How fast is Luffy? (Average Speed, Gear Transformations, Speed Impact)

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The talk about speed regarding characters has always been there in the anime world. One piece, one of the best anime to hail from Japan, takes us to this question. The prime character of the show is Monkey D. Luffy.

Now, his speed, while starting out on his pirate journey, was merely 17. With the progression of the story, his speed has increased as his devil fruit power has also increased.

Therefore many fans assume that his normal speed in his normal form is quite normal as he needs his gears to defeat other main side characters. But it is not as it seems.

Let’s unravel it!!

How fast is Luffy at his average speed?

Being one of the strongest characters in the series, Luffy is powerful. He has immense strength, techniques, and swiftness and has been as powerful as the Emperors of the Sea.

Luffy has surprising speed. Thus, he is considered one of the fastest characters in the entire series. He is shown to be capable of moving unbelievably fast.

The Captain of the Straw Hats has different speeds in different forms. With the help of his Devil Fruit, he can move so fast that he almost vanishes in the air.

Excluding the speed rewarded to him by his Devil Fruit, he is still surprisingly swift.  He can move the sped lightspeed and is capable of dodging lightspeed attacks.

The average speed of Luffy is more than 224,000 mph and we got evidence that he is able to dodge the attacks of Enel who ate a Devil Fruit called “Goro Goro No MI”.

This Devil Fruit grants Enel the capability to move fast as lightning and can launch attacks from lightning. But being a rubber man, Luffy was able to dodge his attacks of him.

The Captain of the Straw Hats was slower while he battled against Enel’s capabilities, thus he predicted Luffy’s attack. However, Mugiwara’s inability to keep up against him doesn’t prove he is slower than lightning.

Enel can move as fast as lightning at his average speed and could move faster if he willed, this demonstrates to us that Luffy is fast as lightning but he was not faster than lightning as he managed to give him a hard time.

Not only Enel’s lightning-speed attack, but Luffy was also able to dodge Foxy’s beams with ease. Emitted by the device manufactured by Photons, that are lightspeed naturally.

Luffy succeeded to get rid of all those beams. Thus, it shows how much faster is Mugiwara as he was able to dodge the beams although he stated that he had no idea where it was coming from.

Mugiwara’s average speed is something else as he’s shown capable of fighting against formidable opponents whose attacks were similar to the speed of lightning.

What is Luffy’s speed in his different gear transformations?

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Luffy’s Devil Fruit rewarded him with the capability of transforming into different gears. The gear forms enhanced his powers, skills, abilities, and even speed.

As the number of gear increases, Luffy’s potency and swiftness also increase simultaneously. He has a total of three gears that reward him with the ability to eliminate many opponents with greater speed.

Let’s get to know how much speed and power are granted by each of his gears.

Gear Second

The Captain of the straw Hats got hold of Gear Second’s power when he battled against Blueno(Soru User). Luffy unleashed this insane power of him as there was no possibility to fight against his opponent at his normal speed.

After he unlocked this ability, Luffy gained a massive power boost and 5x the swiftness of his normal speed. Gear Second granted him swiftness enough to battle equally against the Soru Users.

The consumption of more oxygen and nutrients provides him with five times more power and speed than his average. With this gear, he gained so much speed that he seem to get vanished into the air while battling against Blueno.

The insane speed of Gear second rewards him with so much speed that his opponent gets surprised by his sudden approach to him the lethal attack.

It is assumed that Luffy moved around at the speed of 6.5 Mach before the two time skip.

Gear Third

Luffy unlocked his Gear Third soon after he unleashed Gear Second at the Enies Lobby while he was battling against one of the top officials World Government.

This transformation provided him with incredible agility and strength. However, the actual speed of Gear Third is not revealed yet it sure exceeds the speed of Soru Users.

Rob Lucci from the Cipher Poll is insanely powerful and swift due to the advantage of special ability, Soru, and Tekkai. Luffy successfully defeated him while rescuing Nico Robin.

Thus, the speed of Gear Third seems to be superior to Gear Second as it is the advanced version of his previous transformation i.e. more than 6.5 Mach apparently.

Gear Fourth

An advanced version of both of his previous gears, Gear Fourth is used by Luffy when he battled with Donquixote Doflamingo during the Dressroa Arc.

With this transformation, Luffy increases his swiftness distinctively. He blows air into his muscles and squeezes his power with Haki which enables him to fly by kicking multiple times into the air.

In this form, Luffy can transform into various kinds. His fastest transformation is Snakeman which helps him to speed up subsequently.

The Captain of the Straw Hats was able to defeat many formidable opponents such as Charlotte Katakuri, Cracker, and The Heavenly Demon with amusing agility and the powers of Gear Fourth.

Luffy can move extremely fast and launch the most ferocious attacks through the transformation of this gear that exceeds the speed, powers, and endurance of both of his previous gears.

Does his devil fruit power affect his speed?

Luffy has the ability of rubber and this ultimately helps him in his movement. Even in his normal form, he is very fast due to the harsh training he had to go through as a child.

After the consumption of Gomu Gomu Fruit, he started getting acquainted with his rubber-like body. This affected his speed and agility. And now, does it affect his speed?

Yes, it does. And the changes can be seen drastically. We loved his second gear more than anything in the One Piece universe. From the way, he looks to the way he beats his opponent.

He first used his second gear against CP9’s Blueno. We remember being hyped for his second-gear abilities, and that didn’t disappoint me. The way he pumped his blood faster to make him act faster was a great feat.

It is our favorite out of any other gear of Luffy. His third gear was first shown in Episode 288 of the anime series. This gave him the ability to inflate his bones to gigantic sizes.

This didn’t increase his speed; rather than that, it decreased his mobility. The fourth gear is simply the better version of gear third. This gear lets him grow big to gigantic sizes and also lets him keep up his mobility.

Meaning, the speed has not changed significantly. The only estimation we can do of his speed is by seeing the villains he defeats.

With his fourth gear, he was able to defeat characters like Shichibukai, and Donquixote Doflamingo. Meaning his agility increased with the increase in his gear forms.

This continued and has made Luffy one of the fastest in the show. This gear also has many variations like bounce man and snake man.

The fifth gear is one of the recent developments in the One Piece universe. This is the awakening of the Gomu Gomu fruit. The rubber-like body again gains strength, freedom, and agility that exceeds his previous gears.

Luffy is able to utilize all his previous gears in this form. This outshines any other gear he has. Luffy has had many forms in his adventure, this means there are more that has yet to come.

This simply means his speed could increase and he could surpass a lot of other characters in the near future.

Does Luffy’s speed impact his battle?

Luffy scars

Along with physical strength, devil fruit power, and endurance, speed is also one of the major components that determines the winner of the battle in the One Piece world.

Luffy has fought numerous battles in his journey. He also has faced situations where he has won the battle due to extreme speed and he has also lost the battle because he couldn’t keep up with the speed of his opponent.

If Luffy lacked agility, he wouldn’t have been the infamous pirate he is now. The Captain of the Straw Hats would’ve already been dead. He has defeated numerous pirates and continued his journey to chase his dream with his surprising power and speed.

Let’s roll back to the time when Mugiwara almost got defeated when he lacked agility.

During the Enies Lobby Arc, he battled with Blueno who possessed Tekkai (a technique that allows its user to harden body as iron), and Soru( a technique that allows his users extremely high speed).

Luffy almost got overwhelmed by Blueno because he couldn’t keep up with his speed. He was swift enough to give Mugiwara a very hard time.

However, as always he pulled out something amusing. He unleashed his Gear Second which gave him superhuman speed and power. After that, he succeeded to battle against Blueno with ease and defeated him.

Soon after that incident, he also defeated the top member of Cipher Poll, Rob Lucci with the same gear transformation.

If Luffy didn’t unleash his Gear techniques at that time, he would’ve been already killed by the organization led by the World Government.

Is Luffy the fastest in his crew?

The crew of the Straw Hat Pirates consists of ten members. All of them are exceptional and possess impressive power and abilities capable of defeating many formidable opponents in the sea.

Luffy is the strongest among his crew and has impressive swiftness. No one in the crew can match his strength, endurance, and determination. But is it the same in the case of speed?

Is anybody in the Straw Hats inferior to Luffy in terms of speed or is Mugiwara the fastest in his crew?

Let us help you to know about it!!

Luffy might be the strongest in his crew but he is not the fastest among his crew. This is the most controversial topic on the internet but the fact is that Vinsmoke Sanji is the fastest among all the members of the Straw Hat pirates.

Sanji has trained his legs subsequently for years rewarding him with the capability of flying in the sky by kicking into the air multiple times.

Although Luffy can move very swiftly at his normal speed, Sanji can move way too faster than his average speed. He can fly in the sky by kicking into the air accurately unlike Luffy.

Luffy can also fly in the sky and move way too faster when he transforms into Gear Fourth, but Sanji also has a suit that gives him extra speed. With the ability of that suit, Sanji can outpace Luffy with ease.

In base form, Sanji is undoubtedly the fastest member of the crew. And with the possession of Red Suit, he becomes the fastest character in the entire series.

As long as Black Leg is on the crew, Luffy is not the fastest member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Which Devil Fruit could’ve made Luffy the fastest?

Devil Fruit is the mysterious fruit in the One Piece series that grants its user various kinds of power and capabilities. The ability provided by the Devil Fruit can make a character the strongest as well as the fastest in the entire series.

Characters like Kizaru, Enel, and Marco are known as the fastest characters in the series because of their Devil Fruit. Luffy also is an eater of Devil Fruit and it also increases his speed surprisingly.

However, his  Devil Fruit doesn’t make him the fastest character. So, what Devil Fruit would help him to be the fastest character in the entire series?

It’s non-other than Pika Pika No Mi possessed by Kizaru(An admiral of the Navy). He is considered the fastest character in the entire series because of this PIka Pika No Mi.

This Devil Fruit grants him the ability to transform and move at the speed of light. There is no one who can match his speed of him as he can move at the speed of light.

Thus, Luffy could’ve become the fastest character in the entire series if he ate the Devil Fruit. Sadly, this devil fruit was already eaten by Kizaru, and Mugiwara had also already eaten “Gomu Gomu No Mi” when he was just 7.

Can his normal speed defeat any other characters?

 Luffy is the prime character and has a lot of plot armor around him. He is very agile and flexible in every way possible, due to his eating the ‘Gomu Gomu Fruit’ which gave him the ability of a rubber.

The only downside anyone has if they eat the devil fruit is that they cannot swim. But seeing that power is everything in the pirate world, I personally think it’s a small price to pay for such abilities.

Now, back to the question, has he defeated any other characters in his normal form?

Yes, he has. And he will continue to do so. Luffy is a very powerful character. And without his devil fruit ability, he still is. His agility and speed are the keys here.

He can easily get rid of puny enemies without any abilities. And then, he defeated Arlong and Crocodile without his gears, while these two are one of many powerful side characters in One Piece.

This alone shows how his power is not only dependent on his gears. That’s why, yes he can defeat other characters at his normal speed.

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