How old is Goku in Dragon Ball series?


Son Goku is one of the underrated characters in the Dragon ball series. He is popular in the entire anime verse for his strength and abilities. Goku sure has aged as he is turned into a grown man from a small kid.

But viewers are confused about his age as he once turned into a 12-year-old although he was almost 50 years. He has different ages physically and chronologically.

I know you too are confused about this. Let us help you with that!!!

We will let you know about the age of Goku in different series and different time periods.

Age of Goku in Dragon Ball

In the first encounter of Goku among the audience, he was just 11 years old. He was just a little boy when he made his first appearance in the series.

In the first saga of the Dragon Ball, Goku met Bulma and became friends and he also mentioned that he was 14 years old. However, it is not the truth.

Goku was not at the age of 14 then. He just mentioned his age to Bulma by his instinct. He stated that he’s 14 due because of his inability to count properly as he lacked education.

Later on, he got educated by master Roshi and became smart enough to know that he was actually 11 years old not 14 when he was first introduced.

Along with  Bulma and other mates, Goku started his journey at the age of 11. After his defeat in the 21st Martial Arts Tournament, he grows to the age of 12. By the time of his defeat in the 22nd Martial Arts Tournament, turned the age of 15.

Before he entered the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, he trained for 3 years. He appeared as an immensely strong fine man at the age of 18 in the tournament.

Hence, Goku fought in three Martial Arts Tournament in the first series in the age between 11- 18 years old.

Age of Son Goku in Dragon ball Z

son goku

After the Dragon Ball, the story starts after 5 years. After 5 years of continuation of the story, we meet Goku when he is the age of 23.

During that time, Goku’s helpless child was abducted by his own brother. Afterward, Goku sacrifices himself so that Piccolo would defeat his brother. He died at the age of 23.

However, he gets reincarnated after a year and comes back alive. As a year passed after his death, he becomes the age 24 consecutively but his appearance is still of the time when he was dead i.e. 23 years old.

Soon after that Goku along with Gohan and other Z fighters trained for three years. They also entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber when the time runs differently.

Although they trained for a year in there and got one year older chronologically their body remained the same as a year ago.

Several years later android arrive. Goku was just at the age of 27 then. At the same age, Goku once again sacrifices himself while battling against Cell and remains dead for several years.

He later gets incarnated by Elder Kai to defeat the Earth’s newest threat, Maujin Buu. After the revival, he becomes the age of 34 years old chronologically.

However, as previously his body was still the same as the age he died. This means that Goku was 27 in appearance but he was already about 34 years old.

Dragon Ball Z had a 10-year time skip for its codicil after Goku successfully eliminated Maujin Buu. After 10 years passed, Goku turned to the age of 44 but his body was still 10 years old younger i.e. 37.

Thus, the age of Goku in the series, Dragon ball Z varies from 23 years old to 44 years old.

Age of Goku in Super Dragon Ball

Goku in Super Dragon Ball

The series Super Dragon Ball displayed what happened during the 10 years of its epilogue. It shows what happened between Maujin Buu’s defeat and the end of Dragon Ball Z.

Goku was about 31-38 years old during the time and was about 32-39 when it met its end. However, he didn’t touch the age of 40. Let’s get to know what events took place in the series.

The Earth gets some rest after Maujin Buu was defeated by Goku in Dragon Ball. Unfortunately, earth faces another problematic situation as the God of destruction, Beerus finally wakes from 39-year of sleep.

He wakes up to fight with the Divine Super Saiyan. Divine Super Saiyan was the legendary warrior who was talked off in the prophecy expressed by the Oral Pisces in ancient times.

That is why Beerus goes in search of Divine Super Saiyan. However, he ends up where Goku was located. Despite his power in Super Saiyan, he is unsuccessful to defeat him.

Afterward, Beerus takes a trip to the Earth with the angel, Whis.  When they reached Earth, they encountered Bulma who invited them to her birthday party.

Everything was going smooth until Boo ate all the flans. Beerus threatened to destroy the entire Earth as he was very mad at Boo for eating all the flans.

However, in the meantime, Son Goku returns back to Earth. All the worries were tended by a short conclusion from Sheron and a transformation into a divine Super Saiyan. Beerus decides to spare Earth as he gets exhausted from fighting against the Dragon Team.

Afterward, Freiza’s minions stole the Dragon Balls from the earth and revived Frieza. Tyrant also got the chance to regenerate all of his limbs once segmented by Future Trunks by one of their machines.

When Son Goku and Vegeta went to the planet of Beerus to train to be unnoticed by the upcoming consequences, the prince of Evil gained a dreadful transformation in gold(Golden Freiza) made his come back, and caused a ruckus on the Earth.

But Bulma made a quick call to Goku and Vegetta and guess what happened? Both the Goku and Vegetta in Super Saiyan Blue with a flash comeback twisted the fate of Freiza in a different direction.

The fight between Golden Freiza and Vegetta was so furious that when they came back into their original appearance, the Earth got destroyed and was left to nothing.

Fortunately, Wish was able to go back to a time only for a few seconds, aware Goku to precise the mistake and eliminate Freiza in the meantime.

Age of Goku in Dragon Ball GT

goku in dragon ball gt

The series Dragon Ball GT started five years after the end of Z. Goku is about 42 years old physically and 49 years in appearance.  However, Dragon Ball GT is not the main part of the narration.

Some of the audiences are confused that Goku is younger and at the age of just 12  because of his appearance as a child. But the scenario took place only because Emperor Pilaf wished Goku to be young by of the power of the Black Dragon Ball.

Although Goku was 12 in terms of appearance, he was basically 50 years old when the Earth got destroyed. The series comes to an end as Goku is in the age between 13- 51 years old.

Let’s see what actually happened during that time!!!

The story continues after 10 years after the conclusion of the Dragon Ball Z series. Finally, Oob’s training is completed by Son Goku in the Almighty Palace.

Pilaf was the enemy of Son Goku since the beginning of the Dragon Ball. His ultimate motive was to control the entire world with the use of Dragon Balls.

He was successful to unravel the existence of the ancient Dragon Balls created by the Almighty before he got separated from Piccolo Diamo in the palace of the Almighty.

Kyukyoku Shenron turns Son Goku into a child and that is why Pilaf misses fulfilling his wish as usual.

Sadly, the evil Dragon Balls not only get scattered all over the universe but also get destroyed after a year in the place where the vow was taken.

Therefore, Son Goku has only a year to collect all of them and put a stop to the devastation of Earth. Along with the Pan and Trunks, he sets off to reunite all of those balls that are scattered throughout the galaxies.

So, Goku is at age of 12- 51 years old in the series, Dragon Ball GT.

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