How Strong Is Lucifer in The Sandman?

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Although released in the year 2016, the Lucifer series to this day has successfully created hype among fans. Not only because it was based on the comic from DC, and had an amazing plotline, but also because of Lucifer Morningstar, who was the main protagonist of the series.

Just when fans were recovering from the season finale of the series in 2021, and probably also Lucifer, DC just went ahead and gave us a new Lucifer but this time in its latest series, The Sandman.

DC Comics, very well known for giving superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, and so on, gave their best on a whole new series with supernatural and God-like beings with The Sandman.

The Sandman was obviously about Sandman, aka Dream, who was a cosmic being that controlled all the dreams. The whole series revolved around him being captured, losing his weapons, and his journey into finding them so that he could restore what had been lost.

Interesting right? But what’s more interesting was that although Sandman was the main protagonist of the series, after Lucifer’s appearance, she took all the spotlight, and could we blame her, I mean- look at Gwendoline Christie in her role as  Lucifer, it’s as if Lucifer was meant to be played her and her only.

If Lucifer Morningstar from the Lucifer series isn’t enough, Lucifer from the Sandman series is all that people could talk about. However, because the series has just finished its first season many are curious about Lucifer and just how powerful she is.

Are you curious about this fallen angel and her powers? Do you want to know just how powerful she is? Well, without further ado let’s just get right into it.

Who was Lucifer?

lucifer morningstar

If we were to learn about Lucifer from a religious aspect, known as the Devil, and sometimes even called Satan in Christianity, Lucifer was depicted as an entity in the Abrahamic religions that seduced humans into sin or falsehood.

However, in the DC multiverse, Lucifer had a different origin. It all started in the void where Yahweh, the God of the Israelites, created two brothers, who possessed immense powers.

One of them was Mikha’el Demiurgos and the other one was Samael, who was later known as Lucifer Morningstar. They were first guided by Yahweh and instructed on how to use their powers.

Portrayed as a sophisticated and charming being, Lucifer was once God’s favorite but he was cast out of heaven, tasked with ruling Hell making him the King of Hell.

No matter how charming he appeared, it was all a facade as he had a deadly and machiavellian character, who had no regard for human life and only cared about himself.

Not only he punished the souls of deceased sinners but because of his personality, he gained a fearsome reputation and became known by many names, such as; the Devil, Satan, Old Scratch, Abaddon, and Belial. Quite the names he got for himself.

He had immense powers, which he had no problems using, and also he was able to remain in power in Hell for thousands of years.

Seen as the objectification of a hostile and destructive force, Lucifer always looked down upon others. However, there were few individuals who he had the utmost respect for; his brother Michael and Duma, the angel of silence.

Now, you might be wondering, isn’t Lucifer a woman in the Sandman series so why are we referring to Lucifer as he/him?

We knew that this would certainly cause some confusion but worry not as we have come prepared. So, turns out that Lucifer was an angel, who was often described as sexless and gender-neutral but in the series, often referred to as a male.

However, even the executive director of the series mentioned that he made it very clear that Lucifer remained sexless and for the series, they were looking for someone who could pull off the character effortlessly and since Gwendoline was sought for the role, they changed the gender.

Regardless, Lucifer from the comics and the series are the same. So, Lucifer’s gender didnt really matter as they were the same characters.

How did she become a fallen angel?

lucifer fall

Lucifer was an angel and also the beloved of God. However, she defied God and fell from grace. The assumption that she was a fallen angel was often made from the book of Isaiah in the Bible, which said, How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!”

Lucifer was banished from living in heaven and sent to rule Hell as a result of her blatant sins against God. Since she was banished from God’s grace, she became corrupt and changed her name to Satan.

The reason behind her banishment was Lucifer herself. Since Lucifer was the most beautiful angel, she was so impressed with her own beauty, intelligence, and power.

Although Lucifer was an angel, her self-generated pride got the best of her, and she began to desire the honor and glory that belonged to God alone.

Lucifer rebelled against God and her own brother, Michael led the army of angels against her. At last, she was banished and sent to hell. Thus, giving her the name of the Fallen Angel. 

Prior to her fall, Lucifer was portrayed as the wisest, most beautiful, and most powerful angel in heaven. Even after herFall“, she still had her traits.

Although she had an egotistic and selfish personality, she had codes and principles that she followed. No matter what it took, she always insisted on paying her debts and keeping her word.

How strong was Lucifer in Sandman?

We can’t really deny the fact that the reimagined story of Lucifer Morningstar depicted in the Sandman series must be the best one out there.

Considered to be one of the most powerful beings in the series, Lucifer felt betrayed by God as God’s master plan was to make Lucifer the Fallen Angel and rule over Hell for all eternity.

After learning of the betrayal, Lucifer decided to take destiny into her own hands and left hell, just to give its keys to Dream, deciding to live on Earth instead. Now, these were not actually shown in the series, but still were part of the comics.

Hence, being born an angel Lucifer was already above and superior to most of the entities and came second to God in terms of powers. Also to go up against one’s own creator was not a small feat.

So, to go up against the almighty and declare war on the very place she was created, Lucifer sure had the guts and might to take such a step.

Regardless, her true potentials are yet to be shown in the series, as fans only got a glimpse of it when Sandman went to Hell to retrieve his helmet.

Upon Sandman’s arrival, Lucifer was more than happy to help but when she was defeated by him, she showed her true colors as she vowed to make him pay in the near future.

Also, she was the ruler of Hell, which was home to probably hundreds and thousands of powerful Devils. So just imagine how much strong Lucifer was herself, in order to rule over such powerful beings.

What were her powers and abilities?


The mighty Lucifer was not only considered to be the strongest without any reason. Aside from being the child of the creator, she had some impressive powers and abilities that made her deserving of the title.

Some of her powers and abilities are discussed here in this article.


Superhuman powers: Even though Lucifer was a fallen angel, she was still an angel, a being far above any mere mortal. She possessed superhuman powers such as heightened stamina, strength, and speed.

With such impressive powers, she was able to function without any sleep or rest and even walked for nine days straight without stopping and even showed no signs of strains.

She was super fast as she could even circle the planet before her image even left your eyes.

Nigh-Omnipotence: With unlimited powers, Lucifer was able to retain her nigh omnipotence. It could have been because of her being an Archangel. With her infinite powers, she was able to manipulate any external force for any effect that she desired.

Aside from creating something out of nothing, Lucifer was capable to f creating anything from living beings to an entire multiverse. She was also able to manipulate realities at near-omnipotent levels.

Shapeshifting: Another interesting and unique power that she had was that of shape-shifting. In the battle with a dream, she turned into different forms, one of them being a wolf.

Pyrokinesis: She also had the ability to use and manipulate fire, which she used against Dream in order to defeat him in the competition.

Lucifer was able to call forth the fire of the various suns he had birthed. She was able to control it on small scales such as shaping a flame to her will, or on a larger scale such as when she was creating suns.

Dimensional Travel: Being a former angel and the ruler of Hell, she had the power to travel throughout realms at will. By projecting flames from her hands, she was able to create portals that allowed her to travel anywhere in any dimension.

She opened doorways to the Void and also created dimensional gateways to a world of her own creation across the multiverse, creating millions of gateways.

Flight: Lucifer had wings, which allow flight.

Immortality: Being the creation of God, Lucifer was immortal, which meant that she never physically grew old and also couldn’t die by any means. The only force that could destroy her was God.

Magic: Lucifer also knew some magic and spells here and there. With her magic, she was able to cast a spell on a door that if a person were to open it, would unmake the rest of creation.

Molecular Reconstruction: Lucifer was capable of manipulating the residual energy of the cosmos to create suns.

Telekinesis: Lucifer was capable of telekinetically flinging knives at goons, and slicing them into chunks.

Necromancy: As a psychopomp, Lucifer was able to choose the soul’s destination if he killed a person or supernatural being (as a demon). He killed Musubi by her own will; she allowed it to free herself from Izanami’s service.

Other than such unique powers, Lucifer was also able to generate powerful blasts of flames at will and even incinerate beings with her flames. Along with reality alteration, she was also capable of energy projection adn had enhanced intellect.

Lucifer had great powers and along with such immense powers she also had some great abilities as well. Her powers seemed to have no limits and she also had a genius-level intellect. On top of that, she was also an exceptional swordsman and flaunted her swordsmanship on many occasions.

How does she compare to other characters in the series?

Now, that we know just how powerful Lucifer was, let’s take a look at how she compares to some of the most powerful entities of the series.

There has been much discussion among critics and fans, to know whether or not Lucifer was really strong or not. So, let us discuss further on this topic and compare their powers and strengths.

1. Michael Demiurgos

Starting off in number one, we have Lucifer’s own brother, Michael Demiurgos. He was a powerful Archangel and was as strong as Lucifer himself, as they were brothers created by the same creator, Yahweh.

Both the brothers were on a par level with one another when it came to powers. Michael had the Demiurge power, which gave him the ability to enable the physical creation of the cosmos to occur.

However, his power of creating the universe out of nothingness was nothing much without Lucifer who used his infinite will to bring the universe into existence.

Michael was only capable of creation and was unable to give them shape but Lucifer was the one that brought his creation to existence, which showed that Lucifer did have the upper hand over his brother.

However, Michael was not a weakling either. When Lucifer went up against God, Michael led the angels during the War in Heaven as he was also the Guardian of the Gate of Heaven.

Nevertheless, Lucifer had immense respect for his brother. So, even if they were to go up against each other, yeh battle would probably end up in a tie considering just how strong they both were.

2. Dream

Considered to be the most powerful character in the series so far, Dream was a force to be reckoned with. After being captive in the human realm, the series did depict him as a weakling and a vulnerable member, but as the series progressed his true potential was slowly unveiled.

He was the one responsible for every dream that ever existed. Not only was he capable of giving dreams but he also dealt with nightmares that troubled the beings.

After escaping the confinement, Sandman went out on a journey to get back his weapons. In search of his helmet, Sandman reached the gates of Hell, where he was welcomed by none other than the ruler of the underworld herself, Lucifer.

Upon finding the demon, Sandman demanded his helmet back but was instead challenged by Lucifer herself. However, barely hanging on in his life, Dream managed to defeat Lucifer. But being the powerful being, Lucifer also didnt fail to show off her exceptional realm and countless demons before that.

3. Lucienne

One of the most prominent characters of the series, Lucienne was the librarian at Dream’s kingdom. While Dream was away being held captive, Lucienne willingly expanded her role as a librarian to become the caretaker of the deteriorating place.

Although she didn’t have any magical abilities or unique powers, based on her interactions with other characters such as Matthew, and even Dream himself it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she was a person of very high intellect and exceptional leadership skills.

Lucienne was definitely a person who relied mostly on her intuition and didnt have any other special abilities like that of Lucifer. So, a comparison between them is not even discussed as we probably already know the outcome if these two were to go up against each other.

4. Matthew Cable

Matthew Cable was just an ordinary human, who was in a coma for a while before he died. During his time in a coma, he was able to meet Dream aka Morpheus.

Dream offered Matthew a second chance. He offered Matthew a choice to stay alive but as a raven, to which surprisingly, Matthew agreed and became Dream’s most trustworthy companion.

Although he had no extraordinary powers, his greatest strength was his loyalty and his calm personality. However, only that won’t be able to defeat the mighty Archangel, Lucifer.

5. Mazikeen

Next on the list, we have, Mazikeen, Lucifer’s own servant. Her intimidating look was more than enough to send shivers down the spines of any creature.

Her brief appearance was enough to show that there was a reason why she was chosen as the devil’s righthand person.

When Lucifer commanded Choronzon to return the helm, he refused to do so. That was when Mazikeen effortlessly lifted him by his neck to make him obey Lucifer’s orders.

She was a powerful character with such brute strength that was no match for anyone’s magical capabilities. She was surely a threat to others but was loyal to her master.

So, we highly doubt there would be a such time when these two would go up against each other and even if they do, Mazikeen would certainly surrender before Lucifer because of her loyalty towards her.

6. John Dee

John Dee was also considered to be a powerful character but most of his power came from Morpheus’ Ruby, which he altered in a way that only he could use it. In the series, he was seen using his mother’s annulet and Dream’s ruby to inflict harm on others.

Although Dream’s ruby was a very powerful one indeed and if used correctly was able to grant any wish of the wielder. However, John Dee might need something more than just Ruby to go up against Lucifer.

7. The Corinthian

Described as Dream’s scariest creation, The Corinthian wasn’t one of the Endless but was a personified nightmare among nightmares, intended to be the embodiment of human n fear of the dark.

He was an escaped nightmare with a cunning and strategic personality. He killed so many people that he developed the ability to infect the people around him with an insatiable urge to kill.

So, that could be considered a dangerous ability to use against enemies. Many believed that most serial killers were under the Corinthian’s influence.

His mind manipulation might work on ordinary mortals but on Lucifer? Probably not. I mean- Lucifer herself is the ruler of the netherworlds, she deals with death like child’s play.

So, tricking Lucifer into killing herself or others won’t be an easy task and probably a nightmare won’t be enough to scare the mighty Lucifer.

He might be more potent than most humans but in reality, he was just a creation of Dream and was even weaker than characters like Gault and Rose.

8. Johanna Constantine

Johanna Constantine might just be one the strongest characters of the series, as just from her intro it was clear that she was a strong one who didnt have time for any nuisances and things that she didnt believe in.

On top of being a strong woman, she had the ability to fend off demonic creatures. She did perform exorcism here and there, and fended off the devils but dealing with devil-like Lucifer herself, it won’t be easy for her.

9. The Endless Siblings

Among the strongest ones in the series, the Endless Siblings rank at the top. There were seven of them, Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium, with Destiney being the oldest and Delirium being the youngest of them all.


Being the oldest Endless sinking, Destiny was the oldest thing ever to exist. Destiney was even there before the universe as it was the universe’s destiny to be created.

Destiny was the most powerful of all the Endless because everything and everyone had their destiny. Also, he didnt abuse his powers and chose to stay on the sidelines adn observed as he already knew what was happening.


The next sibling was Death. She came into existence after the first form of life came into existence, and is a very powerful entity as nothing could evade death. No matter how powerful one is, they are just some mere life form in front of death.

Also, she had the power to grant immortality.


Destruction was the middle child of the Endless siblings and had immense powers, which were considered to be unmatchable. Although he had the power to destroy things, he never intended to use them as he was sure that mankind was on a verge of self-destruction by themselves.

So, instead, he wanted to create things. So, even though he remained low with his powers, he was a force to be reckoned with.


Desire was the twin sister of Despair and it was her that gave humankind the power of desire, which was considered to be the driving force of humankind.

Unlike her siblings, she was cruel, and evil and always got her way in getting what she wanted. Despite her cruel nature, she was a very powerful being as we know, just how powerful desires can get.


The second youngest of the Endless siblings, Despair was a very powerful one. Her powers came from the despair of humankind.

Since the despair in the world kept on growing, even her powers were growing but it affected her greatly as she always appeared naked, scarred and hurt, and in pain.

She had vast powers but she didnt takes any action to save herself from the pain.


The youngest one of the Endless was Delirium. Originally known as Delight, she turned into Delirium as humanity became worse.

She had the power to make anything she imagined into reality. Since she was not taken seriously by the others, she was always frustrated and even her realm was chaotic and everchanging.

The Endless siblings were not only the aspects of life but powerful entities who had immense power. The power levels of these siblings largely related to their age; the older they were, the more powerful they were.

Since even Lucifer had a life, she too must have dealt with all the aspects of life. So, all the aspects combined together, they would have been the strongest, and even the Archangel herself would have had a hard time going up against them.

So, even when compared to other characters, it is clear as the day that Lucifer is indeed a very powerful being and that even though there are some other entities who are still very superior to Lucifer, she is not the one to give up without a fight.

Lucifer was the one to be feared as she was the strongest being, second only to the creator, God, himself. Even in the first season of the series, her appearance not only intrigued the fans but also has them expecting more from her in the next season as well because it seems like the first season could be setting her up for something much bigger in the next one.

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