Gojo’s Domain Expansion: Explained!!

goju domain

Well, among all the cursed techniques and abilities used in Jujutsu Kaisen, the most complex is simply the most powerful technique. It is non-other than Domain Expansion.

Domain Expansion is shown occasionally in the series but the slightest scene of use of this technique carries the entire episode. Fans go freaking crazy when Gojo uses this technique in the series.

This technique is the most exaggerated ability in the entire series and because of this, only a few individuals are capable of using this technique. And Gojo is one of those exceptional characters who possess this ability.

So, let’s see about the Domain Expansion that Gojo possesses!!!

What actually is Domain Expansion?

Domain Expansion is a technique that was used by the show stealer of the Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satorou during the battle against Jugo in episode 6. Do you recall that scene?

So yeah, we are letting you know about Domain expansion. Here it goes!!

Domain Expansion is an ability that allows its user to release their inborn domain. It is formed after casting a barrier to create a space and using cursed energy to construct a surrounding inside it.

gojo domain

Let me be honest, the characters who use this technique are sick!!! They are just on a whole new level in comparison to other normal characters. Gojo left us jaw-dropped when he first used it.

This technique is most popular as only a few characters in the series have been seen using this skill so far. Using Domain expansion requires a lot of cursed energy.

However, it favors its user when battling against opponents.

Furthermore, a domain expansion is considered deficient if no spell is used. The hand sign or specific symbol seems a must while performing this technique for the creator of the domain.

When Domain expansion is formed, a large sphere of energy expands and traps its performer and the opponent inside of it. It is also believed that escaping from the walls of the domain is almost impossible with ordinary means.

But entering the domain from the outside is simply easy although one gains nothing by entering into an enemy’s domain.

As the domain grants its user access to multiple spells and advanced versions of it because of the favored environment, the potency, and skills of the domain creator get enhanced.

What’s more fascinating about Domain Expansion is that it is guaranteed that the life-taking spells created by its user will hit the opponent without missing.

Moreover, the opponents cannot make use of their spell inside of the Domain. Thus, the capable ones in the series are seen using this technique often to battle against their opponents.

It seems that there are various kinds of Domain Expansions. To be exact to the point, there would be variations in the magic barriers named mortality and non-mortality of the domain.

Many users are shown that they succeeded to materialize their Domain when they face death-near experiences. This hints to us that dying situations are the most effective way to unleash this technique.

And yeah, if Domain Expansion is formed by one’s spell, it might be possible that Domain might be still incomplete if the user doesn’t succeed to form the needed barrier completely.

It is not 100% confirmed that this technique grants success but it still increases the forces of its user as we got evidence that Megumi Fushiguro was capable of increasing his power up to 120% of potential capabilities.

Among the fewest Domain Expansion users, it is rare to see someone using multiple Domains in a single day.

And that rare character is non-other than Gojo Satoru. He can use multiple Domain Expansions at once only because he has an infinite amount of Dark energy.

Is Gojo’s Domain Expansion the strongest?

So far, we have seen only a few characters using Domain Expansion. There are various kinds of this technique and each of those has its own peculiarity.

Different characters in the series use different Domain expansions. This technique is used by the characters only if the battle is too complex as their trump card.

As there are various Domain Expansions, all of those domains have different heights of power. Thus, we can determine which Domain Expansion is the strongest and which one is the weakest.

However, our major question here is who has the strongest Domain Expansion in the entire series?

As we get to talk about the above question we’ll ultimately get the answer about which Domain Exp[ansion is the strongest!!! So, let’s look further to know about it.

Coming back to the point, Gojo Satoru has the strongest Domain Expansion shown in the series so far. It is named the Unlimited Void.

This Domain Expansion holds an extreme level of power and capabilities that Gojo can easily overwhelm most formidable opponents while being inside of it.

In chapter 16 of the manga and episode 6 of the anime, Gojo used this technique for the very first time to battle against Jugo.

Till now, his Unlimited Void holds the title as the strongest Domain Expansion but we don’t know if that title will be snatched in the future or not as we know that the series is not finished yet.

What does Gojo’s Unlimited Void do?

As Unlimited Void is renowned as the strongest Domain Expansion in the series till now, so it surely has something exceptional and surprising in comparison to other Domain Expansions.

Let’s see what abilities and powers unlimited Void grants to Gojo.

As soon as Gojo creates Unlimited Void, it forms an empty space that can actually hit the target at the very center of “Infinity”. What happens after this will blow up your mind. So what is it? Are you excited to know? Let’s unravel it!!

With the help of Unlimited Void, Gojo can impose on his opponent’s brain. As a result, it affects the stimuli which lag his opponent’s brain. It’s just like they are in Genjutsu likewise in the Naruto series.

The victim of Unlimited Void feels like they are seeing and feeling everything but not seeing and feeling anything at the same time. Strange isn’t it?

The situation while being inside the Unlimited Void immobilizes the opponent because of the continuous discharge of information. As a result, the target will die helplessly.

To get rid of this Domain Expansion, one should be physically touched by the caster. Likewise, for humans, curses also last only for a while inside of the Domain as they can’t resist the continuous flowing of information without feeling anything or being harmed.

Just like our dream, the Domain seems to extend time in months although it is just a few seconds. In just 0.2 seconds, the Domain is equal to 6 months of data.

Thus, normal humans can take 2 months or more to return back to normal after they get released from the effects of the sphere.

Gojo became acknowledged this power of him while he was a teenager. Since then he massively developed his Domain expansion.

This is why Unlimited Void is considered the strongest Domain Expansion in the series till now.

How can one counter Gojo’s Domain expansion?

Knowing the fact that Domain Expansion can help its user to defeat opponents easily with its overwhelming advantage, this technique is ruthless and any normal person will be killed in a flash.

As we know the fact there are solutions to any problem, jujutsu users can even prevent themselves from being killed inside of Domain. There are certain circumstances that are needed to be performed to get saved from its power.

However, it seems that it is not easy to get rid of Domain as we imagine. Many complexities can arise in the process of releasing out of the Domain.


Getting back to the point, let’s see how can one get rid of Domain Expansion.

As we know the Domain creator’s spell hits the target without missing, a victim can lessen the damage by associating the Cursed Energy as countermeasures. Aside from there are other ways to counter the Domain.

The target surely tries to release out of Domain as soon as they are imprisoned inside of it. The best one can do is expand own domain in exchange.

When the area of two domains is expanded at the same time, the one which expands more becomes more effective and advantageous.

Aside from this, the targets can even protect themselves by using a technique known as Anti-Domain. This technique is the case of the Hollow Willer Basket or Simple  Domain of the New Shadow Style.

With the help of the above-mentioned techniques, one can resist the unstoppable dimension of spells affiliated with the Domain and counteract the Domain Expansion.

A reminder that even though Hollow Wicker Basket and Simple Domain are slight in variance, both of these techniques don’t counteract the spells effectively. It only weakens the barrier magic where the spells are associated.

Therefore, when a Domain Expansion is formed along full territory without linking any spells, the use of both Hollow Wicker Basket and the Simple Domain Expansion will be pointless.

Can everyone use Domain Expansion?

Being the most underrated technique, Domain Expansion grants its users fascinating power and capabilities. This skill provides a great advantage to its user in various ways while fighting against an opponent.

We’ve got evidence many Jujutsu sorcerers use this ability during the fight and it has been used by only a few characters in the entire series.

You might be wondering if it is possible for all the characters in the series to use the Domain Expansion as you’ve only seen it used by very less characters. So, can everyone use Domain Expansion?

Let us help you with this!!!

As Domain Expansion holds the greatest power in the entire series, it is not a common thing. It is the supreme skill of any jujutsu sorcerer. It cannot be used by a commoner and can be performed by high-level Jujutsu Sorcerers and curses.

Domain Expansion is a trump card for most sorcerers. Some sort of hand signs or signals should be used by the user to perform the Domain Expansion.

Some of the most powerful Domain Expansion users in Jujutsu Kaisen are Satorou Gojo, Megumi Fushiguro, Mahito, Ryomen Sukuna, Hiromi Higuruma, and a few others.















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