Hinata and Kageyama Realtionship Explained

hinata and kageyama

Haikyu! is an anime series that has tried to motivate many of us to connect and interact with each other. With the help of its storyline and characters, it has helped us to develop our bonding skills.

The creator of this masterpiece anime has portrayed the image of Kageyama and Hinata to show that bonds can indestructible if trusted each other. They both have faced many difficult situations but motivated each other and tackled through that situation.

They are the most popular fictional characters in the series because of their bonding. Not only do they have a good attachment, but they are an unbreakable combination for each other.

Without one of them, another one will face the consequences as they are partners. They are two sides of a coin, without one another has no value.

So what is the main relationship between them as they seem to be inseparable? Let’s have a look further into this topic.

When did Kageyama and Hinata encounter each other for the first time?

Kageyama and Hinata are popularly known as the best Volleyball duo in the series. They were from different teams before and didn’t even know each other.

But they are the legendary duo as of now. They are the perfect example of two wheels of a cart which means that one of them cannot function their best with the other.

So how and when did they encounter each other and succeeded to become the backbone of their volleyball team?

Hinata and Kageyama met with each other for the first time in the restroom during the first round of a junior high volleyball tournament. They were opponents of each other in the tournament.

Hinata played the tournament from the volleyball team of Karasuko High School where as Kageyama played from the team of Akiyama Elementary

The match was intense. Tobio’s team was much more skilled and popular than Shoyo’s team. Thus, Hinata’s team lost in addition to the disadvantage that he was the only passionate about playing volleyball.

Although he lost to Kagaeyama’s team, he proved how much potential he has for becoming one of the best spikers. All the other rivals of Hinata were shocked by his spiking ability.

Are Hinata and Kageyama rivals?

Kageyama and Hinata were rivals since they encountered each other in Junior High Volleyball Tournament. They played against each other in the tournament but Shoyo’s team. But the game was memorable as Hinata let the taste of his surprising spikes to Kageyama’s team.

After the tournament ended, both of them again ended up in the same school somehow.

Soon after that, they started to play volleyball on the same team. As they both were extraordinary in their own position, they became rivals of each other.

Tobio and Shoyou started to immensely train to exceed their own skills and tried to overcome the skills of each other every day. Although they were on the same team, they were the opponent of each other.

Both of them were the best combination as a tosser and spiker. They also defeated every team they played against with. Soon, they started to compete with each other to polish their ability continuously as rivals.

They were determined to be rivals each other from the start as both of them were impressed by each other’s skills and abilities.

However, the rivalry between them began to reach a new level and caused conflict among them began as soon as they started losing to high-ranked teams.

One began to blame another for losing the game but little did they know misunderstanding and trust issues were the component that was affecting their gameplay.

They somehow managed and ended the conflict after understanding each other. The contest to become more capable started yet again.

The competition among them helped them to become more capable and skillful day by day. The determination of surpassing each made them undefeatable duo rivals.

Do they hate each other?

Kageyama and Hinata were enemies of each from the start. The rivalry between them was so extreme that they almost ended up exchanging fist blows with each other.

Since the junior high volleyball tournament, they battle against each other in volleyball. However, the fate of both of them was tied to the same place.

Both Kageyama and Hinata ended up in Karasuno High School. Not only school, but they also joined the same volleyball team although they hated each other.

Being on the same volleyball team, they didn’t trust each other, has misunderstanding problems in addition to rivalry. They had a very complex relationship with each other.

The cooperation between them was very fragile and this problem, later on, caused conflict between them. They almost exchanged fist blows to each other.

They were even kicked out of the gym hall and restricted to play along because of hatred between them. But soon, things started to change.

As both of them were passionate to play volleyball, they started to cooperate with each other and began to play in the same team from Karasuno High School.

Kageyama had a great skill of tossing and Hinata also had a surprising spiking ability. The combination of both of them was remarkable.

They both started to push each other’s skill limits and the bond between them became deeper. During the training sessions, they also attempted to surpass each other.

As they were reaching on new level day by day, they started to coordinate with each other properly and pushed each other skills. Because of the great combination, they even defeated many other strong teams.

However, as they reached a higher level, they began to lose the match and misunderstandings occurred among them. Frustration led to the downfall of the team.

Thus, the bond between them became more and more crucial.

However, they acted as if they hate each other, and both of them care for each other from the inside. There is no personal grudge between them.

They acted cold to each other but it was later revealed that they both want to coordinate and reach the international level volleyball tournament as a deadly duo.

How did Hinata and Kageyama co-operate with each other?


Kageyama and Hinata had a very good bond during Season 2. They were continuously claiming victory over other formidable opponents and were unstoppable.

They were also considered the invisible duo because of their impressive performance. As they were gaining victory over and over again, they were appreciated by all.

But at a certain point, they started to lose the matches as they were competing with high-ranked teams. As they got defeated, Hinata stated that he wanted to improve his skills so that he would be capable of competing by himself.

However, Kageyama refused his decision and told that doing so will break the team apart. Shoyo thought that Tobio didn’t assist him to improve his abilities.

Because of this, there raised a conflict between both of them that later on turned into a fistfight eventually. They even started to ignore each other.

Hinata stated that he felt sorry for the incident and he also said to Yachi that Kageyama was not just a true but also a good partner. After that fight, both of them started to train separately.

They trained harshly day by day but instead of improvement of their abilities, the skills of both Kageyama and Hinata were degrading.

Kageyama started realizing that it will be very hard for him to chase his goal without Shoyo. He was having a very harsh time while even training because he had to think Hinata was along with him as a team.

However, the unbeatable duo couldn’t last being separated for too long. Thus, they started to practice and play together to coordinate with each other.

They started to appreciate each other even when they made mistakes because they didn’t want to get separated again. They started motivating each other and helped to surpass each other limits.

They got back to what they used to be. Both of them also got along with the whole team and started to form the more deadly combo of all time in the Japanese Volleyball world.

Kageyama and Hinata even successfully mastered their combined deadly technique. With the help of that technique, they overwhelmed many high-ranked opponents.

They started to help, motivate and care about each other, not only inside the court but also in real life. Later on, they also had unbreakable trust in each other.

After the fight and misunderstanding between them faded, they got back with each other and started understanding each other.

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Kageyama and Hinata have unbreakable trust

Trust is the most important component to gaining victory over anything. The same principle goes in all sports including volleyball. One cannot perform well without the trust of others.

All the members of the team must trust each other to play well and win the game. Karasuno’s team has played a lot of volleyball matches. They have won in some of the matches and a lot too.

But most of the time, they have won the game. They won most of the games because they believe and trust each other. But there were times when there was a conflict in the team and was facing defeat multiple times.

What was the major thing that affected the gameplay of Karasuno? It was non-other than misunderstanding and trust. There was a time when a certain thing caused trust issues between Hinata and Kageyama.

This problematic situation even led both of them to ignore each other for days. The confrontation between them caused a massive negative impact on their skills and abilities as they didn’t practice together.

However, the duo couldn’t last long being apart from each other and agreed to co-operate with each other. Hinata and Tobio started to train and play tournaments together after they got back to each other.

They started to tackle every game together and guide each other. Hinata proved that he trusted Tobio when he spiked a ball with his eyes closed leaving him to everything.

We can see how much trust has Hinata earned from Kageyama. But the question is does Tobio trust Shoyo the same way he does?

We got evidence that Kageyama also believes in Hinata as well when he tossed the ball towards Shoyo believing he would spike with his eyes closed.

Kageyama tossed the ball toward him without caring about losing points even in the dire situation of the tournament.

Both of their mind functions at a single time thus it is believed by everyone that although their body is two, their mind is one.

Kageyama and Hinata Silent communication

kageyama and hinata

One can communicate with each other with ease only by speaking or using words. Without the disability of speaking, one cannot perform well in any kind of communication activity.

So, communication is key in playing volleyball. Only people who have a good relationship or share a good bond can hardly communicate in without speaking or by using sign language.

We can assume the intentions or behavior of our close friends with their facial expressions or sign language. It’s the same in the case of Tobio and Shoyo as they are good mates with each other.

They are together since they joined the same high school although they are rivals of each other. They have played volleyball alongside each other for a long time as a team.

They also have achieved numerous victories with their combination attack. But it was only possible because of communication and trust between them.

Kageyama and Hinata have an unbreakable bond and the close ties between them are just ultimate. The bond is strong enough that they don’t even make effort to interact with each other.

Facial expression is all they need to associate with each other. Once they change their facial expression, “BAM” the ball is already into the territory of opponents in a flash.

Both of them are loud in words but when it comes to interaction, it’s totally opposite. They are silent and swift. The opponents cannot predict where and when the ball is coming from.

They are just the audience for the moment. With this silent communication ability, both of them have made a great contribution to the whole team for the victory.

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Do Kageyama and Hinata kiss each other?

Kageyama and Hinata are good friends of each other and they are undoubtedly not in love with each other or share a couple’s relationship. There’s no reason to answer this question because both of them are straight males.

This is the idiotic question that is frequently asked on the internet. I don’t know what actually runs through people’s eggheads who interrogate this kind of question.

It is clear that they don’t share a love-like relationship with each other. They just share the bond of true friendship and rivalry with each other.

Because Hinata appreciates and cares about Kageyama a lot, people on the internet often ask whether he has a crush on Tobio or not. Hinata doesn’t have a crush on Kageyama.

However, he has a crush and it is volleyball, not Tobio. He loves volleyball rather than anything as he is way too passionate about playing it. Volleyball is the real love Hinata and he could never be a part of it.

You’ll don’t need to use your brain on this too much. Kageyama and Hinata do not love themselves in a romantic way. And the kissing thing about them is bullshit.

They might knock out each other with fists but kiss? no never. This is not any kind of romantic or related to love. Unlike romance anime, the perspective of this anime is wholly different.

It shows about understanding, bond and teamwork needed to conquer the volleyball matches rather than romantic or love-related scenes.

So, if you still believe that they share a romantic relationship with each, you’re under someone’s genjutsu without a doubt.

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