How did Kakashi kill Rin?

kakashi rin

Rin Nohara’s death is one of the saddest scenes in Naruto Shippudden. Her death caused the most significant consequences in the history of the Ninjas. Obito is the one who caused the Great Fourth Ninja War because of Rin’s death.

Uchiha Obito saw Kakashi killing Rin, who promised to save her even if it cost his life. Kakashi couldn’t keep his promise, so Obito decided to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village.

So, what was the reason for Kakashi to kill Rin?

Let us help you to know about it!!

How did Rin die?

Rin was a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village. She was on her mission of Team Minato along with Obito and Kakashi. She was at the rank of chunin then. The assignment of Team Minato was to destroy the Kanabi bridge.

In the process of the mission, Rin was captivated by some ninjas. However, she was successfully rescued by Kakashi and Obito later. They successfully saved Rin, but at the same time, Obito got crushed by a giant boulder due to the explosion caused by Kakko(Rin’s captor).

Ignoring the harsh situation, Kakashi and Obito were compelled to leave the place as the other enforcers of the opponent arrived. Later, Rin was again captured by Uchiha Madara, who sealed the three-tailed Jinchiuriki into her. It was Madara’s intention to cause uproar in the Leaf Village.

However, Rin knew the plan of Madara. So she asked Kakashi to kill her so that village would be saved. But Kakashi refused her decision as he promised Obito to save Rin for him.

 Sadly, Rin chose to die at the hands of Kakashi. She took Chidori of Kakashi, which pierced through her heart and was meant for the opponent Kakashi was fighting. Rin killed herself by intersecting into the fight, unaware that Obito was watching them. 

Was Obito successful in saving Rin? 

Uchiha Obito was a chunin who went on a mission as Team Minato to destroy the Kanabi bridge. However, the task was quite troublesome for him. After that incident, the living perspective of his life changed and turned into a different way. 

So what happened during that time?? Lets us elaborate it for you!! 

During the mission, the enemies kidnapped Rin, whom Obito loved. So to save her life Kakashi and he started to search for him. After some time, they were successful in rescuing her from the opponents.

Obito Uchiha

Sadly, while saving Rin, Obito got crushed by a big rock because of the explosion caused by the enemies. Kakashi and Rin tried to keep him, but as the boulder was too big, they couldn’t help it. Because his body was crushed, he didn’t feel the presence of the right part of his body at all. He lost the hope of living. 

So, he decided to give his Sharingan to Kakashi. He requested Rin to replace his eyes with Kakashi’s with her medical Ninjutsu. Rin did as Obito said, but soon after that, other enforcers of the opponent arrived, and Kakashi was compelled to leave with Rin. Obito was left behind. 

But at the same time, Uchiha Madara arrived and helped Obito. With some medical treatment, White Zetsu treated Obito and gave him the new body parts he lost.

He got the body parts cultivated from the body parts of Hashirama Senju. While Obito was with Madara, he heard White Zetsu say that Kakashi and Rin were in trouble.

Soon after that, Obito searched for them to save them from enemies. When Obito reached the place where they were fighting, he saw Kakashi kill Rin with Chidori by piercing through her heart.

Obito got shocked because Kakashi promised him to Rin even if he died. He saw his lover get killed at the hands of his own friend. Poor Obito couldn’t save Rin as she died right before his eyes at the exact moment when he just saw them.

After that incident, Obito never returned to Leaf Village, and his dream of becoming the Hokage of Konoha turned into ashes.

Through the manipulation of Madara, he began to hate Kakashi for killing Rin. He also plans to destroy the Leaf Village along with the Ghost of the Uchiha.

Did Kakashi intentionally kill Rin?

Kakashi never wanted to kill Rin as she was his closest friend, including Uchiha Obito. Kakashi acts boldly, but he cares for his friend and most intimate ones. Both Obito and Rin were good friends of Kakashi. They also shared the same team as a Chunin under the Yellow Flash of the Leaf, Namikaze Minato.

Kakashi didn’t want to kill Rin, but he did. He killed Rin with his own hands, but he didn’t intend.

Quite Confusing, huh? Let us explain it to you!!!

Kakashi also went on a mission to destroy the Kannabi Bridge along with Rin Nohara and Uchiha Obito under Team Minato. The mission was the harshest Kakashi had ever faced. He can never get rid of the moment he passed throughout the task.

kakasi rin

At the time of the mission, Rin got captured by some ninjas who came from another task. But after some time, they successfully released Rin from the captivator. But in the meantime, an opponent caused an explosion that crushed the left part of Obito.

Kakashi and Rin relentlessly tried to push the rock. But their effort didn’t even flinch the rock. They were helpless. Even after trying multiple times, they couldn’t do anything.

Obito was losing consciousness, so he told Rin to give his Sharingan to Kakashi using her medical Ninjutsu. Nohara did as Obito said. However, more reinforcement from the opponents closed in.

 Kakashi and Rin were forced to escape from there. Soon after they escaped from there, Rin got captured by Madara again and had her sealed Three-Tailed Beast inside her. It was to destroy the Hidden Leaf as soon as she arrived in the village.

Kakashi again rescued her, and Rin told him that Three-Tailed Junchuiriki had been sealed inside her when she was kidnapped. Rin also said Kakashi to take her life to save the village from destruction.

Kakashi hesitated as he promised Obito that even if it cost his life, he would save Rin. Kakashi was fighting the opponents at the same time. Kakashi launched his extraordinary attack on Chidori, intending to eliminate the opponent, but Rin came in between and took his attack.

Kakashi couldn’t stop him. As a result, he killed Rin by piercing through her heart. Rin took her own life at the hands of Kakashi. It was an accident for Kakashi that Rin intentionally caused to kill herself.

 Unfortunately, Kakashi and Rin didn’t notice that they were being observed by Obito simultaneously. Kakashi couldn’t keep the words that he promised to his closest friend. He killed Rin even if he loved and cared for her the most.

 So killing Rin wasn’t the true intention of Kakashi. It was an accident that Nohara caused to kill herself to save the village from the destruction that was about to be caused by the Three-Tailed Beast sealed inside her.

 Why did Rin commit suicide?

Yes, Rin indeed committed suicide, but she didn’t want to do so. She had to choose to save herself or her village, Hidden Leaf. During her mission of destroying the Kanabi bridge, she was captured by Madara and sealed the Three-Tailed Beast inside her body.

 Madara’s plan was to destroy the Hidden Leaf by sealing the Jinchuiri inside Rin and releasing it when she reached the village. However, Rin knew that she would cause destruction if she went back to the town.

 So as a brave shinobi of the nation, she decided to take her own life to save her village from destruction. She decided to get killed before she went back to Hidden Leaf.

 Soon after, she and Kakashi encounter the opponent, and they begin to battle. During that battle, she told Kakashi to kill her, but he denied it because he vowed Obito to save her life even if he died.

 The battle continued, and Kakashi attempted to kill the opponent with Chidori during the fight. Still, when he made his unstoppable move and headed toward to opponent, Rin suddenly came in front of him.

 Kakashi couldn’t stop himself, and as a result, Rin took the blow of Chidori. The attack seriously injured Rin by piercing her chest and immediately took her life. Hatake Kakashi was helpless and couldn’t do anything other than regret it, although he didn’t mean to kill her.

Rin Nohara committed suicide by taking the blow of Chidori from her friend. She died on the spot. She killed herself to save her village from mass destruction. 

Sadly, this was planned by the Ghost of the Uchiha to manipulate Obito from returning to the Hidden Leaf Village. Because of his manipulation, Obito turned evil. As a result, he caused the Great Fourth Ninja war in the coming days along with Madara.







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