How Does Attack On Titan Manga End?

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Attack on Titan shocked the world after the dramatic events that took place in the anime. Eren becomes the antagonist, the world is on the verge of getting end, and there’s no saying what will the world face next. It almost seems like the franchise will end in a marvelous way! The good news is, we already have the detail of that event.

The franchise has topped the world when it comes to amazing storylines and characters. The mysterious characters, the way the storylines connect, and the fun fact is that we have no idea of who the antagonist is and who the protagonist is.

It’s really crazy to hear such a thing, isn’t it? A franchise that takes turns with every episode. After all the wait, the time has finally come and the mysterious ending has finally been revealed in the manga.

Let’s jump straight into the world of drawings where there are Titans and evil!

How Does “Attack on Titan” End? 

Attack on Titan has been one of the most thrilling anime of all time. The fans have loved all the development of this anime, and one of the interesting things about the anime is its amazing storyline.

The release of the franchise has been 11 years and 7 months, and the end has finally arrived. The franchise ended in Chapter #139 “Final Chapter: Toward the Tree on That Hill,” which gives us sensational and emotional feelings at the same time.

AOT manga

The storyline of Attack on Titan is one of the most epic in the whole world of franchises. In the anime, there are so many things going on that you can barely even keep track of. In the recent Season of the franchise, many secrets were unraveled which were mind-blowing!

It seems like the ending might be surprising to many of the fans too. Every book should be read with detail, going through a single page and page. Just like that, let’s go through the ending f Attack on Titan in a detailed form.

Let’s divide the ending of the franchise into three parts and discuss them briefly.

Eren’s Fate has come to an end

The battle between the army of Titans and the warriors has started. Eren is matching in the world with a goal to kill all the people that despise him. To stop his recl4ess actions, Armin, Levi, Mikasa, and the member of the corps have battled with the enormous centipede and Eren, the mother of all Titans.

With the help of captain Levi, the teams make their entrance inside the mouth of Eren’s Titan. Mikasa then beheads Eren’s human body by giving him a final goodbye kiss. This was one of the most emotional parts of the song which left all the fans in tears.

After the final kiss of goodbye, we can confirm Eren’s fate has finally come to an end, Eren is dead this time, and this time was for sure. Mikasa comes to meet with Armin with Eren’s head in her hand. Armin gets in tears and mourns his loss with Mikasa.

AOT eren

Eren is dead and the final battle seems to be coming to an end. Mikasa makes her leave the battlefield because she knows that no one will allow a proper burial for Eren because of all the trouble and death he has caused.

In the final moments of the chapter, it was revealed that Eren’s gravesite is located under the tree on Paradis Island. Eren used to rest on the island often when he was a kid and now the resting place has been his grave.

Mikasa sits behind his grave and tells that his friends, Jean, Connie, Annie, and Piece will also arrive to meet with her to give their final goodbyes along with Gabi, Levi, Onyakopon, and Falco. She wants to confess that she wants to meet with him again but before that she asks if he’s finally happy now.

Now one of the most beautiful and emotional moments takes place. As Mikasa is about to confess, her scarf falls from her neck and surprisingly a bird comes and wraps the scarf in her again.

It appears to tie the scarf and makes its flight again. As the bird continues to fly away, Mikasa makes her final gratitude to Eren. “Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me, Eren.”

In the chapter, we can see a similar bird appearing and passing past Armin and other members on the ship making their way to Paradise Island.

The bird that makes it denotes the one wish Eren had always wanted, the one wish that caused the war; Freedom.

All the Titans meet their fate

Eren met his final fate in the ending chapter, and alongside him, the fate of every Titan also arrived.

At the beginning of the chapter, we can find a conversation going on between Eren and him. The Commander was on the ship, heading towards Eren’s Wall Titan, and said to Armin “You did it for the sake of the future you saw using the Attack Titan’s power,” Armin knows that Eren is after the whole of humanity.

Armin knows that Eren is on the move to destroy almost 80% of humanity, but showing concern he asks if he really has to go that far and if he really has to take things in an extreme way. Then Eren shows a vision to Armin.

Eren shows Armin a vision where of a volcano, which is primordial land. Eren explains “the power of the Titans continues to exist because Ymir has been obeying King Fritz for 2,000 years.”

Despite all the violence and trouble, she had to face she will still obey because she truly loved Karl Fritz. She had created a deep bond that would never be destroyed. This was the relationship that made her keep going.

Eren then explains to Armin again that even he can’t fully understand her thoughts and memories, one thing he knew about her was that she waited all these years, all this period so someone would save her and set her free from “agony of love”.

As the conversation starts to continue, Eren unravels one of the surprising secrets to Armin.

Everyone believed that Eren set her free from the agony, but it seems like we all were proven wrong. The real person who set her free was none other than Mikasa.

Eren tells Armin that he was not the person that set her free and it was actually Mikasa, and that’s why she smiled in the final moments of Chapter #138. She smiled when Mikasa decided to kill Eren, it was the moment when she became actually free.

The emotional conversation between the two best friends comes to an end. Once they are done, Eren chooses to erase all the memories of Armin, but at the end of the chapter after Eren’s death, Armin receives his memory and remembers everything.

After Eren’s death and Ymir’s liberation, nothing remained the same. The society could live peacefully and it was also the end of the whole Titan clan. After the death of the mother of the Titan, every Titan turned into dust, and the people who were turned into that monster turned back to normal.

This was all thanks to Mikasa, because of the bold move she was able to save up to 80% of humanity! Mikasa is not the only one who’s responsible to finish the whole havoc. Eren sacrificed himself and freed the whole world from the Titan curse. His whole friends and the world were grateful because of his sacrifice but the suspicion of non-Eldians was still there!

Eren revealed that Mikasa was the one that freed Ymir from her agony, but how exactly did she free her? Let’s take a look!

How did Mikasa free Ymir? 

We all know how attached Mikasa was to Eren. Her love for him was impeccable and beautiful. Isayama never gave the fanbase a complete description of how she managed to free Ymir, but we can be sure that she had to take some of the toughest decisions of her life, which was to kill Eren.

Earlier we discussed that the person who freed Ymir was actually Mikasa and not Eren, this might’ve confused most of the fans but it makes sense if we take a complete look. Mikasa’s love for Eren was unbreakable, but her love ended the whole Titan clan, the 2000 years of Titan rule, and banished them forever.

Just like Mikasa, Ymir’s love for Fritz was great just like Mikasa’s was for Eren. Ymir could never go against her feeling, she was helpless, but Mikasa stands up letting her attachment lose for Eren. She didn’t let her feelings stop her from destroying the whole world. Her bold move was the one that inspired Ymir to take the same action.

Mikasa inspired Ymir to escape her feelings that she was trapped in for more than a thousand years.

Even Eren gave his said that the entire history and the struggle will now be on the shoulder of Mikasas, where she will need to decide on this particular decision. Mikasa required to decide if she would spare Eren and let the whole world get destroyed or stand beyond her feeling and cut all the attachment she ever had for her love.

This was quite one of the critical decisions she has to make, and surprisingly Mikasa cut her attachment, chose to follow the light, and saved thousands of lives.

The moment Mikasa decided to take the tough decision, it inspired Ymir. Her decision was the one that freed Ymir from her agony and set her free. The end was beautiful and sad at the same moment. In the end, we could also see Ymir smiling because she had finally realized she was becoming free from her 2000-year-long prison.

The Battle of Heaven and Earth

The final battle between humanity and the army of Titan has finally need, but that doesn’t mean the violence has been completely banished from the world. Eren sacrificed himself, but the story doesn’t end there.

After the epic battle, we see the scenarios that take place after 3 years of the time skip. The Battle between Heaven and Earth has finally ended but fear and hatred still remain in the world.

AOT ending

The Eldia have established their military under the Jeagerist banner and we could also see a letter. Armin receives a letter from Queen Historia in which she writes, “If we win, we live. If we lose, we die. If you don’t fight, we can’t win. Fight. Fight. This fight will not end until either Eldia or the world disappears. That is what Eren said, and he may be right. Even so, he chose to leave this world in our hands. This place we now live in. A world without Titans”. 

The warriors again prepare and left for another war. Annie, Jean, Connie, Pieck, Armin, and Reiner make their move hoping they’ll return to the Island once more. We never see the scenarios of the battle and the result was never announced but we can assure you that things ended in a good way when we see Awrmin’s assurance.

The attack on Titan ends in a surprising way. It shows their audience that even though the battle between Heaven and Earth has ended there’s no stopping the war between humanity against humanity.

This gives us an important lesson that some things never tend to change, and that is humanity. Some wars will never end and as long as there is existence of humanity, war will keep on taking place.

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