whole crew gets mad at them.

Now their cam has been destroyed, the gang needs to find another place to live at the moment. That’s when Eddie and Crash discover the Lost World, a world full of ancient monsters, Dinosaurs.

Eddie, Crash, and one-eyed Buck are now on their ferocious journey against the Lost World. They will be facing many dangerous events but will make new friends in the land full of dinosaurs.

This movie wasn’t a great hit like the others, it was the opposite. It received many negative reviews and faced criticism because the main characters were absent, with bad animation quality, new voice actors, and the absence of the star of the show, Scrat.

Do you need to watch the Ice Age movie in order?

Ice Age movies have the same characters and can be enjoyed individually. But in each movie, you’ll see the characters being introduced through different incidents, and even the opening scene is based on the previous movie, so if you watch them in the order it will be easy to understand the next movie.

Which Ice Age movie earned the most?

The movie that earned the most was Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. It did a gross amount of $196,573,705. Everyone loved the movie where Sid adopted the dinosaur eggs, and the Tiranosouraus hatched from there, the plot, the scenes, everything was the best.

Scrat finally gets his beloved Acorn

Blue Sky Studios finally announced their farewell and after a year they shared one final short movie. This project was a part of their nutty mascot, titled Ice Age: Scrat Tales.  The short movie had its grand premier but it also had a scene that left the whole fans in tears.

We finally saw Scrat get his love, acorn. This scene left the whole fans in tears. This message was the final goodbye to the industry.

It was a remarkable scene, In 2002 we got to see the squirrel chasing its beloved acorn and going through many deadly events. This was a memorable moment for the fans because everyone had a smile on their face because of Scrat’s humor.

It was a relief and a sad goodbye to Scrat. He will always be remembered with his beloved acorn. Everybody will remember this wholesome moment.

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