Has Luffy Ever Killed Anyone in One Piece?


The main protagonist series, Monkey D. Luff has fought numerous battles throughout his journey to become the King of the Pirates.

The battle in Once Piece never disappoints us. There have been many battles in the series which are filled with epic scenes and moments unquestionably.

Luffy has also fought and survived many battles where there was no escape from getting killed. The actions were so epic that Luffy almost got killed or killed someone. But the main question here is whether Mugiwara killed anyone or not.

We’ll help you out to know about it in the article below. Stick with us till the end!!!
One Piece is an anime series where battles and fighting are seen frequently. The competition for the legendary treasure is very tough. The sea is very vast and one needs to overwhelm another to survive and continue the journey.

So let’s talk about the journey of main image of the series Monkey D Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy aims to hold the most powerful title of the world by conquering the sea. He wants to be the next King of Pirates after the late Gol D. Roger.
So to achieve that title many others are competing with him. As he is fully determined to snatch that title, he has been fighting and surviving till now in the harsh sea.
As of now, he has fought various battles and has been cotinuing the journey. Some of his fight are simy good whereas some of them has left us jaw-dropped.

He has overpowered many stongest characters as he sails to different places with his crew. We have evidenced Luffy breaking bones of his opponents but we never witnessed that he killed anyone.

He only knocks his enemy out becaise he doesn’t intend to kill so.eone even though they try to kill him. He never kills anyone because he gives another chance for his opponent to achieve his goal.

It is also mentioned by the manga writer of the series, Eiichiro Oda that Luffy never kills anyone becasue in his era, “men live by their beleifs and risk their life to defend them”.

Although Luffy’s attacks are very lethal and can easily kill some of the opponenets in the sea but he never kills anyone.

We don’t know what happens in the future but as of now there’s no proof that he hasn’t killed a single person yet. He only smashes the beliefs of his opponents by knocking them out.

However, suffering defeat and getting their beliefs shattered is as similar as dying for the opponents. Hence, Luffy hasn’t killed any one yet but he surely has killed the beliefs of many pirates in the sea.
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Is Luffy capable of killing?

Luffy has exceptional power and abilities. His capabilities and strength are extrmely terrible and only few in the entire series can match his power.
He has became more and more powerful over past few months. Carring the ambition of being the King of Pirates he has grown up so much that he is only around 20 and already feared as the one of the most feared pirates in the sea.

He succeeded to hold the title of one of the Emperors of the sea by defeating many infamous pirates. Luffy’s power exceeded to that extent where he’s capable of battling against the strongest creature in the world.

He is currently fighting with another Emperors od the sea, Kaido. So it leaves us no question that he can’t kill people. If he wishes, he can kill numerous infamous pirates in the sea.

But he doesn’t do so. He grants second oppurtunity to his opponents to chase for their ambition as he only knocks them out.
Luffy fights back with his opponent at his 100 % and he leaves the battle field without killing them as soon as he observe his enemy not able to fight back.

Thus, Luffy is capale of killing many infamous pirates in the sea but he won’t kill them even though his opponent has commited a horrible consequnce to him
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Does Luffy kill his opponent after defeating them?

luffy learn haki

Luffy started his journey at the age of 17 with the dream of becoming the King of Pirates. When he first started his journey, his bounty was zero and he didn’t even had a good ship to sail.

But now, he has 10 of his own crew members, around 5,640 crew members with a huge ship. He succeeded to earn all those thing with the hardships he faced during his journey.

Since Luffy sailed to the sea, he started collecting crew members and continuously defeated many infamous pirates in the sea.
As he relentlessly became more and more powerful, he became one of the most notorious pirate in the sea and was known world wide by the name of Mugiwara.

Infact, his bounty also increased surprisingly after each battle he conquered. He faced many opponents in the sea who were exceptionally powerful and even overwhelmed them somehow.

He has a great fighting skill and only few can match his powers in one-on-one battle. There’s no any record on how many opponents he defeated till now as he knocked over 50,000 opponent twice with his Haki.

Luffy has overpowered countless enemies but he has never killed one. I know you’re surprised but it is the truth. All over his journey, he knoecked uncountable opponents but no one died by his hands.

It is because he don’t want anyone to get killed by his hands and gives them a second change by not killing the opponents unlike other pirates. It doesn’t matter how cruel the opponent is, Luffy never kills his opponents.

He goes all out when the battle is fierce, he beats his enemy to a pulp making them incapable of moving. However, he doesn’t kill them.

After he defeats his opponent, he leaves the battle field with the overpowered aura sparring their life. It is because he thinks that “men live by their beliefs and risk their lives to defend them in his era”

Moments when Luffy almost killed his enemies

Luffy scars
As the pirate who is aimimg to conquer the world’s greatest treasure, Luffy has faced many hurdles throughout his journey. However the major obstacle for him is other competitors in the sea.
Not only Luffy but there are also many others who are on the run for the title of “King of Pirates”. People from all over the world with different power and abilities are scattered all over the sea.
Each and every one of them is bloodthirsty and overpowering one another. Likewise, our main protagonist Luffy is also the one who overpowers his opponents and almost killed some of them at a time.
Let’s roll back to those events when Luffy almost killed some of them.

Dressrosa Arc

During the Dressrosa Arc, Luffy fought with the Donquixote Doflamingo. The fight was so intense that both of them nearly killed each other.
However, the most awaited moment of Luffy using Gear Fourth changed the whole game. He smacked the shit of the Heavenly Demon and all the victims of the Dressrosa Kingdom.
At the time of the battle, they were simultaneously overwhelming each other. But when both launched their fierce attack, the whole island shook because of the shockwave of powers.
Even armament Haki of the Heavenly Demon couldn’t help it and knocked him over the ground like dead meat.  He was beaten into a pulp and would’ve been killed if Luffy wished for it.

Fishman Island Arc

Fishman Island Arc is one of the most memorable arcs in One Piece because of the epic battle between the Army of Hody Johnes and the Straw Hat Pirates
During this Arc, there was a fierce battle between Luffy and overpowered Hody Johnes. At that time, Mugiwara also knocked out 50,000 Fishman soldiers within a minute.
Lastly, the fight between Hody and Mugiwara was chaotic. Hody Johnes used energy steroids that gave him terrible powers but Luffy’s endurance and willpower are simply unbelievable.
He was almost knocked but in the meantime, he used his gear third, coated it with Haki, and continuously blew deadly strikes at Hody. Hody got knocked and drowned like a dead body going down the bottom of the sea.
If Hody would’ve faced a few other blows of Luffy,  he would’ve indeed faced his grave.
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Whole Cake Island

The fight between Luffy and Katakuri at Whole Cake Island is the underrated fight in the entire One Piece series. The intensity of the atmosphere during the battle still gives me goosebumps.

The game of evolving the Observation Haki was so epic. In the first round, Luffy was almost defeated by Katakuri because he was able to look further into the future and predict the attack of Captain of the Straw Hats.

However, Katkuri was helpless when Luffy also developed the skill of looking into the future during the fight. soon after that, the second son of Charlotte Lilin was defeated.

The long fight resulted in Luffy as the winner. The attacks of Luffy were so fatal that the man who never lied on his back was straight on his back for the first time.

Katakuri almost got killed but Mugiwara noticed that he was not capable of fighting back so he got out of the mirror world after knocking him.

Arabasta Arc

Arabasta arc is when Luffy successfully defeated one of the Shiichibukai for the first time. Although the Arc is already old, we’ll never forget the epic fight scene between the Crocodile and the Captain of the Straw Hats.

The battle between them almost broke the internet when Luffy got defeated by Crocodile. The audiences were shocked when Mr.0 overwhelmed Mugiwara with ease.

However, Luffy made his comeback for the second time. He figured out how to fight with Mr.0 but it was not easy as he expected. The water barrel he carried broke and he was once again helpless and beaten by Crocodile.

Fortunately, Luffy is smart in combat. He used the blood of his body as the liquid to launch attacks on Logia User. The game changed and Luffy overpowered Crocodile by punching him continuously until the building shattered into pieces.

The crocodile almost died as Luffy constantly punched him multiple times all over his body.

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