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The One Piece animation has various characters within them and everytheirveir own unique height but did you know that Edward Newgate is almost 4 times taller than Luffy?

Let’s dive into the world of fictional characters of One Piece and unravel their heights.

Height of every Straw Hat members

Straw Hat Pirates has always been a crucial pirate group that has shaken the whole world with its presence and power. Although they lost the battle at Sabody, they have now grown much stronger in terms of power and also in their heights.

Monkey D. Luffy Height

Luffy Pirate King

The main protagonist of the anime and the captain of Straw Hats has a height of 5’8″ when he was 17 years old, and this was before the time skip. After the time skip, the captain of Straw Hats becomes 19 years old with a height of 5’9″.

The Captain has always been there for anybody that needs help. Luffy always cares about others and gives his best to help them in every possible way but if there’s a chunk of meat with the opponent, there’s only a fifty percent chance of you winning the battle.

Yet, the captain of Straw Hats will conquer the whole Pirate World and become the King of the Pirates sooner or later with his new Devil Fruit Powers.

Roronoa Zoro Height

Zoro killer

Pirate Hunter Zoro plays an important role in the Straw Hat pirate group. He is the person that gives advice to Luffy and is willing to save him even if he has to give up on his life.

The swordsman of the Straw Hats is much more powerful and after the time skip, he has learned haki and has learned to coat haki in his sword. Although he lost his eye during the time-skip, he gained something, height.

Zoro was 19 years old before the time-skip with a height of 5’10” and after the two-year time-skip his height increased and now he is 5’11”. 

The opponent should be ready to get slashed by Zoro but if the arena is placed in a maze, the opponent will never meet with Zoro anymore.

Nami Height


Nami, the navigator of the Straw Hats Pirates is a very skilled woman who can navigate the ship in any kind of weather situation just by looking at it.

Before the two-year time skip, the navigator of Straw Hat Pirates had a height of 5’7″ and after the tskipsskip her height remains the same. She learned many skills and powers during the two-year training.

She studied the weather of the New World and powered her skills in weather and learned new attacks as well. Nami will surely navigate Luffy to make him become the King of the Pirates.

Usopp Height


Usopp, the sniper of Straw Hat Pirates is the King of liars. He is an expert in telling lies that only fluffy and Chopper will believe but he is also an expert in shooting from far range.

But Usopp shocked the world when he made his first appearance after the time skip. He was now much more macho, and powerful, and looked much taller than before.

After the time-skip Usopp came up with the height of 5’9″ and with new powers that he learned with his sensei Heracles. He learned to use new weapons and tricks in the Greenstone Forest.

Usopp is now much more reliable as he has powered up and isn’t a coward anymore, that’s why he got the name “God Usopp” when he saved many pirates and citizens from Sugar in Dressrosa.

Sanji Height


Sanji, the incredible cook of the Straw Hats Pirate is that one pervert friend that we all have in our friend group.

The Cookman of Straw Hat Pirates can never get enough of girls, and when he sees one his eyes automatically turns into love, and starts to bleed from his nose. But soon, he faced nightmares during the two-year time skip.

Sanji was sent to an island full of Okamas. Nothing could be any more worst for him than being sent to an island where there is not a single girl and only Okamas. Well, he learned some new abilities while running away from them.

He learned to do a skywust like CP-9 member, Rob Lucci and learned new ways to cook food. He also had a great change in his appearance, he was now more handsome and taller.

Before the time skip, he was 5’10” and after the time skip he was 5’11”.

Tony Tony Chopper Height

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper, the smallest member of Straw Hat Pirates. He is just 2’11” but carries a great role, he is a doctor and he is responsible to cure every member of Straw Hats when times are rough.

Tony might be the smallest member of the Straw Hats but he can also be the tallest member of Straw Hats by taking his rumble ball and turning himself into a giant monster.

Although Chopper failed to control this power after time skip he studied various medicines, studied his rumble ball, and upgraded it to a much more powerful version. He can now transform into a Kung-Fu Chopper and also control his Monster mode for several minutes.

Nico Robin Height

Nico Robin

Robin, the archaeologist of the Straw Hats is a talented woman and the only person that can read the Poneglyphs.

Although it seemed like Robin was going to abandon the whole Pirate crew, but later it was revealed that she was trying to save the crew and since then she has been a precious member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

In addition to her talented skills, she can also fight pretty aggressively and after the time skip she trained with the Revolutionary Army and learned many moves; now she can make a clone of herself and make gigantic fist attacks.

With a height of 6’2″, she is an incredible archaeologist who will lead Luffy to become the King of Pirates someday.

Franky Height

Cyborg Franky

Franky, the shipwright of Straw Hat pirates is a cyborg. Before the time skip Franky was 7’5″, during the time skip he researched himself and added more parts and now he is 7’10” and can attack ‘Beam’.

The Straw Hats were able to build Thousand Sunny thanks to Franky, he made the ship for the crew after Merry Go was no longer able to carry their voyage.

Franky is a crucial member of the Straw Hat Pirate as he is the one that can repair their ship if anything happens to them.

Brook Height


Brook was the tallest member of the Straw Hat Pirates until Jimbei joined the crew, he is also the oldest member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

After the time skip brook is now 90 years old with a height of 9’1″. He drinks milk a lot, that’s why he is so tall, although he doesn’t have any internal organs. Classic Brook joke.

Although old and just a body of skeletons, Brook is a professional musician and skilled swordsman. He will already cut you without even giving you a chance to notice the wound until he puts his sword back to its sheath.

Jinbei Height


Jinbei is one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates, he had promised to join Luffy’s crew when he was at Fishman Island and he finally fulfilled that promise at Wano.

Jinbei is the tallest member of the Straw Hats, with a height of 9’11”.  Now with Jinbei’s arrival, Straw Hat Pirates are much stronger than they were before, and Luffy is one step closer to his dream to be the King of the Pirates.

Height of Warlords of the Sea

The Warlords of the Sea have always been one of the powerful pirates who are responsible to keep the Pirate world in balance. They have signed a contract with the Marines to help them in need.

There are 7 warlords of the sea and all of them are strong and powerful and huge as well.

Crocodile Height


Crocodile was the former Warlord member but was defeated by Luffy in Arabasta. If Luffy hadn’t caught the secret to defeating him, he would already have been dead by now.

He was one of the MVP members during the great Paramount war because he was everywhere in the Marineford. He saved White Beard, and Ace from the executioner, and also was behind Luffy protecting him.

Crocodile has the power of Sand Fruit. He has a height of 8’3″ that’s why he looks tall and muscular.

Bartholomew Kuma Height

Bartholomew Kuma

Kuma was a former member of the Revolutionary Army who later joined with the marine and became a member of Warlord. He was one of the firmest pirates who sent the Straw Hat members flying in the air which caused the great time skip.

Kuma is an enormous pirate, he is the tallest Warlord member with a height of 22’7″. 

He is one of the mysterious characters in One Piece as he has saved the Straw Hat members, saved their ship from other hunters and now, he is currently a slave of the Celestials.

Gecko Moria Height

Gecko Moria

The captain of Thriller Bark Pirates and former member of the Warlord, Gecko Moria possesses the power of shadow, she can steal shadows from other people and give them to dead warriors and make an ultimate team.

But Luffy defeated him in Thriller Bark and during the Paramount War, he was dominated by Doflamingo. He stated that he had received orders from the World Government which remains a mystery in the work of One Piece.

Gecko Moria is also enormous, he nearly has the same height as Kuma just a few inches smaller than him. He has a height of 22’8½”. 

Buggy Height

Bara Bara No Mi

Buggy got the title Warlord after the Paramount War.  Although he wasn’t much powerful as the other Warlord members he got the invitation to be one of them.

It must be because of his connection with Shanks and because he was a member of the Roger Pirates back then.

Currently Buggy the Clown is 6’3″ but he can split his body parts and can look much taller than he actually is.

Trafalgar Law Height

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Trafalgar Law, the captain of Heart Pirates become a member of the Sichubukai when the Two-Year time skip happened.

He has the powers of Ope Ope no Mi, and with such power, he can use his epic ability ‘Room’. He is one of the strongest pirates who has now made an alliance with the Straw Hat pirates to defeat one of the emperors of the Sea, Kaidou.

Trafalgar Law is one of the coolest pirates with a height of 6’3″. 

Doflamingo Height


The former king of Dressrosa, Donquixote Doflamingo is one of the strongest villains in the series One Piece and also a fan favorite.

Doflamingo is strong because he has already awakened his Devil Power and he can also use all three types of Haki. But still, he was defeated by Luffy with the help of Law, if there was a solo fight between them, there was a high possibility that Doflmingo would’ve won the battle.

Doflamingo is a tall man, he has a height of 10′, and yes, did we mention that he was also a former “Celestial Dragon”?

Edward Weevil Height

Edward Weevil

Weevil claims himself as the son of the greatest pirate, Edward D. Newgate, but there are any solid clues that support his statement.

But it doesn’t change the fact of how strong he actually is, he has killed several pirate crews, allies of Whitebeard, and even Kizaru, Marine Admiral has compared his strength with the young Edward Newgate which isn’t anything to joke about.

Weevil stands with a height of 22’3″ and don’t you doubt his powers, he might be a big shot that no one had expected.

Boa Hancock Height

 Boa Hancock

The queen of Amazon Lily is one of the strongest Warlords and a true goddess. Hancock is considered the most beautiful pirate but also one of the strongest pirates.
She can use all three haki and even possesses the power to turn anyone into stone. The main weakness of other pirates is her beauty. She has a height of 6’3″, No wonder, why everyone falls for Hancock.
She is the definition of beauty with strength, but sadly, her heart is already occupied by Monkey D. Luffy.

Dracule Mihawk Height

Dracule Mihawk

Mihawk claims the title “Strongest Swordsman of the World” from which you imagine how powerful Mihawk actually is. He is also the strongest Warlord member that can go toe to toe against the Emperor of the Sea, Shanks.

Mihawk doesn’t possess any kind of special power of Devil Fruit, his swordsman skills are what make him the strongest.  He also trained Zoro to become a better Swordsman during their two-year time skip.

Mihawk stands tall with the height of 6’6″, and his clash with Shanks is also known to be a legendary duel.

Height of Marine members

The Marines in One Piece have always been one of the powerful and destructive forces to the pirates. Although many Marines are evil, some are good as well. Some are small and big as a giant too, let’s discover them.

Admiral Kizaru Height


Kizaru is one of the powerful members and the Trump Card of the marines. Kizaru possesses the power of light. He can transfer his whole body into light and also travel at light speed. With the power of light, he can even shoot beams.

He is a tall and skim character. Kizaru stands tall with a height of 9’11”. He is pretty tall but not the tallest member of the Marine.

Admiral Ryokugyu Height


Ryokugyu is the newly selected Admiral in the Marien after the battle of Aokiji and Sakuzaki happened in Punk Hazard.

Ryokugyu possesses the ability of plants. He can turn himself into one and create and control his surroundings. He is a muscular and tall member of the Marine. He stands tall with a height of 9’8″

Admiral Fujitora Height


Fujitora is one of the coolest marines. Although he is blind, he possesses one of the greatest abilities that are powerful enough to bring a meteor down to the earth.

He possesses the ability of Gravity, he can control gravity according to his will and use it on opponents as well, he once used his ability on Law and Zoro and they were completely smashed and were unable to move.

Fujitora is almost 8’8″, he stands tall with great power that is enough to dominate most of the pirates.

Aokiji Height


Aokiji is the person who traveled the ocean on a bicycle.

Yep, you read that correctly, Aokiji doesn’t travel in ships, he travels on his bicycle because he possesses the power to freeze things and with such power, he can freeze anything he wants. Once he froze a whole volcanic eruption.

He is the former Marine Admiral, he left his position after the battle between Sakuzaki. He is a tall guy, he stands the height of 9’9″. 

Fleet Admiral Sakuzaki Height


One of the strongest members of the marine, he killed Portagas D. Ace during the Paramount War and created a hole in Whitebeard’s chest. This displays how much power level he has.

After the epic battle between Aokiji and Akainu, Sakuzaki won the battle and gained the title of Fleet Admiral on the marine.

Akainu is a large and the tallest member of the Marine. He stands tall with a height of 10′. 

Sengoku Height


Sengoku the Buddha is a former Fleet Admiral of the marine. He resigned from his post because during the Paramount War, level 6 prisoners had escaped from their cells and when he told them to release their wanted poster, the Government refused and saved themselves from embarrassment.

While Sengoku resigned from the post he had suggested replacing Aokiji as his successor, but Akainu surpassed Aokiji and snatched the title away from him.

Although he is old, he stands tall with a height of 9’1″. 

Garp Height

Monkey D. Garp

Garp is the hero of the Marine because of his legendary win against the most dangerous pirate, Rocks D. Xebec. He was so powerful that the Marines offered him the title of Admiral but he refused that title because he hated to work under the World Governments.

He possesses the power of a raw fist. He doesn’t have any kind of special powers or abilities, Garp’s main power is his fist, enough to kill a man.

Garp stands powerful and tall with a height of 9’5″.

Koby Height


Koby is an old friend of Luffy, they met during the first episode on Alvida’s ship. He saved Koby from his cruel captain and gave him the opportunity to work on his dream, to become a Marine.

Currently, Koby holds the title of Marine Captain. He trained with Garo and learned skills like him. He possesses great strength and super speed. He can even move swiftly underwater.

When we first saw Koby in the series he was a little cowardly boy but now he has become a macho man. He stands at a height of 5’6″ with great strengths.

Smoker Height


Commander of the G-5 Marine base, Smoker is one of the powerful Marine officers who possess the power of smoke. He can transfer himself into smoke and even manipulate the density of the smoke and solidify it.

Smoker was later promoted to the post of Vice Admiral during the time skip. He is also an old rival of Luffy although Luffy considers him as a friend.

Smoker stands tall with the height of 6’10”

Height of Emperors of the Sea

The Emperors of the sea are one of the strongest Pirates in the world. There are currently four Emperors of the sea, and each of them is powerful enough to create havoc in the pirate world.

Kaidou Height


Kaidou is also known as the “World’s Strongest Creature”; Do you know people call them that?

Because he just can’t die.

Kaidou once jumped from the sky island and landed on his face but my man was still able to stand up on his feet without a single scratch on his body.

People often say “If it’s one-on-one, Kaidou will win.” On land, sea, and air… among all living things, he is a pirate who is known as the “strongest creature”!!!

Kaidou is a beast, he even looks like one. He looks humongous and it must be because he stands with a height of 23’4″. Before becoming Emperor of the sea, he was a member of the Xebec Pirates, it explains why he is an emperor of the sea.

Big Mom Height

Big mom

Charlotte Linlin, an emperor of the sea and captain of the Big Mom Pirates, is one of the strongest pirates that everyone is afraid of. Although Big Mom might look stupid, she can snatch your soul if you hesitate in front of her.

Big Mom was also a member of the Xebec Pirates before their defeated by Roger and Garp. Linlin is humongous, she is almost 28’10”. She is the tallest Emperor of the Sea.

Linlin was a generous person when she was a kid, but she would lose herself in her own arrogance and create havoc in the environment if she would get hungry.

Shanks Height

Red-Haired Shanks

Shanks is one of the mysterious characters in the series. There isn’t much screentime of Shanks in the series, nor anything important has been revealed about him but we still know that he is one of the strongest pirates because he is on the same level as Kaidou and Whitebeard.

One thing that we know about Shanks is his height, he stands tall with the height of 6’6″.

Shanks is so powerful that when he came to the Marineford and told to stop the war, the war ended!

Blackbeard Height

black beard

Marshall D. Teach, captain of Blackbeard pirates, is one of the most mysterious and powerful pirates in the world. It’s still unknown how he was able to conquer the ability of Whitebeard, the most destructive power that can dominate the whole world.

Blackbeard is the only pirate that holds the ability of two Devil Fruit powers. He even possesses the power of Darkness, which is enough to knock down some great infamous pirates.

Blackbeard is a humongous person, but not as huge as Kaidou or Linlin. He stands tall with a height of 11’3″. Marshall was also a former member of the warlord, but he betrayed the Marine and World Government.

Whitebeard Height

Whitebeard height

One of the greatest and the strongest pirates of the world, Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard was the legendary pirate who died during the Paramount War.

Whitebeard was the Strongest Man in the World and the Man Closest to One Piece. His death was a tragedy but that won’t change the fact that he was the strongest Emperor of the sea.

Edward was also a former member of the Xebec Pirates. He was a humongous human being, he was 21’10”, almost four times taller than Monkey D. Luffy.

Other Infamous Pirates

There are still some of the infamous pirates in One Piece that have shocked the world of Pirates, Do you know who are they? Let’s take a look.

Eustass Kid Height

Eustass Kid

Kid is one of the powerful pirates from the Worst Generation. He possesses the ability of a magnet and can attract any kind of metal and make a giant weapon or magnetic hand out of it.

Kid is a fearless pirate and always challenges tough opponents. He once challenged an Emperor of the Sea, Shanks. And then what happened?

He lost his arm.

It is obvious that he was going to lose the fight against the emperor of the sea. But still, he was able to challenge Shanks. This shows how determined he actually is.

Eustass is a powerful and macho man, unlike Luffy who is thin and small. Kid stands tall at a height of 6’9″. 

Portgas D. Ace Height

Portgas D. Ace

Son of Gol D. Roger, Ace was a legendary pirate who died during the Paramount War. He was killed by Akainu while he was trying to escape from Marineford.

Ace was the big brother of Luffy, they shared a deep bond with each other. He saved Luffy and sacrificed himself, it was one of the most emotional moments of One Piece.

He possessed the power of Fire but sadly got defeated by Lava. Ace was a strong man, he was tall with a height of 6’1″. 

Sabo Height


Sabo, the commander of the Revolutionary Army and brother of Luffy and Ace, is one of the powerful pirates who defeated many infamous pirates, and now, he is currently battling with the World Governments.

He is also the son of a noble but he abandoned that title because he was disgusted by their cruel and judgy behaviors. He spent his childhood with Luffy and Ace.

Sabo is a strong and tall man. He Stands tall at a height of 6’9″. 

Marco Height


The captain of the First Division from Whitebeard Pirates, Marco is one of the strongest pirates who possesses the power of Mythical-Zoan Type Devil Fruit.

With such powers, Marco can heal himself with his blue flames and he is powerful enough to take down two powerful Ancient Zoan-Type Devil Fruit users at once.

Marco is surprisingly taller than he looks. He is 6’8″ and pretty old too, he is currently 45 years old.

Silvers Rayleigh Height

Silvers Rayleigh

Silver Rayleigh, also known as the Dark King, is so powerful that when he was in his prime form, he stopped Marco’s power with just a finger ladies and gentlemen.


There is no doubt that The Dark King is powerful enough to give the emperors of the sea a hard time. He was the vice-captain of Roger Pirates, which explains why he is so good in the battles. Maybe experience.

Rayleigh is actually smaller than Marco the Phoneix. He stands tall at a height of 6’2″.

Gol D. Roger Height


The King of the Pirates was exceptionally powerful and tall. He was 9’0″ ft. tall and had natural abilities and powers because he never ate a Devil Fruit in his life.

During his dying moments, he encouraged the world to search for the greatest treasure alive and created a whole new era, an era of Pirates.

Gold D. Roger is the only pirate who had discovered the greatest treasure, One Piece.

Yamato Height


Yamato, daughter of Kaidou, is one of the powerful pirates who has battled with her Dad and Ace more than once.

Although she is the son of the ferocious emperor, she doesn’t believe in her dad’s path but believed in Oden’s path. She wants to be like him, so she even tried to dress up as Oden at one point.

Yamato isn’t ferocious and big like her Dad and is only 8’8″. We might get to see Yamato joining the Straw Hats in the future as they have created a great bond with each other.

Kozuki Oden Height

Kozuki Oden

Oden, one of the legendary pirates and samurai, was a member of the Roger Pirates and of Whitebeard Pirates. He has even completed the great voyage with Roger Pirates and has unraveled the secrets of One Piece.

Sadly when Oden came back to Wano Country, nothing was the same as it used to be, Kaidou the beast had already conquered the whole Country.

Oden stands tall at a height of 7′. 

Who is the tallest character of One Piece?

Zenusha, the island where the Minks tribe lives, is the oldest and tallest character of One Piece.


The Elephant is over 1000 years older and is 35 kilometers tall. It is so tall that it is linke an island to the Minks Tribe. Its legs can touch the deep surface of the ocean. Even after reaching that deep, it is still tall enough.


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