15 Games like Minecraft To Play in 2023

Minecraft type games

Minecraft has been a popular game that has infected the whole world in various ways and there isn’t a shortage of games where you can have the same experience as you had while playing this game. There are many multiplayer games where it offers you the same gaming experience!

Minecraft game can never be tiring for you, it has so many adventures and it also allows the users to explore a world that is generated by you. It has been popular and has attracted many developers. If you are trying to have the same experience as you have in Minecraft then let’s deep dive into the world of games!

The Forest

The Forest

The Forest is one of those games that helps you to experience the same gaming play as you did in Minecraft. It keeps you in the middle of the wilderness, more likely, you’ll be stuck in this place after clashing a plane. The main theme of this game is that you have to make a shelter for yourself and you have to make weapons in order to survive.

In Minecraft there are Creepers and all those creepy spiders, well in The Forest you’ll have a nightmare-like experience because it is just way too much scarier. Be aware of mutants because when they’ll appear in the game they might scare you and make you scream.

The game allows you to have multiple experiences. You can build things, experience the wilderness, search for food, and you’ll have to face many challenges! Perfect to play if you want to experience some wilderness.



Terraria is another game that gives you the experience to explore a deep forest in order to survive there. Pretty much like Minecraft, right?

The begins with you having a pickaxe and sword which you will use to survive the wildering and to collect resources from you to survive through the wild forest. Just like Minecraft, you’ll need to defend yourself again flying eyes, zombies, and skeletons.

You’ll get to explore the wilderness but because the game is in 2D you can’t roam anywhere you’ll like and you’ll need to follow a single path. Don’t you dare underestimate it! We guarantee you that you’ll get an amazing experience while playing the game. There is crafting, combat, mining, and exploration, there is everything that Minecraft has to offer.



Subnautica is another survival game that will offer you the same experience as you’ll get from Minecraft!

There are just so many things you can do while playing the game. The theme of this game is that you’ll be underwater and you’ll have to explore the depth of the seas and find material that will help you in your survival journey.

The challenges that you’ll need to face while playing this game are absurd. Just like mobs that keep on appearing in Minecraft, you’ll have to face some of the monstrous creatures of the ocean. you can build, and decorate your submarine, explore, find resources, and many more. The game is filled with adventures and challenges that will exceed your excitement.



Now let’s talk about a game that has been popular for various things, Roblox.

Roblox is a game where it allows users to create their own desired games. In Minecraft, you can build your own world, and allows you to decorate the thing just the way you want. Roblox also works on the same theme.

The game allows you to build your own things, create multiple weapons, and survive in the wilderness. The game allows users to explore their surroundings and build their own universe. This game will keep you entertained, you’ll be focused to complete challenges, and makes you adventurous.

Well, Roblox even allows you to play other games within yourself. You can even play Squid Game in Roblox, it really allows you to do anything. If you are trying to have the same experience and searching for the same adventure as Minecraft, try Roblox right now!



Eco is another game that lets you experience multiple challenges and allows you to find resources and just like the name of the title, you’ll need to save the ecosystem.

The players will have to live in a civilization and they will need to take care of their ecosystem in order to survive. This really a challenging game because in this game if you pollute the environment things will not look good for you.

You should be careful if you’ll burn the coil or not and also be careful while cutting the trees because there is only a limited amount of trees you can cut if you exceed that limit it will affect the ecosystem and your survival rate will drop. Can you handle your responsibilities? Because there will be a lot of duties for you to handle.



If you’re trying to look for a game that has the same appearance as Minecraft then Trove is just the perfect one for you.

Trove is a voxel game, the game is built like Minecraft, in cubic-shaped pixels. This allows the users to experience the same playability as they do in Minecraft. The universe of Trove is pretty big and allows the user to get more experience from the gaming world like they do in Minecraft.

There’s enough room for actions and the achievements that you have to complete in this game make this more interesting and keep the gamers engaged. It is a multiplayer game, so you will also get a chance to play with your friends. If you’re looking to play a ga,e that includes action then this just might be the perfect one for you as well.

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is another masterpiece that allows its users to explore, and make the game adventurous. In this game, the players have the ability to recreate anything they want by using Lego Bricks. Not only buildings, but you can also ever recreate helicopters, unique creatures, and many other interesting things.

The game is full of surprises and as you start to explore many unique things 9in your journey, you get much better rewards. You keep on completing the missions and it unlocks you to the next level.

Lego Worlds is a family-friendly game and your whole family can enjoy it by recreating various things.



Another game that lets you experience the wilderness. The players can experience it like they are in the 25th century and it also allows players to explore what the space feels like.

The game is fantastic for discovering and it lets you explore the whole outer world, how cool is that!? The world is shrouded with mystery and as you start to move on with your adventure, you get to unravel all these mysteries. the players will explore many things and even find rare resources that help them to solve the mystery of the outer world.

The game has a survival theme. You need to keep on exploring and finding items if you want safety in the outer world. You can even go to other planets,  you can create your own vehicles, and even space to go to a different planet. Astroneer is just like Minecraft which is located in outer space.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia

You love the greeneries, My Time at Portia is just the perfect one for you!

My Time at Portia is a game where it allows the players to experience it like they are on a field and just like villages you have to grow plants and even raise mobs! The game is perfect to play with your friends and even family. The game gives you a warm welcoming and, and there’s not only planting in this game, you have to fight with some boss enemies.

You can explore many things in this game and fight with enemies. Your dad never allowed pets in your home, well you have that authority in My Time at Portia.

Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod

Minecraft gives you a warm feeling and Garry’s Mod also gives you the same experience but with guns.

In Garry’s Mod, you can use your creativity and create many things. The game focuses on your creative side and allows you to go through a world that looks like simple and interesting but is filled with havoc and chaos.

Unlike other games, you don’t have a specific plan or mission to complete, but you can create your own levels and work on them. You can create your custom characters, maps and make easy and hard levels. It’s a challenging game where you can have lots of fun.



Starbound might be the perfect one if you want the same principle that applies in Minecraft.

In this game, players have to create their own world and they have to protect it from other opponents. And the way the begins is much more interesting. The Earth faces destruction and that’s when the journey of the players begins.

You get into a spacecraft and start to explore other planets. You finally found a planet and you land there, that’s when the survival and adventurous journey of your game begins. You’ll have to explore the planet and through the journey, you’ll face many difficulties and even battles! Play along and explore your world!

Craft The World

Craft The World

Craft The World, just like the name explains, you need to craft resources and have to lead a team of dwarfs!

The game is unique and interesting in its own way. You have to be responsible to take care of the dwarfs and keep them safe from every other creature. You’ll explore the unique world and even create buildings and craft weapons from gathering several objects.

It’s a 2D game and that might not be everyone’s favorite tea, but once you’ll start to play the game, you’ll experience many new things. It’s like Terraria and will give you a different experience!

PixARK: Pokemon Game Like Minecraft


Trying to find a game where there is a combination of Pokemon and Minecraft, PixARK is the perfect one for you!

The world of PixARK is filled with mythical creatures and will give you an experience like Minecraft because the game has the same appearance as of Minecraft. Not only the appearance, but you’ll also need to mine blocks as you keep on doing at Minecraft.

You’ll need to explore the world, collect resources and dominate others! By collecting resources you’ll have to build multiple bases and create several machines, and the interesting part, your pocket monsters will carry your house on their back.

Dreams: World Creation Game


When you are in your dream, you can do everything you want. You can recreate wherever you like and do everything, that’s what is all about this game!

Just like the name of the game, you can recreate anything you like just as you do within your dreams. The whole video game is filled with excitement and allows the players to experience it like they are living in the world of dreams.

The game is true to their words, you can create multiple scenarios, make models, and even invite your friend to your dream world. the game is a piece of art, and you might even get more than playing Minecraft.

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic

If you’re searching for a creative game then here it is Scrape Machine.

This multiplayer game allows the player to experience the same gaming feeling as you do in Minecraft. Well, only play this game if you’re eager to do some engineering because you have to recreate many things and explore many materials.

You can explore, and create weapons, houses, and buildings, and the game allows you to experience everything. The game has more than 100 building parts, which allows the players to use their creativity and make their creative engineering.

What genre is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game. A video game that allows the players to engage with multiple things and recreate various elements. The game allows the players to use their own creative skills and set alternative goals for themselves.

Are there any free games like Minecraft?

Minecraft can be costly for some players, and if you want to try other games and want the same experience, then here you go:

  • Trove
  • Roblox
  • Unturned
  • Terasology
  • Robocraft
  • Creativerse
  • Fortnite Creative mode

Why is Minecraft so popular?

One of the main reasons why the game has been so popular is that the game allows the players to experience a free world and create their own world using their creativity skills. In Minecraft, you can express yourself and there’s no one to stop you. The game has a wide area for using players’ creativity. It keeps you engaged to find materials, and resources, and create your own piece of art.

How deep is a Minecraft world?

The Minecraft world is pretty big almost 7 times larger than Earth, but what about its depth?

If you keep on digging in the world of Minecraft, you’ll eventually reach the bottom level which is filled with lava. To reach that level, you’ll need to dig down 320 blocks. Some people have also found ways to go further away from the limited distance but the original size of Minecraft’s hardware remains the same.

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