How Is Zeus Still Alive in One Piece?

zeus alive

Big Mom, the emperor of the sea, has been ruling the One Piece world and is feared by most of the pirates, but it wouldn’t have been possible without her firm assists; Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon. But after the recent events that took in Wano, it seemed like there was someone new to take their place of him, and it seemed like he died right in front of Big Mom. Is he truly dead now?

Zeus the Thundercloud has been one of the close allies of Big Mom pirates. He has been a prominent member of Big Mom, but after taking a close look at what happened in the recent episodes, Big Mom has made a new thundercloud for herself and has abandoned Zeus.

Let’s take a look at all the events that happened during Wano Arc. We could all witness that Zeus should be sucked out, and the new Thundercloud ate that, but is that really the case in reality, or is he still alive somehow?

Why did Big Mom abandon Zeus?

The great battle between Trafalgar Law, Kid, Luffy, Big Mom, and Kaidou started, and everything turned into full chaos.

We had to say that the battle that took place in Onighasimam has to be one of the most fascinating because the animation that took place during the battle has been the best to be ever animated in the franchise.

The battle started and the alliance of both of the emperors of the sea looked unshakeable. It took no time for the emperors to dominate the pirates from the worst generation. But as we all know that Straw Hat Luffy and the rest of the pirates aren’t the ones who are ready to give up without knocking down their enemies or getting knocked down.

The alliance pirates started to move in a strategic way. Law and Kid took care of Big Mom, and Luffy started to battle with Kaiodu. It almost seemed like the pirates from the worst generations had some chances because they were finally starting to dominate the strongest enemies of the franchise.

Luffy almost knocked down Kaidou and let us tell you what Kid did to Big Mom!

The kid used his power and then the Big Mom into the sea. He knew that Zeus and Prometheus had the ability to fly and they could save her, so he trapped Zeus into his metal trap and Law started to cut down Prometheus. Eventually, the ball of sun managed to escape from Law, then dived straight into the sea and managed to save Big Mom.

Big Mom noticed that Zeus was helpless and he couldn’t even get there in time to save Big Mom, then she decided to recruit a new member of her team and abandon Zeus.

Prometheus also supported the new plan of Bug Mom and right at that moment, she grasped a thunder into her hand and gave her soul fragment. Then the new member of Big Mom was recruited, Hera. 

The alliance pirates started to lose their ground again, and Kaidou managed to knock out Luffy, but to save his captain, you know who came? Pirate Hunter, Rorornoa Zoro.

Zoro gave all his strength and managed to provide a deep wound to Kaidou that wasn’t enough to beat him but was enough to buy some time for his captain so he could wake up again. Zoro brought more than enough time to Luffy and when the captain of Straw Hats regained his consciousness again, the tension on the battlefield rose again.

Zoro passed out, and to save everyone, Law used his power and teleported everyone except Luffy and Kidou to the lower floor of Onoghasima. And that was the moment when Zeus also managed to free himself from Kaioud’s trap, and when he finally managed to meet with Big Mom, things weren’t looking quite good for him.

Big Mom orders Hera to devour Zeus

Zeus finally managed to make his way to Big Mom, and when he finally encountered her, he witnessed that there was another thundercloud by her side.

Zeus is happy to see a new member being recruited to the team and says that now there are four of them, they will become unstoppable. Poor lad… Then Big Mom states that she no longer needs him, and he has room in the Big Mom pirates as well.

Even Prometheus starts to scold him and says that Hera is there to take his place and she is much stronger than he ever was. The empress then orders Hera to devour Zeus while he is there leading for his life. He is in tears and requests Big Mom to spare his life, and he will disappear from her sight. He asks that he will completely disappear and will not be seen ever again, but she ignores him completely.

big mom zeus

Big Mom replies that she can’t set him free and wants Hera to suck the soul out of him and get much more vital than ever. Just when all the commotion was happening, Nami and Usopp were also seen right beside there. Zeus is in tears and asks Nami for help. He apologizes for everything he has done in the past. He calls himself for being a coward and gets ready to attack his own creator for the sake of Nami.

He pumps up, and it almost looks like he is really gonna do some severe damage to Big Mom, but she grabs him and extracts his soul. She extracts her would and allows the new Thundercloud, Hera, to devour that.

Right at that moment, Nami takes out her Clima-Tact and tries to feed the thunder ball to Zeus but it is no use. He has no control over his own body, and in the scene, we can see Hera devouring Zeus.

Hera devoured him, and it seems like Zeus isn’t there anymore alive, but that doesn’t seem to be the case because he comes back again! But how did he manage to escape from Big Mom’s grasp?

How Is Zeus Still Alive in One Piece?

In the latest episode of One Piece, when she is about to fight with Ulti, she tries to use her Clima-Tact, but the weapon starts to speak!

Everyone is stunned after seeing that the Clima-Tact can talk, but it is revealed that the Clima-Tact is nonother than Zeus himself. Everything must be looking confusing to you, but don’t worry. Let’s go back to the time when Hera was about to devour Zeus.

Big Mom extracted his soul, and when she was about to devour him, Nami used her Clima-Tact to give him some thunderclouds, and that was the moment when everything happened.

zeus alive

Zeus’s soul is still out, and when Nami extended her Clima-Tact, his soul got attached to it, and thus, the Clima-Tact was now Zeus. By attaching his soul to Nami’s weapon, Zeus managed to survive through such chaos.

This was explained by Zeus himself in episode 1037. “The moment that I was eaten by Hera, my soul slipped out of my original body. I was barely conscious as that Hera girl was just about to absorb me, but then you reached out with the climate baton, and the instant Hera bit down, it seemed to have pushed me into this baton.”

Zeus himself explains that he can’t free himself from Nami’s baton unless Big Mom uses her power again. But he states that he will help and give all his assistance to the Straw hat pirates. Suddenly Ulti arrives at the scene and knocks out Usopp, then catches Otama for what she had done to the Beast pirates.

Nami is shocked at how Ulti still managed to survive after taking such a fatal blow. Then she strikes again, and this time her Clima-Tact modifies into a Spike Club and makes direct contact with her head.

Nami is surprised that Zeus can also modify himself and her weapon at the same time. Then Zeus gives the information about Ulti and states that she has become frail and her internal organs have been damaged due to the previous lightning attack. He suggests that they should use the same attack once more, but Nami refuses because it is too powerful and would even affect Otama.

Then right at the moment, Usopp uses a Sargasso and separates Ootama from Ulti. seeking that opportunity, Nami then uses the ultimate attack with the help of Zeus, but she manages to escape from the attack just in time.

Ulti manages to avoid the attack, but Zeus also manages to get reach her and make contact. Ulti was already fragile, and just as Zeus said, the attack gave a fatal blow to Ulti, and she remained unconscious. Then an announcement gets notified to the whole Onighasima.

Bao Huang forgets that she is still connected with the people of Onighasims and announces the defeat of Ulti and his brother loudly in the area. She accidentally announces the defeat of other members of the Tobbi Roppo and seeing that information, Usopp took advantage and tells Otama to announce to all the Beast Pirates so that they can attack and ally with the Straw Hat Pirates.

After gathering courage, Otama finally announces her notice to all the Gifters. After the announcement, every gifter gets loyal to Otama and sides with her.

Zeus has already started to show his potential and power in the Straw Hats by defeating Tobi Roppo. But if he’ll keep on staying with Nami or return with Big Mom might be the thing you are concerned about, well don’t worry. We have an answer for that as well.

Will Zeus return with Big Mom?

We all know what is gonna happen in the final moments of the Wano Arc. Kaidou is gonna face defeat, and so is the empress of the sea, but how will that affect Zeus’s fate?

Zeus has been a loyal servant of Big Mom and has never struck any kind of grudge against Big Mom, although how she treated her. In the end, Zeus cries after looking at the defeat of Big Mom. He was a member of the Straw Hats but he still had a deep respect for Big Mom, so Nami presents Zeus with one proposal.

Nami sees him crying after seeing the defeat of Big mom, so she tells him to choose between the fallen emperor of the sea and her.

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