Dragon Ball Z: Goku VS Vegeta – Who Will Win?

Goku VS Vegeta

Dragon Ball has always been one of the popular franchises in the anime world, but the more popular thing about this franchise is the question of who is the strongest between the greatest and strongest characters, Goku vs Vegeta.

Vegeta and Goku are known for their rivalry and are known for exceeding their Super Saiyan powers and defeating other ‘undefeatable’ opponents. So, if there was a deadly match between them, who will win that?

Welcome to our airport, where we’ll fly you to the world of Dragon Ball and let you know, about the powers of Goku and Vegeta.

Goku And His Powers 

Goku is without a doubt one of the strongest characters in the whole anime universe. He is a Saiyan and a dream of every 11-year-old kid. With such powers, he has incredible superpowers and an extreme amount of strength. There’s always been a great debate on whether the Saitama would win in a Goku vs Saitama battle, this shows how powerful and capable Goku is.

Vegeta and Goku are one of the strongest characters of the franchise and this is because they have the powers of the Super Saiyan but unlike Vegeta who is always filled with arrogance, and always looks like a badass, Goku is a funny and determined character.

The main protagonist of the franchise is known for having great determination and strong willpower which has helped him to become powerful as the gods. He is so strong that he has even defeated the most powerful being in the galaxy, Freiza. The villain was so powerful that has actually destroyed planets.

Not only being a Super Saiyan, but Goku also has great reflexes with amazing speed. He can travel at light speed and with that, he can counter opponents who are way better and stronger than them.

Goku hasn’t always remained one of the strongest, he has been defeated in battles several times, but because of those defeats he has seen room to make himself better, and with his great determination, he has become much stronger than he ever was. His Super Saiyan form is truly one of the best powers he can ever have.

Like Vegeta, Goku also possesses the ability to fly and even attack explosives using his Super Saiyan ability. Goku was already one of the powerful but after getting granted Perfected Ultra Instinct form, he became unstoppable. He unlocked this form when he battled against one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ballz Z, Jiren.

After he unlocked the Ultra Instincts, he unlocked god-like powers, strengths, and reflexes. He overcomes his old powers and enters in a god aura. With this power, he was able to defeat Jiren, who was way stronger than Freiza. He was also one of the strongest creatures in the whole galaxy.

Goku also knows how to use the enhanced Goldy Ki which proved to be very advantageous and strong against Jiren. And because he has mastered the Godly Ki he can even enter his new form, God-level Super Saiya, also known as Super Saiyan God. But not only that he can even get into his new second form, Super Saiyan Blue.

As the series moves on and he engages in more fights, he becomes more powerful than ever and keeps on unlocking new forms. Although he is one of the strongest characters in the whole anime franchise, he isn’t immortal, he can get easily hurt and defeated by his opponent.

Even a normal gunshot can hurt Goky if he lets his guard down. In terms of power, Vegeta and Goku are almost the same, but there are experiences and personality that makes them pretty different than each other. Now, let’s take a look at Vegeta’s power.

Vegeta And His Powers 

It’s pretty much the same that these two are one of a kind. But no one can change the fact that Vegeta is one of the badass characters in the series. Vegeta also has the ability to get into new forms like Goku using his Saiyan technique, but we can say that it is more bit advanced than Goku’s Saiyan.

Vegeta is the prince of his homeland and is known to be a higher-class Saiyan.

YES! He is a higher class Saiyan than the almighty Goku, but does it makes difference? There is nowhere written that a lower-class Saiyan can’t be stronger than the higher-class Saiyan, but it is Vegeta that we are talking about, so it is pretty hard for even Goku to surpass him in terms of Saiyan class.

Vegeta certainly holds great potential because when he was a kid, he was already known as one of the greatest fighters. He was so great and possessed so much enhanced strength that he even surpasses the greatest warriors, the ‘high’ class Saiyan’s, Royal Family in terms of strength. He was seen as superior to all of the Saiyans on the Saiyan Planet.

It is certainly true that Vegeta was the superior Saiyan then all others because it was his father who told him that he had already surpassed every greatest Saiyans in history. This means, that he was one of the greatest Saiyans in the whole galaxy. But that’s not the only thing that Vegeta is good about, have you heard about his power output level?

The original Vegeta’s power output is 18,000 which is pretty high than other Saiyan, well it was higher than Goku when they encountered each other for the first time, yet he was overwhelmed by Goku after he used the Kaio-ken. It was sure one of the most epic battles of the series. The two protagonists fought by giving their all and that was the first time where we could see the durability of Vegeta.

Vegeta was forced to go on his Great Ape Form and during that form, he was almost able to resist every kind of attack from Goku. When he was still at his first power level, he was able to damage the surface of the whole planet Earth. Slowly he started to make improvements and increased his power level.

After his defeat against Goku, his power level increased and reached 24,000 and it was the time when he was supposed to be weaker because his tail was cut off.

He even made more progress after the fight with Frieza and increased his power output level to almost 500,000, but yet he had to taste defeat because Freiza was way more powerful than him, but he has revived again with the help of Dragon Balls, and this time he came back with more increased power level.

He never stopped practicing and always kept improving on himself, he can go through his training in a gravity chamber that is almost 500 times much stronger than Earth. It might be late, but Vegeta always caught up with Goku and maintained to be on his level.

Vegeta was also able to do the Goldy Ki and adapt his new form, just like Goku, the Super Saiyan God, and the Super Saiyan Blue. Yet, Goku has always passed Vegeta in terms of power by a small fraction as Vegeta always makes sure he is in save a level with Kakarot.

Goku’s and Vegeta’s Determination Level

Goku is sure one of the most determined characters o the franchise as he has never given up on his life. He has tasted defeat several times but he keeps on standing and the next time he gets on the battlefield he is almost invincible.

While he was battling with Jiren, he was low on stamina, he had barely any power left inside him, but he still had the willpower and determination to defeat one of the strongest beings in the galaxy. Although he was low on everything while fighting Freiza, he was still able to remain victorious in that battle and that was because of his determination.

It was because of his determination, that he started to train more and more and started practicing daily, his imperfections were the key to his perfection. He was determined to become so strong that he reached the power of Gods, and was able to adapt to new forms.

Goku is also a genius when it comes to battle, he can even read the environment in the battle and use tactics to defeat his opponent. Vegeta is also pretty much the same as Goku when it comes to determination and willpower.

Vegeta is also a very determined Saiyan with great willpower. It was because of his determination that he keeps pushing himself and exceeds his potential. He tries to reach the same level as Goku and always gives his best and exceeds in that.

Because Vegeta has a never giving up attitude and always wants to be the best than Goku, he trains hard every day and finally reaches ta the same level as Kakarot. We can mostly say that his determination is built because of his aggression and the frustration he has against Goku.

As we all know that Vegeta is a badass guy, and most badass guys are always short-tempered and cold. Vegeta is just like that, he is jealous of Goku and always wants to be at the top than him. He thinks that a lower-ranked Saiyan can’t be top than him, so he keeps on training every day to surpass Goku.

Thanks to Goku he was always determined to be stronger and that’s why he tries to stay positive, because of his aggression and frustration he trains hard to reach the same level as Goku.

The determination level these characters have is truly inspiring. It’s almost impossible to tell that one has a great determination and willpower than the other because each of them has contributed equally to become the strongest, and every Dragon Ball fan knows that better than anyone else.

Goku VS Vegeta: Who Would Win?

We all know that this has been one of the most famous questions that have been ever raised in the franchise, and we also know that in every episode these two prominent characters have always trained hard to exceed their potential and react to a different new level. But who will remain victorious when they’ll encounter a deadly battle?

Goku is a positive person and always believes with a positive mindset, that’s why he is determined to become one of the strongest and because of that kind of advanced willpower, he exceeds his old self and becomes more powerful than he ever was. On the other hand, Vegeta’s determination is built on his anger and frustration.

Vegeta gets frustrated easily and goes on nuts, well thanks to that he is always determined to work harder and defeat his opponent. This is perfect for him because this is exactly what his character is like. Because of such kind of personality, he always catches up with Goku, so it is a positive response but there are also negative impacts.

The frustration he had led him to ask assistance from Babidi. He wanted to be stronger than Goku which led him to take the wrong path, but he was willing to take that path because Goku was always a step ahead of him. Vegeta finally catches up with Goku but each time Goku manages to go further than that.

It is known that Goku will always be stronger and more powerful than Vegeta, he will always be a step ahead and Vegeta will always try to catch up with him. This is how the author, Akira Toriyama has designed these characters.

Akira Toriyama has always plotted a great rivalry against these characters. Although Goku will be named as the stronger than others and Vegeta as the second strongest character of the series, we can be sure that he will manage to catch up with him in no time.

If only Vegeta had a positive mindset like Goku, he would understand the goal behind his determination. If Vegeta could find the true goal behind their determination of Goku and adapt his mindset, instead of losing his mind and going nuts, he could surpass Goku.

Looking through the perspective of Akira Toriyama, he will make these characters remain the way they are because that’s when they are at their best. Imagine you see a smiling Vegeta every day, who has a personality like Goku, weird right?

Goku will always remain a step ahead of Vegeta and if they ever participate in a deadly battle, it is more likely that Goku will remain the victorious one, but there’s also another possibility that he can lose his mind in the middle of the battle and because of that frustration he might exceed Goku for once.

So it is more likely for anyone to win the battle because these characters were designed to be rivals of each other and rivals are known for being equal to each other.

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