How Much Can Saitama Lift?

Saitama strong

Different characters in different anime series have been shown lifting objects worth several million tons. Saitama also once did weightlifting in a particular episode of the series.

Saitama is considered the most robust character in the anime verse because of his ridiculous strength and endurance. He broke the limiter that rewards him with immeasurable power.

As the strength of Saitama is evidenced by all the viewers of the One Punch man, they all want to know how much their hero can lift if he has no limitations to his powers.

This is the most asked question all over the internet as everyone is eager to the real strength of Saitama. Returning to the primary question, how many tons can Saitama lift?

Let’s get to know about it further without delay!!!

Power and Capabilities of Saitama

Saitama is bald, but if one pisses him off for his baldness, the person is a goner. He is so powerful that one might not get to see the flashback of their life if killed by him. It will be a vigorous instant death.

Because of his strength, endurance and speed, he is known as the most robust character in the entire anime verse. He is just a different breed.

He has also gotten the title “One Punch Man” as he never needed the effort of a second punch to defeat any opponent. He also hasn’t been seen to be injured by any opponent till now.

What’s more fascinating is that he is never shown seriously fighting with his opponent in the anime. He is not even severe, and he is already the strongest in the whole anime verse.

The power and strength he holds are so massive that it is immeasurable. They’re going off the charts.

Possessing limitless strength, words can’t even measure his strength. No one has ever been born who can defeat him in a combat fight.

As demonstrated in the show, he is so powerful that even a regular punch is enough to knock down one of the most durable characters, Boro.

The swiftly-pressured lava thrown by the hands of Saitama was powerful enough to completely deflect the most powerful attack of Orochiu that caused earthquakes all over the world.

If Saitama wills, he can even destroy the entire Earth. He also stated that he’d destroy it if he gets irritated too much.

There is no conclusion to Saitama’s strength. He was so potent that the collision of Serious Punch and Super Serious Punch 2 caused a shockwave.

If the energy of the shockwave was diverted, it could proceed thousands of million years into space and wipe out numerous star systems in its way within a few seconds that could, possibly leave a huge circle of darkness in space.

Saitama was so strong that when Sonic attempted to attack him with his sword, One Punch Man stopped him by catching the blade with a mere knife and destroying it with his mouth effortlessly.

When Saitama jumped from the top of the building, he blasted a giant meteor with a single punch and continued his way home as if it was nothing.

One Punch Man is potent enough to destroy the meteors and numerous giant planets in the Solar System. He is capable of splitting clouds, oceans, and more than that.

He is strong enough to destroy an entire galaxy by himself if he wishes for it. Saitama never lacks limitations of power and capabilities.

How did Saitama become so strong?

Saitama possesses ridiculous strength. He is the perfect example of invincible as he’s not shown fatally injured till now, although he has faced the most powerful opponents in the whole series.

As he has no limit to his powers, he can easily overwhelm anyone. He has also demonstrated his ability by causing mass destruction, which no alien or terrestrial being can do.

He also holds the top position in the list of strongest characters in the entire anime series. It sure tickles the audience how he became so powerful that he doesn’t take on anyone seriously.

Let’s see how did Saitama become so strong?

It is not the genetic lottery that made him the strongest and unbeatable. This question and its unidentified answer hold a lot of water !!

A particular theory states that Saitama got limitless powers with the help of divine cubers or some divine blessing.

Saitama has already broken his limiter. God set the limiters up to some extent to stop humans from crossing the realm’s bar. But somehow, Saitama broke the barrier.

In a particular theory, Pykos and Genos said that a limiter could be broken after passing various trials. According to them, one has to be alive after facing near-death experiences.

goku vs saitama

After that, the person will appear more robust with a monstrous look and capabilities.

However, Saitama stated that he trained vigorously to gain massive strength and endurance. He became that potent by doing 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100-squats, and running 10 kilometers for three years.

But that might not be the case because other characters, e.g., Goku, have done the same training for his entire life but are still not more vital than Saitama.

So, there might be other twists coming in the future on how he gained so much power. The origin of Saitama might still be hidden and unclear. But there might be some surprise awaiting the audience by ONE and Yusuke Murata.

Until then, we should accept the statement stated by Saitama in the anime.

How much can Saitama lift?

Saitama is the strongest character in the entire anime verse, with no limit on powers and endurance. He has also defeated a massive amount of formidable opponents.

As always, the fans of One Punch Man have come up with an interesting question. Audiences are interrogating how much Saitama can lift.

It is quite thoughtful of the fans to know how much can the strongest character can lift. So, can he raise millions of tons of weight? Let’s get to know about it!!!

Before jumping to the conclusion, let’s get to know if Saitama ever did weightlifting or not.

The answer is yes. Saitama did weightlifting during the qualification for being part of the Hero Association. She lifted several tons of weight effortlessly.

Sadly, we didn’t know how much weight he lifted. But, indeed, he lifted much more than the other candidates.

Being the strongest character in the entire vers, Saitama can lift more weight than Goku as he is superior to him in terms of strength and capabilities.

This demonstrates that Saitama can lift even more than 15,120,000,000,000 tonnes, which is the weightlifting capability of Super Siyan God Goku, or is he able to raise more than that?

Warning: This article contains manga spoilers!!

In a particular chapter of the manga, One Punch Man destroyed 1/2nd of Jupiter’s moon. As he got more powers during the fight with Garou, he tossed the moon high into the air using only one hand.

Thus, it is also presumed that Saitama can lift weights to 6 Quintillion tons. Remember, it’s just the assumption. It’s not confirmed yet.

Although our bald hero has been seen with overwhelming power causing mass destruction and mass demolition of huge meteoroids, he’s not shown lifting weights frequently.

Till now, the creators of One Punch Man haven’t provided us any clue on how much Saitama can lift. As he breaks his limiters, he can raise as much as he wills or the circumstances calls for.

Saitama can probably lift weights as much as the writer of the series wants him to.

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