How many Devil Fruit did Luffy eat?

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People are going nuts after the new manga chapters where Luffy seems to be using a different Devil Fruit than usual.

Did he devour another Devil Fruit during his voyage?

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits that provide users with divine abilities. The main protagonist of the series, Monkey D. Luffy has also eaten one of the Devil Fruits that has granted him more exceptional power over others.

What are Devil Fruits?

Devil Fruits are special types of fruits in the One Piece verse that grant the user permanent superhuman abilities.

They are mystical, special fruits that are dispersed throughout the world. One can also awaken their devil fruit and enhance their ability to a whole new level.

In general, Devil Fruits hold hundreds of different immense powers that could cause massive destruction. However, it steals the ability of the user to swim permanently as a trade.

Devil Fruits are broadly classified into three classes: Logia, Paramecia, and Zoan.

Let’s figure out what kind of ability these three forms grant the user:

Logia Users:

Logia type of Devil Fruit is one of the rarest Devil fruits. It grants the user the capability of composing into a natural element of their own will in addition to creating and manipulating it.

It has rewarded users with mass destruction ability. The user of logia eater can transform into the element and get back to the normal as they will.

Some of the Logia Devil Fruits that can easily cause massive destruction are Yami Yami No Mi, Hie Hie No Mi, Magu Magu No Mi, and Pika Pika No Mi.

The logia type of Devil Fruit users is the most infamous and terrific people such as Marshall D. Teach, Akainu, Kizaru, Sabo, etc in the One Piece verse.

Zoan users:

Zoan type of devil fruit users are the users that can transform into animals of a certain species or they can change into the hybrid form of their respective Devil Fruits.

Zoan users have many extraordinary capabilities, an impressive feature of Zoan users is that they can increase their physical abilities. The more the user trains, the more potency he obtains.

Zoan Devil Fruits are also classified into three divisions: Ancient Zoan, Mythical Zoan, and Artificial Zoan.

Some of the Zoan-type users are feared by the whole world and they are Emperor of the Sea Kaidou, Marco The Phoenix, and Monkey D. Luffy.

Paramecia Users:

Paramecia Users are the most common type of Devil Fruit. It provides users with different superhuman abilities unlikely to Zoan and Logia users.

Paramecia users are quite dissimilar to other devil fruit users as they can gain different abilities such as being able to form the body of blades, wax, and poison.

This Devil Fruit helps the user to modify bodies, objects, and the environment around them.

The most popular and strongest paramecia Devil Fruits users are Marshall D. Teach(Gura Gura NO Mi), Trafalgar D. Law(Ope Ope No Mi), and Charlotte Lilin(Soru Soru No Mi).

What Devil Fruit did Luffy eat?

When Luffy was a small child, Garp entrusted him with mountain bandits at Mt. Colombo near Foosha Village.

At the Foosha village, Luffy used to visit Makino’s bar where he used to meet the Emperor of the sea Shanks.

Luffy had a good relationship with Makino and Shanks whom he admired the most and wanted to become pirates like the Red Hair Pirates.

Luffy explained how serious and committed he was to becoming the pirate-like Shanks but everyone made fun of him. He was annoyed because everyone made fun of him at the Party’s Bar.

Luffy even made a scar under his eye with a knife to show how committed he was to be a pirate like Shanks. He still has that scar under his left eye.

After some time, while Red Hair Pirates were having a fest some bandits invaded the bar and asked for the booze but Shank’s crew had already finished all the booze in the bar except a bottle.

Shanks apologized for finishing all the booze and asked to share the last bottle of booze but that bandit mocked and threw booze all over Shank’s face.

Luffy got mad because the bandit disrespected Shanks whom he esteemed the most.

As we know, food is the only way to solve Luffy’s problems. He began to eat out of frustration without realizing that he was eating the Devil Fruit.

After Shanks saw him consuming the Devil Fruit, he immediately stopped him from eating it and told Luffy that the fruit that he was eating was the Devil Fruit “Gomu Gomu No Mi” which he stole from his enemies.

He was told that the devil Fruit that he ate granted him the ability of rubber. It makes Luffy a Rubberman.

What kind of Devil Fruit is “Gomu Gomu No Mi”?

“Gomu Gomu No Mi” is a paramecia type of Devil Fruit that rewards its user permanently with the ability of rubber making them a rubber man but stealing the ability of swimming.

It is a spherical-shaped and violet-colored fruit with a stem at the top with a  curly pattern all over the fruit.

Gomu Gomu No Mi has granted Luffy a monstrous power that enables any part of his body to stretch up to long distances with ease.


With the unique property of this fruit, any type of blunt damage doesn’t work on him. Luffy is resistant to hand-to-hand combat, bullets, blunt weapons, and even cannons.

Luffy’s Devil Fruit is the main reason why Luffy can transform into many gears and perform the most powerful attacks with the help of which he has beaten many infamous pirates.

Thanks to his Devil Fruit he can increase the blood flow in his body which has helped him to unlock gear abilities.

Even Luffy’s veins are made up of rubber, which is why he can increase his blood pressure more than any human to gain tremendous strength and speed.

If his veins were not made up of rubber, he would’ve died long ago because of pumping blood at high speed and bursting veins.

The Captain of the Straw Hats has been earning a continuous victory against the infamous pirates of the Sea because of his Devil fruit power.

Did Luffy eat two Devil Fruits?

Because of the recent manga chapters and their rumors, many one-piece fans are getting confused that Luffy has eaten two Devil Fruits. But is it the truth?

Let’s dig into it !!!

In one piece series, it is stated that if a Devil Fruit user eats another one, the collision of two Devil Fruit powers may lead to the demise of the user.

But there’s a Devil Fruit user in the series who has the power of two Devil Fruits. Many might be questioning why he is still alive. Let us make this clear to you!!!!

It’s because Marshall D. Teach ate a Devil Fruit called Yami Yami No Mi which can steal the properties and abilities of other Fruits from another user.

So, Does Monkey D. Luffy’s Devil Fruit have a similar ability to that of  Marshall D. Teach?

No, he doesn’t!

Luffy has eaten only one Devil Fruit. His fruit was a mystery. The true form of the fruit that he ate was Hito Hito No Mi: Nika.

The fruit that Luffy ate was “Gomu Gomu No Mi” without a doubt, but as stated in the series, every fruit has its awakening. And now it was his time to shine.

Luffy’s original Devil Fruit is Hito Hito No Mi, a Mythical Zoan that transforms the user into the ‘Sun God’ Nika. It’s not that he ate two Devil Fruits. No.

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