How Did Luffy Get His Scars?

Luffy scars

If other protagonists are known for their crazy hairstyles and cool dresses, then the captain of Straw Hats, Monkey D. Luffy is known for his determination, and his scar will always be a symbol to verify that.

The scars on his body will consistently remind Luffy of some cold memories and they will permanently be a part of his melancholy past, but how did Luffy end up getting such scars? Let’s go back to Luffy’s past to get thoroughly on this topic.

There are two noticeable scars on Luffy’s body:

  • The scar on his Face
  • The scar on his Chest

“Forgetting is like a wound. The wound may heal, but it has already left a scar.”  – Monkey D. Luffy

How Did Luffy Get The Scar On His Face?

The infamous pirate who is also known as the Fifth Emperor was just a little dumb boy when he got his scar on his face. Luffy’s grandfather Garp was a busy person, and he was also abandoned by his father. The little boy would spend most of his time in Foosha Village, Patys Bar, and that’s when he encountered Shanks.

The Red-Haired Pirates, led by Shanks, made their stop at Foosha village to restock supplies. Shanks had a very good time in that village, and he also made a very good bond with the villagers. The infamous crew got drunk, danced, and shared their stories which inspired Luffy to become a pirate.

Luffy started to get closer with Red Haired Pirates and then he constantly kept insisting Shanks take him with them, but Shanks kept rejecting maybe because he was just a young and dumb kid. But to show how determined Luffy was, he took out a dagger, a fighting knife.

He told Shanks and his crew how strong he has already become and to prove that he stabbed right near his eye with that dragger. As Luffy was a young kid, his skin was also immature and delicate because of that the wound got deeper and a scar got left on his face.

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Zoro’s scar to Luffy, the true X-scar?

Zoro scars

This will take us back to Ocean’s Dream Arc, where except for Robin every Straw Hat member loses their memories, and while in that commotion Zoro and Luffy get into a fight.

Robin makes her move to get the crew back together, she starts to recruit the members and searches for the reason behind the loss of their memories. And then she encounters a mysterious monster, who eats memories to survive in the wild.

While Robin is in her search, Luffy and Zoro are still fighting inside the forest, Zoro makes his signature three-sword-style attack, Onigiri. He slashes Luffy right at his chest causing an X-scar on his body. While they were battling, Robin discovers the culprit, a seahorse.

Sanji and Usopp beat the crap out of that seahorse and it finally gives back all the Straw Hat’s memories. Zoro also regains his memories and then approaches other Straw Hat members. Ocean’s Dream Arc was only a filler arc so, the scar caused by Zoro wasn’t the main cause of Luffy’s X-mark.

So, when did he get this scar? Let’s dive into the Paramount War.

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How Did Luffy Get His Scar On His Chest?

Luffy is no doubt the funniest person in his crew, but he had to face a very painful experience in the Paramount War. So, first, let’s gather some information on what happened at Paramount War when Luffy had to receive so much pain.

Paramount War will always be one of the most prominent wars in the history of One Piece, which was between Whitebeard Pirates led by one of the emperors of the sea Edward Newgate, VS the strongest Marine forces.

The war started, and all pirates were giving their utmost tries to save the commander of the second division, so did Luffy, and he even succeeded to free Ace at one point, a small light of hope was finally getting ignited but then Akainu, one of the admirals, shattered the hope.

Ace and Luffy were finally on their way to escape but then Akainu insulted Whitebeard, so Ace turned back and tried to avenge his father’s honor. Ace, Luffy, and Akainu got into the fight, Sakazuki was much more powerful, and when he was about to punch Luffy, Ace came in between and took the punch for him, the punch was so powerful it went through his chest.

The death of his brother left Luffy traumatized and it left him paralyzed and unconscious, the trauma got so bad that he couldn’t even stand up, this made him ask Ivankov for another dose of his adrenaline hormone, which could also cut his lifespan.

Akainu didn’t feel pity for Luffy, but he found a chance, a golden opportunity to kill the son of the most wanted criminal, the leader of the revolutionary army, Monkey D. Dragon. Sakazuki wanted to wipe out Ace and Luffy because of their blood relationship with infamous pirates.

But Luffy wasn’t alone. Whitebeard Pirates and Jinbe protected Luffy from Akainu, but while they were on the run, Sakazuki threw his magma-enhanced punch at Jinbe and the attack was powerful that it went straight through his chest making a hole and hitting Luffy as well, the damage was deep and he was on his verge of dying, then the unpredictable happens.

The buggy comes flying to save Luffy because he was forced to save his name and reputation. Then suddenly Law appears with Polar Tang, his submarine. He tells Buggy to bring Luffy and Jinbe to the submarine to look after their wounds. Buggy tossed them to Law and that’s when an emperor of the sea made his entrance, Red-Haired Shanks.

Law quickly prepared for surgeries for Luffy and Jinbe, if Law had not been there, those two would have already died. The punch caused severe damage to Jinbe’s organs and hit Luffy, causing terrific damage. Sakazuki’s magma punch caused a huge scar on his body, an X-shaped scar.

Why is the scar X-shaped?

When Jinbe got hit by Sakazuki’s punch, an eruption went through his body, causing a hole in Jinbe, and when it went through, it split into four directions, it got thinner as the big impact was already done to Jinbe and hit right at Luffy’s chest causing an X-shaped scar. If Jinbe hadn’t taken the first impact, Ace’s sacrifice would have been meaningless.

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What Episode Does Luffy Get His Scars?


At first, it was never revealed how Luffy got his scar on his face in anime, but it was shown in the manga, Chapter 1 when he was a kid. Later on, on December 15, 2012, a special episode of Luffy got released as “Episode of Luffy”.

In that special episode of Luffy, we could see his moments when he was a kid and with Shanks at Foosha Village. The moment where Luffy stabbed himself with a dagger was shown in the first part of the special episode.

And the well-known scar filled with memories full of agony and pain was at the Marineford Arc, Episode 487. The moment where Ace died and Jinbe made his attempt to save Luffy, Law’s entry Shank’s, the whole Arc is just filled with pain and mysteries. In the end, Luffy and Jinbe were saved by Law, a great captain, and doctor of Heart Pirates.

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