Goku Vs Saitama : Who would win?

goku vs saitama

Saitama and Goku are both the strongest characters in the entire anime verse. The topic “Who would win?: Goku or Saitama” is controversial on the internet.

Both of these characters are quite matched in terms of strength. Most of the audience believes that they both are equally powerful. However, the winner is one.

So who overwhelms who if they both battle with each other?

We’ll clear all of your confusion and decide on one winner with our research.

Stick with us till the end of this article!

Speed comparison

Speed and agility are the main components that define the level of strength that one holds. If a character has the same level of power with high speed, he can both launch powerful attacks and dodge attacks quickly.

But if he is slow, he can neither strike the opponent nor dodge the attacks from the opponents. So, speed is the primary factor in calculating one’s strength. So let’s compare who has more speed, Goku or Saitama?


Goku is a character who can move unbelievably fast. There is no measurement of Goku’s speed as he repeatedly develops his speed and power. He has become incredibly swift over a few years.

He is so swift that he exceeds the speed of light. When he became a Super Saiyan God, he became incredibly fast. He can move at 22.321 trillion MPH, i.e., 33, 314 times faster than light. He can move 20-40 times more swiftly in Super Saiyan mode than in Mastered Ultra Instinct.

Imagine how fast he is! He can move from one milky way to the other one in an instant. In other words, Goku won’t be visible in the speed. Goku is also one of the top 5 fastest characters in the anime verse.


Saitama is a character who is also tremendously swift and decisive. He is fast. He is among the top 10 fastest anime characters in the entire anime verse.

It was exhibited that Saitama could complete the race of 1500 m in an instant.

It is also revealed that Saitama can hop from one planet to another in seconds. He was capable of jumping from Moon to Earth in about 19.5 seconds. That means he traveled at the speed of 43,954,991.1 mph. With the level of that speed, he can easily dodge attacks from opponents.

He can also launch fatal attacks with the power boost of high-level speed.

Hence, it is proved that Goku’s level of swiftness in his base forms is at another level than that of Saitama. He exceeds the speed of One Punch Man with ease.

One Punch Man cannot even keep up with the swiftness of Super Saiyan mode. So Goku’s Ultra Instinct speed is miles far away in comparison. So, Goku earns a point here.

Strength Comparison

One cannot fight or hold against any other opponent if he doesn’t have any strength. Strength determines how a powerful character is. Swiftness will also not if one doesn’t have any power. It’ll be just useless.

So, Is Saitama greater in strength in comparison to Goku? Let’s see!


Goku is an anime character who is widely popular for his strength. He is also known as the most robust anime character of all time. His powers, strength, and ability prove him as one of the strongest anime characters.

Goku has the power of about 24,000,000,000 in the Super Saiyan 3 form.

Goku holds different powers as he transforms into different forms. He gets surprisingly powerful as he upgrades into other states. He has many forms; among them, Mastered Ultra Instinct is the most dangerous form.

In this form, He can easily beat most opponents by launching the most powerful attacks with unbelievable speed. He doesn’t even need to think about how to attack or defend in this form.

Goku strong

He has the 4th Dimensional power when he’s at the full power of MUI as per the anime. He is supremely more powerful than any character in the 3 Dimensional. He holds such a tremendous strength that he almost destroyed the Universe with just a shock caused during the battle against Beerus.

He is undoubtedly at the multiverse level as he was able to lift the black hole when it was in a weakened state. He can also perform an ability called Hakkai which can erase everything weaker than you. He also has the power to destroy the whole Solar System. Hence, known as Solar System Buster.

His powers are quite unmatched, capable of destroying 130 to millions to trillions.


While at the other side, there is Saitama, who has no limit to his power. He has no restrictions on his powers as he broke his limiter. This is why he is also known as one of the strongest characters.

Saitama has never fought seriously. So we cannot assume how much power he has. He has been able to defeat any opponent with a single punch. He was so powerful that just with a casual punch, he could destroy a meteor.

Spoilers** Saitama tore a moon of Jupiter completely. He also possesses superhuman physical abilities. He has immeasurably strength.

Saitama strong

He is so powerful that many opponents explode when got hit by Saitama’s fist.

Saitama is so powerful that he even killed Borous, who had the power to destroy the entire planet. In fact, he eliminated him without even touching him. The air force of his punch was enough to kill Boros. He is injured a bit sometimes but has not been fatally injured. Not even once.

Although Goku can destroy a universe with ease, Saitama destroyed the one without even touching who is capable of destroying multiple galaxies and planets. There is a certain power of Goku, but in the case of Saitama, it’s limitless. Henceforth, Saitama ultimately exceeds Goku in aspects of power.


Endurance is also an essential component that helps to find the difference between two characters. We know that there is no point in fighting with rocks and boulders. Characters fight with other characters, and the one who endures the most becomes the strongest.

So here we will compare the durability of both of these characters!


Goku has an unbelievable amount of endurance. He has amazing willpower, which helps him to keep on standing up again and again. Even though he gets injured or worn out because of the abilities he uses, he’s able to keep up with most of the opponents and defeats them.

He has proved that he can continuously battle with the opponent even though he loses a lot of energy while transforming into dangerous transformations.

With his immense capacity of durability, he has been able to overwhelm a lot of his opponents.

Goku’s energy gets drained when he turns into a different form as it consumes a lot of stamina. He has a certain amount of stamina, but we don’t know how much.

After he reaches his limit, he gets defeated. It is pretty rare, but Goku also gets defeated in different events in the anime. This means he has a specific limit that he can withstand.

He has an enormous amount of power, but he also has a certain level of stamina. He can’t continuously fight with the opponents forever. He surely gets down at a point even though h is a terrestrial creature.


Saitama is a monster who has no limit to his endurance and stamina. He hasn’t faced any critical damage till now. His durability is just immeasurable. so what does that mean?

It means that he is invincible. He cannot be defeated. There has been no history that Saitama ever got dominated. As he broke his limiter, he had no end of stamina or power.

The opponent might be sick of dealing the blows to One Punch Man but he never gets tired. He gets thousands of attacks from opponents, but it seems nothing to him.

One Punch Man is as hard as a diamond and strong as Goku. He can eliminate an opponent with an air force of a punch.

He got into many serious battles, but he is never seen to suffer an injury. He was injured a few times, but it did nothing to him. He could take millions and millions of those damages. So there is no questioning his durability.

Saitama doesn’t know what fatigue and limitations are!

Comparing the durability or endurance of both anime characters, Saitama easily exceeds Goku. He has an enormous amount of stamina, but he can’t keep p with Saitama in case of endurance too. 

Saitama will easily outsmart Goku as he has no limits to his durability.

Hence, the comparison above concludes that Saitama has a high chance of winning if he battles against Goku, even if he is in Ultra Instinct mode. 

Saitama’s ridiculous abilities and powers are unmatched. He overwhelms Goku as he is far superior in terms of endurance and strength despite not being as fast as Son Goku.









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