Elvis Presley Believed KISS Was ‘Simple And Stupid,’ His Stepbrother Recalls

A captivating story involving Elvis Presley and KISS was brought to light in a recent interview with Artists On Record Starring ADIKA Live! In this exclusive conversation, the late musician’s stepbrother, journalist Billy Stanley, unveiled which band member held a special place in Elvis’ heart. Are you intrigued?

By the time KISS embarked on their musical journey in the ’70s, Presley already had a well-established career and a wealth of experience in the industry. It was around this period when the singer’s brother introduced him to the band’s song ‘Let Me Go Rock and Roll.’

During the interview, Stanley shared the details of a conversation he had with the musician after presenting the band and their song to him. He explained that after listening to the piece multiple times, Elvis remained indifferent to KISS’ style, describing it as a ’50s groove with a simple approach.

The singer was not all too fascinated by the song or the band in general, but he was particularly impressed by the guitar licks in it. He believed the guitar parts made a difference and even singled out the band’s guitarist, Ace Frehley, as his favorite member due to his remarkable playing.

Recounting their conversation, the journalist said:

“He said, ‘So, play that song again that you were playing.’ It was ‘Let Me Go Rock and Roll.’ I played it. I actually played it two times for him, and I was surprised when he said, ‘Play it again.’ ‘Okay…’ I played it again. I said, ‘What do you think?’ He said, ‘Well, I understand the whole thing. You know, KISS, keep it simple, stupid, and they got the makeup so they can walk around when they get off the stage. Nobody sees them and knows who they are or anything like that.’

He said, ‘Good idea.’ I said, ‘Wow! So, what about this song?’ He said, ‘Billy, listen to it. All it is is a ’50s groove, but that guitar player…’ I said, ‘That’s Ace.’ He said, ‘That guy’s got some X-rated guitar licks. I really like him.’”

Pondering the possibilities, one can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if Elvis had the chance to witness Frehley’s progression as a guitarist over time. There’s no doubt that he would have appreciated his playing just as he did the first time.

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