How Many Personalities Does Moon Knight Have?

With the release of Marvel’s Moon Knight on Disney+ this year, we have been thinking all about him. Oscar Issac’s iconic performance as Marc, Moon Knight, and whatnot, he truly gave his 100% to the cause.

Moonknight is unlike any other superhero Marvel has to offer. A really twisted person with power hailing from Egyptian mythology, what we saw in the series was a very good Moonknight.

The TV series was a great one and it had a lot of similarities with its comic counterpart. Marc Spector is introduced in the Disney+ series and has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).  Due to this, we can see him changing in-between different person Steven Grant.

In the TV series, we got to experience Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Moon Knight, and Mr. Knight in limelight. We really had a great time seeing every character in the series. He has various personalities and only some of them were shown in Marvel’s mini-series. For now, we will be talking about those personalities only.

List of Moon Knight’s Personalities in The MCU

Moon Knight has different personalities. He mostly uses four main personalities, which are Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Moon Knight, and Mr. Knight. He is mainly seen using these personalities to fight and become vigilant of the night. Let’s take a look at every personality individually.

Marc Spector

Marc spector

Marc is the man behind the mask. Mark Spector is the primary character whom Khonshu uses. Marck was a child from Chicago who had a crippling childhood filled with traumas which gave the rise to his Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

Spector grew up to become a Marine, but after serving for 3 years his superior discovered his mental illness and was dishonorably discharged. He went on and joined the CIA, once he left the CIA, Spector started taking part in illegal brawls and then, became a mercenary.

Even though he was a mercenary, he did know the difference between evil and non-evil and had his own conscience. He never hurt innocent people. On one of his mission, he was mortally wounded by Raul Bushman killing everyone and leaving Marc mortally wounded in the Egyptian desert.

Still, he managed to reach the tomb of Khonshu who saved his life in exchange for Konshu’s service.

Steven Grant

Steven grant

Steven Grant is the first alter ego of Marc to manifest. Steven first appeared to Marc when he was a kid.  Steven Grant is supposedly a millionaire who helps in funding Moon Knight’s ventures.

Steven Grant is a genius who changed Marc’s life by changing his very less saving into a huge fortune. Steven is oftentimes very naive in nature. And in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Steven is shown as a very naive person and we believe it is something that made us love Steven so much.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is more of a different individual and not an alter ego of Marc Spector. While the other characters in the Moon Knight are the alter ego character, Moon Knight is the fist of Konshu.

Moon Knight has a white suit with a cloak. Although he cannot fly, he can jump from great heights, and it helps in slowing his descent. Moon Knight ensures that his enemies see him coming in this dress with the reflection of the Moon in the sky.

Moon Knight has lots of abilities, which can be summarized as superhuman strength, speed, and great durability. Also as he harnesses the power of the Moon God, he can be seen as more powerful under the moonlight.

Mr. Knight

Mr knight

Mr. Knight is another personality of Moon Knight with shades of white. He is there to kick the enemies in his all-white attire. We can very much assume that this alter ego of Moon Knight is basically the mix of Steven Grant and Moon Knight.

Mr. Knight is seen as a gentleman, with his white suit, white shoes, and white gloves. He can also be seen being with Marc’s psychiatrist conversing, while other alter-egos are not very fond of such behavior.

Jake Lockley

Jake lockley

While most of the fans were disappointed about how short the TV series was, they surely had a surprise for every Moon Knight fan in the post-credit scene of the show. Guess what, we got to see another of Moon Knight’s personalities.

Jake Lockley is the name of the alter-ego. Jake is the personality who works as a cab driver to gather information for Marc. Jake is crueler and more heartless than any other personality shown on the screen.

Spoilers ahead
The post-credit scene of the series clearly made us wonder about a lot of things. Like, how Marc demanded that he be released from the contract with Konshu but the post-credit scene clearly showed that the contract is still intact.

Also, seeing how Jake shoots Harrow, it’s very clear that this character is more ruthless. The limousine scene with Konshu in the suit was one of the best that Marvel could offer us.

Moon Knight’s Personalities in Comics

The above-mentioned personalities are the ones that appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While we have no idea whether other personalities which are there in the comics will appear in the MCU or not, we have a list of other personalities that were there in Marvel Comics.

Yitzak Topol

This personality of Moon Knight is from Earth 61615. This is one of the actual personalities of Moon Knight in this universe. In this world, Marc’s father was very religious and a good person.

The personality of his father helped Moon Knight emerge with this personality. Due to his illness (DID), he developed this personality which just shows one of many shades of Konshu.

Maya Burr

Maya is also the personality of Moon Knight from Earth 61615 and is the only female personality of Marc. Also, to keep in mind, she is only a voice inside Marc’s brain and has never made an actual appearance like others.

This personality was made by the combination of Marc’s mother, dead lover Lisa, and his girlfriend Marlene. On top of that, this personality is the guiding angel of Marc as this personality helps him in making the right choices and guides him to good things.

Captain America, Wolverine, and Spiderman

In the Moon Knight comics written by Brain Michael Bendis, he even turns himself into Captain, Wolverine, and Spiderman. Although they were all in his brain, he surely thought he was there with these actual heroes.

The things that made turned into them were the actual tech replicants of Captain America, Wolverine, and Spiderman. Buck Lime, an ex-agent of S.H.I.E.L.D is the one who made those techs for Marc.

Moon Knight is an actual definition of a great vigilante, with so many personalities up in his sleeves, he is one of our favorite heroes. These are all the personalities that Moon Knight has shown in both comics and the MCU. We hope you guys got the personality you were looking for.

Only 4 personalities of Marc are shown in the MCU, while there are countless others in the comics. And as fans, fingers crossed, and let’s hope we get to see the other personalities in the second season of Moon Knight. Until then, be sure to watch Moon Knight on Disney+.

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