How Did Thor Get His Eye Back?

Thor eye

Do you remember Thor at Thor: RagnarokHe was without an eye. We had to wait until Thor: Love and Thunder till his eye had fully recovered like before. It is a matter of curiosity how he got his eye back.

We saw the series of upgrades with his eye throughout a few movies. It is obvious that he must have lost his eye before he got it back. So let us know something about his real eyes and how he had lost one of them at first.

Thor’s Eye

We have seen Thor with his beautiful blue eyes since his first movie Thor in 2011. We witnessed him with the same blue eyes in the next Thor movie Thor: The Dark World in 2013. Nothing had happened to his eyes as we saw in other Marvel movies including Avengers until Thor: Ragnarok.

We see Thor with only one eye in the latter part of Thor: Ragnarok. He was seen with an eye patch that time after his eye was gone. How was it gone? We have elaborated it below, just keep on reading the article.

The journey of Thor’s eye didn’t stop till here, he was seen with a different eyeball in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game, and finally, his eyes were shown to have been recovered in Thor: Love and Thunders.

So, how did he come up with different eyeballs, and how did he recover his eyes? You will have answers to all your questions, just stick to the article till the end.

How did Thor lose his eyes?

Remember the fight between Thor and Hela? It was exactly when Thor lost his eye. Hela had been after Thor and Loki for so long as she considered them as hurdles in the way of her acquiring the throne of Asgard, which she wanted anyhow.

In an earlier part of the battle sequence between Thor and Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, she effortlessly bullied him around the throne room. At one moment during their fight, she struck Thor across his face with her sword, slicing one of his eyes out of his face.

Just like that, Thor’s eye was gone. Then, all along the movie, we saw him with a sick eye patch on his eye. It certainly reminded us of his father, Odin, didn’t it?

Now that we know that the reason for Thor’s eyepatch was Hela, how about we get to know a bit more about her then?

Hela’s rivalry for Throne

Hela, the Goddess of death, is the firstborn of Odin. She has got a frightening force and epic fighting skills. Her strength is dominant enough to destroy Thor’s mighty hammer with a single hand. We’re talking about that Thor’s hammer that most superheroes were not able to even lift with both hands.

Hela’s main motive is to rule Asgard and create an Asgardian Empire of her own and being the firstborn, she believes it’s ultimately her right to rule the kingdom.

She hates Thor and believes he should not be in the line of the throne of Asgard as he is not a firstborn of Odin. Hela also fears that Thor is only the one who can destroy her; thus, she wants to finish him anyhow.

There are various fights among the siblings, Loki, Thor, and Hela. In one of the fights, Hela slices Thor’s eye. Well, she also destroys Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok making Thor powerless without his weapon, as that was what Thor thought at the beginning, although he realized his true potential afterward.

Thus, she was able to destroy Thor’s eye. With this, was she able to win over Asgard? What happened to her afterward? Good news for Thor’s fans! She was dead at the end of the movie Thor: Ragnarok. How did this cruel villainess die? It must be a matter of curiosity for you now. Let’s unveil this matter too.

How did Hela die?

The ultimate source of Hela’s power was Asgard. Gaining strength from Asgard, she wanted to rule Asgard. She just went massacring the then king, Odin’s people, and enslaving his people. When the people of Asgard refused to bow before her, she started the massive battle.

Thus, the massive battle in Asgard was seen at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. Hulk, Valkyrie, and Thor were battling hard to get Asgard back from Hela. It had been tough for Thor, including Revengers, to stop her. During his confrontation with Hela, Thor found the only way to stop her was to let Ragnarok begin, which was a prophecy that predicted Asgard’s destruction.

Thus Loki went to Odin’s vault and rescued the Crown of Surtur. Well, Surtur was the same giant fire demon that Thor had defeated at the beginning of the movie. Loki put that crown in the Eternal Flame to release Surtur. Once Surtur was free, he just began destroying the Asgard.

Of course, Hela tried hard to stop Surtur as Asgard was the source of her power and destroying it meant destroying her. The giant Surtur didn’t prevent it; instead, he used his gigantic Twilight Sword and attacked her. This event hence marked the death of the Goddess of death.

We already know how Thor lost his eye and also about how the destructor of his eye was destroyed. Now let’s come to the actual topic and learn how Thor’s eye was recovered.

How did Thor get his eye back?

Till now, we knew that Thor’s eye was slashed out by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Throughout the movie, he is seen with a single eye, with an eye patch.

Now, let us unveil how he gained his eye back. It was during the AvengersInfinity War that Asgardians, along with Thor, were attacked by Thanos and his Black Orders. The war resulted in extreme destruction taking the life of many Asgardians, including Loki and Heimdall.

Thankfully, Thor was rescued by Guardians of the Galaxy, where Rocket informed him that Thanos was behind all the attacks on Asgard. Thus, the Guardians help Thor by sending him along with Rocket and Groot to Nidavellir, where they would retrieve weapons from the Dwarves.

On the way to Nidavellir, Thor pours his grief on Loki’s death. Well, Rocket is saddened by Thor’s sorrow. Thus he hands him a new prosthetic eye out of sympathy. This was the same eye that Rocket wanted to put on his head. As we also know that he is fond of taking body parts from the people he encountered, so he had the prosthetic eye that perfectly fitted Thor.

Well, of course, the eyeball fitted Thor, but the color of the two eyeballs differed from each other. Thor had his natural blue eyes, and the prosthetic eyeball was brown, utterly different from his original eye.

Thus we saw Thor in contrasting eye colors in AvengersInfinity War and Avengers: End Game, but his eye is shown to be restored as both of his eyes appeared blue color in Thor: Love and Thunder. Although we can still see a scar beneath his eye. That would be a reminder of his sister’s attack. 

Well, the film didn’t focus on giving the explanation of his repaired eyes. If we take reference from comics, Thor’s eye is never corrected. He cannot even fix his eye using the Odinforce. Perhaps King Odin would have improved his eye way earlier if it could have been repaired with Odinpower.

As far as concerned, the eye’s problem was solved during the AvengersInfinity War with the prosthetic eye he got, although the eye color differed. Even the color was repaired in Thor: Love and Thunder.

How Thor got his eye fully recovered? (Theory)

The same beautiful eyes were seen in Thor: Love and Thunder as we saw in the first Thor film. Although the last movie didn’t explain how his eyes were back, we can assume a few possible theories.

We all know about advanced Asgardian technologies. Perhaps Thor must have used the advanced technologies of Asgard to repair his contrasting eye, which we witnessed in the Avengers movies.

As we already discussed, he may not heal his eye back with Odinforce, but he can certainly bring modification to his eyes with the technologies. Even the Earth’s technology is enough to change the color of the eyeball and make both uniforms.

Another possibility is with Rocket himself. We know that he was the one who gave the prosthetic eye to Thor. It might be possible that he had stolen the eyeball same as Thor’s eye color and offered it to the lord of Thunder again.

However, whatever the conditions, we are glad to see Thor in his complete form with his eyes back with non-contrasting eye color.

Wrap up

Thor, the god of Thunder, is one of the bravest heroes of MCU, like Thanos, who is a great MCU villain. It was a little sad to see him with an eye patch, although he resembled his father. Gradually he got his eye back, thanks to Rocket at first.

After Thor: Love and Thunder, we are excited to see him in other Avengers movies as well as his own movies. Perhaps we may be able to witness more exciting things about him and his eyes in the upcoming film.

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