Facts You Didn’t Know About Muzan Kibutsuji

Kibutsuji Muzan

You might already know that Muzan was the first Demon and the first of his kind. He is the one that’s responsible for every havoc that’s happening in Demon Slayer.

His existence threatens the human world, and it is said that no one has existed to kill Muzan except one person. Are you feeling excited already? Let’s look at some Muzan facts you were unaware of.

He Can Change His Appearance At Will

Muzan is the strongest Demon in the franchise, and one of his special abilities is that he can change his appearance as he wishes. There have been certain moments in the manga where they have shown a fraction of his power, and if you are an anime watcher, this might surprise you a bit.

Muzan has turned into a woman in Season 2, and we’ve also seen his appearance as a kid. He keeps changing his appearance so his true identity can remain shrouded in mystery and be kept hidden from the Demon Slayers. Let’s take a look at some of his appearances in the series:


This is the original appearance of Muzan. He appears to be in his twenties. You could say that this appearance of his gives a resemblance to the legendary Michael Jackson. His first appearance as Tsukihiko was shown in the anime’s first season.


Tsukihiko also has a family. ‘He’ has a wife who is almost the same age as him, and he also has a child, a small daughter.

Unnamed Female Form

Another appearance of Muzan was also as a woman. He made his appearance as a woman after the defeat of Lower Moon 5, Rui. He called a meeting which all the Lower Moon were invited and killed everyone except Enmu, Lower Moon One.

His female form has many similarities with his Tsukihiko form; the only main difference being that in this form, he looks more feminine. The female form was so unreal that even the Lower Moon demons didn’t realize they were talking with Muzan.


The fans saw the third appearance of Muzan after the death of Kyojuro Rengoku. This is a young boy from a wealthy family who seems to love reading books. We say that because we see him reading books almost ALL the time.

kibusuji form

At first glimpse, it looked like he was just an ordinary boy, but when Akza brought the dead report of  Hantengu and Gyokko, his demon eyes appeared. And after finding the truth that Nezuko can withstand the sun, he returns to his original Tsukijiko form and kills his parents and the maid.

Final Demon Form

After the assassination of Kagaya, Muzan was severely injured. He was in a weak state, and that led everyone to gang up on him. He knew the odds of him winning the battle in such a state, so he spaced to the Infinity Castle, and while everyone was busy fighting other Demons, he rested up inside a cacoon.

The Demon Slayer eventually found Muzan, but it was too late. Muzan had already recovered, and he adopted his final form. His final Demon form was tremendous, with his white hair flowing and black demon marks all over his body. There were also black root-like marks that were crawling on his body.

In his final form, he became so powerful that he started devouring every Demon Slayer within his range.

Post-War Big Baby Form

This was the final form that Muzan adopted. During the final battle against the Demon Slayers and Tanjiro, Muzan was seen transformed into a giant baby, and although his look was that of a baby, he was almost tall as the three-story buildings.

The Giant baby form was the only way to survive the massacre, but his biggest enemy was still there; The Sunlight.

Muzan is over a thousand years old

The exact age of Muzan has not been revealed in the franchise, but when we look closely at episode 6, we can find some clues. Even in Chapter 127 of the manga, we can see that he turned into a demon during his teenage time, during the Heian period.

Let’s do some mathematics now. The events of Demon Slayer, which happened during the Taisho era, were in July 1912 – December 1926, and the moment when he turned into a Demon was during the Heian Period, 794 AD – 1185.

With this in mind, we can say that Muzan is approximately 1132 years old. This would make perfect sense if he was born during the Heian period because he died during the Taisho era. Although he looks like he’s in his mid twenty, he is thousands of years old.

The Powerful Primogenitor of All Demons

Muzan was the origin of the Demons. This ultimately means that he is responsible for turning the people into Demons, he was the one who turned Nezuko into a demon. His blood can give unique abilities to other humans and allows the human to get the regeneration ability. Some monsters can awaken the supernatural power; of “Blood Demon Art” with their blood.

His blood is like a method to evolve into a much stronger form for other demons, but it is also a method to get them killed. He can inject his blood into other demons, and because of the rapid cell growth, and the immense power, their body can’t control themselves, which eventually results in death.

Being the Demon’s father, he controls all the demons. (Except Tamayo, Yushiro, and Nezuko). Let’s look at how Muzan can keep an eye on the rest of the monsters.

Muzan blood is unique in various ways; one of its special abilities is; it can monitor all the demons, and in some events, if they say their name, they can be killed on the spot. This was shown by Susamaru when she mistakenly uttered his name; suddenly, large arms started to grow inside her.

Telepathic Link
Muzan also has the remarkable ability to read the minds of other demons. He can read their thoughts and shows this ability while meeting with the Lower Moon Demons (in his female appearance).

He can also telepathically connect with other Demons and ta;k with them. He showed this ability during the final battle. He communicated with the Upper Moon One demon, Kokushibo. He also can see what the other Demon sees. That’s how he knew Nezuko had created the ability to withstand sunlight.

His power comes off, and he shows the audience that he can even take control of other demons during the final war in Infinity Castle. Yushiro took control of Nakime, and as he was trying to manipulate, Muzan activated his blood inside the Demon, which almost absorbed Yushiro.

The real reason why Muzan killed Tanjiro’s Family

The main reason why Muzan brutally killed Tanjiro’s family was because of the Hanafuda earrings. Muzan got the wind that Tanjiro’s family had the Hanafuda earring, which might be because of the past or because he was scared of Yoriichi’s descendant being just as powerful as him.

This also leaves us a clue on why Muzan turned Nezuko into a Demon. He had an assumption that Tamjiro’s family were the user of the Breath of the Sun. And such users are influential, so he was expecting some masterclass demon from Nezuko.

The only person that Muzan Kibutsuji is afraid of

There have been several moments in the franchise where we’ve seen Muzan being in fear and getting flashbacks of a person wearing a red-haired and a person wearing Hanafuda earrings. He recalled the moment when the Red-Haired Swordsman almost killed him.

The only person that Muzan Kibutsuji fears to death is Yoriichi. The user of Breath of the Sun was the person that almost killed Muzan Kibutsuji. If we look at the manga, we can find the real reason for how fearsome Yoriichi actually was.


Yoruichi was so powerful that even though Muzan had regeneration abilities, his wound never healed after getting wounded with his Niichirin Blade. Muzan only managed to escape from Yorriiichi after exploding himself into pieces.

Yoriichi was fearsome and the most potent Demon Slayer Muzan had ever encountered in his thousand years. The dear of red hair and YHanafuda earrings will always remain in the heart of Muzan.

How Did Muzan Kibutsuji Become a Demon?

At the end of the manga, during Chapter 201, Muzan recalls his past and memories where “the shadow of death was always clinging” to him. There were moments when his heartbeat stopped multiple times when he was still inside his mother’s womb.

Muzan was announced dead when he was born, he wasn’t breathing, and his pulse was working, but before he was created, he started crying. The doctor from that era gave him the Blue Spider Lily, a prototype medicine.

tanjiro nezuko

He thought his disease was getting worse, so he killed the doctor in rage, but he later felt the effect of the medicine. He became much more potent than before because of the drug, but the sunlight was killing him, and he craved human flesh.

The story is interesting as it also reveals the clan of Muzan is the same as Kagaya Ubuyashiki. In Chapter 137, the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps explained that he and his ancestors have been looking out for Muzan for more than a thousand years.

When Muzan turned into a demon, he cursed Kagaya’s family, which resulted in their children dying immediately. Before their clan was going into extinct, a priest gave them a piece of advice. The priest told the family they had to dedicate their whole soul to defeating Muzan.

Muzan’s goal

“You dream of eternity… You dream of being indestructible.” The saying of Kagaya can define Muzan’s gaol. In simpler words, his real goal is to find immortality.

This is also the real reason why he created an army of demons. Muzan was hoping to find the Blue Spider Lily, so he could make medicine out of it to help him withstand the sunlight.

But he shifts his goal after discovering that Nezuko has gained the ability to withstand the sun. And to find out the reason for how to overcome the sun, he even visited Ubuyashiki Estate.

Both of them discussed the reality of ‘indestructible’, and Muzan finally realizes that memories and feelings can never be destroyed because they are inherited. In the end, Muzan tried to pass all his memories and emotions to Tanjiro because he wanted to see Tanjiro succeed, and be invincible.


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