Does Zoro eat a Devil Fruit?

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We haven’t seen Roronoa Zoro using any Devil Fruit power or consuming any kind of Devil Fruit yet. Zoro got the influence and ability to compete with many infamous pirates through his harsh training.

But sometimes, he gets lost. Is he trying to get a hold of a Devil Fruit secretly?

Well, it’s a mystery till now. Let’s dive into this mystery.

Did Zoro eat any kind of Devil Fruit to get his insane power?

Zoro is one of the strongest characters in the anime. Of course, to achieve these insane amounts of power, he had to train hard, which is well depicted in the anime itself.

Many of you might question what did he train for? What ambition does he carry?

Let’s leap into the past to know why and how he trained days and nights for years.

Zoro’s childhood first introduced him as a Doujouyaburi( someone that challenges a dojo and defeats all of its members). He challenges the dojo, and the head of the dojo accepts his challenge.

He states that if he wins, he’ll take their signboard but if he loses he’ll join the dojo.

Zoro duels with a girl, the strongest one in the dojo, and loses in a single shot. He feels awful that he lost the match with a girl. He takes the defeat harsh and is visibly disappointed in himself.

He committed to training harder and harder and defeating Kuina, the girl who defeated him at the dojo.

Zoro trained day and night by striking the poles made of straw and lifting heavy rocks with his mouth by tying them on a rope. He kept on grinding twice as others. Kuina always kept a quiet eye on him.

However, when the day came to battle Kuina again, he suffered yet another defeat. He was disappointed in himself again, but put his anger and disappointment towards training harder and he defeated all other opponents in the dojo.

Zoro aimed to be the strongest swordsman in the world, but he was defeated by Kuina repeatedly.

One night out of frustration, Zoro challenges Kuina to a duel with real swords, which Kuina gladly accepts. The fight was an intense one for sure, but Kuina came out on top this time too. This left Zoro so disheartened that he cried.

Then Zoro tells her to promise him that either he or Kuina will one day become the greatest swordsman in the world. He said that they’d compete with each other for the title. Kuina also agrees to keep the promise.

The day after they promised, Zoro heard the shocking news that Kuina was dead. He felt anger and sadness at the same time. He had pledged to become the world’s strongest swordsman to fulfill his and Kuina’s dream.

He trained himself subsequently and came to be known as pirate hunter Zoro.

He began his ambition of becoming the world’s strongest swordsman with a man who dreamed of becoming King of the Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy.

Both of them started their voyage and gathered crew members throughout their journey. They faced many strong pirates in the sea and everyone who stood against them tasted defeat.

But at a certain point, Zoro got defeated by someone. Do you know who it is?

It was the strongest swordsman in the world at the time, Dracule Mihawk. He defeated Zoro with only a tiny blade. That time he realized that he still wasn’t strong enough.

From that day onwards, he trained more and more and became infamous day by day. Zoro, along with Luffy and his crew, were causing uproar worldwide by the name of The Straw Hats Pirates.

Zoro also defeated the member of the World Government, PX-9. He was getting stronger daily during his journey by training himself harsher and harsher every day.

Unfortunately, one day while the Straw Hats were continuing their voyage at  Sabody Archipelago, they were countered by Vice Admiral Kizaru and Bartholomew Kuma at the same time.

Zoro faced defeat by PX-5, and his whole crew got dispersed. Even his Captain was helpless. He was sent flying to Kuraigana Island, where Dracule Mihawk lived.

But Luffy said to meet him and his whole crew at the same place after three days. Unfortunately, the day after, he learned that Luffy’s brother Ace died right before the eyes of Mugiwara.

He felt guilty that he was not there when his Captain needed him the most. He took a boat and was about to head outside of that island immediately, but another piece of news came up.

When he read the news, he saw the photo of Luffy with a tattoo on his hand which said “3D2Y.” it was the command of his Captain to abandon the meeting after three days and meet with the whole crew after two years at Sabody Archipelago.

Then, he begged Mihawk to train him to save his crewmates again. But Mihawk said that he would only teach him if he was able to beat all the gorillas who could use swords and sword techniques.

Although he had many injuries, Zoro defeated all those gorillas. Mihawk was surprised, and he accepted him to train as his mentor.

After that, he trained his sword skills more under the direction of Dracule Mihawk. Mihawk introduced him to using Haki.

Zoro was able to use Haki as he willed. He also infused Haki in his swords, which gave a black appearance and sharpness that could easily cut a large boulder.

He trained his sword skills to the extent that after returning to Sabody after the post-time skip, he cut a whole ship into two pieces.

He could now assist his Captain on the journey to the New World, where they would face stronger and more formidable opponents than before. That’s how powerful he is currently.

Zoro’s Power and Abilities

Zora has been rewarded with superhuman powers as he has been polishing his sword skills since he was a kid. He has worked hard to fulfill his dream and has been chasing the title by defeating most infamous pirates in the sea.

Zoro killer

Zoro has numerous sword abilities that can fascinate any one of us. Let’s see what techniques he can perform!

No sword style:

Zoro is a swordsman but do you know he can perform attacks without his swords too? When he doesn’t have blades in his hands during the fight, he uses an ability that can emit shockwaves with his hands.

Those shockwaves cause hurricanes that send opponents flying toward the sky, particularly feet high.

Three Sword Style:

Three Sword style is a type of Technique where Zoro wields three swords and uses all three at a time to fight an opponent. Many of you might be wondering if he has only two hands, how is he able to hold another one?

He holds all three of them with two hands and the third in his jaw with his teeth. Moss head can perform very destructive techniques with three sword-style methods.

Some of the fatal attacks of Zoro’s three sword styles are Purgatory Onigiri, Three Thousand Worlds, Tiger Trap, Leopard Spinning Shot, The Billion-fold World Trichiliocosm, etc.

Roronoa Zoro has defeated many powerful opponents such as Pika(member of Donquixote Pirates), Killer(member of Kid Pirates), and many others.

Two Sword style:

Two sword style is the original fighting style of Zoro. He started to use two swords in his childhood and refined his skills. Now has the most powerful attacks of two swords style.

He has massive mastery over two swords style and has been defeating many formidable opponents throughout his voyage with his crew.

Zoro has a lot of techniques and skills in two sword styles. Some of the fatal techniques in his two sword styles are Nigiri tower climb ripple, Hawk Wave and Rashomon.

With the polished skills and techniques of two swords style, he has defeated the most potent foes, such as Scratchman Appo( Roar of the sea), Smile users, and the samurais of the Wano.

One Sword Style:

One Sword Style is also the technique that Zoro learned and mastered since childhood. He has perfected this sword style and has beaten many infamous pirates in the sea.

He uses this sword style to give a finishing blow or a severe injury to the opponent he faces. This skill is so powerful that he can slash his opponents in two halves with a single blow.

Some of the most dangerous attacks using one sword style are Shishi Sonson, Sanjuroku Pound Ho, Yakkodori, and Hiryu: Kaen.

This sword style has helped him to defeat many opponents like Monet(a member of the Donquixote Pirates, and Mr.1(a member of Baroque Works).

Nine Sword Style :

Nine sword style is one of the most extreme and dangerous moves of Roronoa. While performing this technique, Zoro can make three clones of himself.

With a sufficient amount of anger, an aura surrounds him and it manages to create a clone of Zoro with several heads and arms. If made a strike in this form, Zoro could simultaneously emit nine hits to an opponent.

This form is Zoro’s most devilish form, enabling him to launch attacks such as Kiki Kyutoryu: Ashura, Ashura: Makyusen, Ashura Ichibugin, etc.

With this technique, Zoro defeated one of the most powerful opponents he ever faced, Kaku( a member of the World Government).

Firefox Style:

Firefox style is a sword technique that can cut through fires and explosions. This technique was originally used by the samurai Kinemon for both offensive and defensive use.

But later on, Zoro used this technique to defend his Captain, Luffy for protecting him from Yonko Big Moms’ attack of flames during the war at Onigashima.

Zoro stole this firefox style from Kinemon(a member of Akazaya Nine).

What swords does Zoro carry?

Zoro is a swordsman, so he’s most likely to carry a sword. The critical point for Zoro being strong is also because of his blades. His swords have played a significant role in making him one of the most infamous pirates of the sea.

zoro swords

You’ve seen samurai and sworders carry only a sword, some might take two but they are pretty rare. But do you know how many swords Zoro carries?

Roronoa Zoro uses three swords, surprising, isn’t it?

Let us give you an update on what kind of swords he carries!

Former Swords


Among 50 Skillful Grade Swords, Yubashiri was one of them. Ipponmatsu( owner of an arms shop in Lougetown) was the former owner of Yubashiri. He gifted this sword to Zoro for his courage while testing the curse of Sandai Kitetsu.

What did  Zoro do that fascinated him and gave him that shop’s best sword?

Ipponmatsu said that that sword was cursed and warned Zoro not to use it, but he hesitated and tried to test the curse on it. The owner said that the sword’s sharpness might cut his arms, but he didn’t listen.

Zoro threw the sword in the air, risking his hand to check the sword’s curse, but the sword passed right through his arms from the blunt side.

He got both of the swords for free and continued his journey.

But after the journey of Little Garden, Whiskey Peak, Drum KIngdom, Arabasta, Skypiea, Jaya, Long Ring Rong Lang, and Water &, Yubashiri met its end at the Enies Lobby.

A marine named Shu used his Devil Fruit which could destroy any iron by simply touching it, and touched the sword, which rusted it into pieces.

Zoro kept the remains of the Yubashiri and later on, he buried them at the burial site of the Rumbar pirates and replaced it with Shuisui.

Sandai Kitetsu:

Sandai Kitetsu is one of the Supreme Grade Swords. There are twelve of them, and all twelve are the highest quality blades.

All of the Kitetsu swords are cursed, which are said to bring a terrible death to their user. Making it easier to use, its blades are very sharp.

Roronoa Zoro got hold of this sword in the arms shop at Loguetown. The shop owner warned me not to use it as it is cursed. But when Mosshead gets interested in any sword, he anyhow gets it.

He first tested its curse by betting on his arm to get this sword. He threw it in the air and placed his hands sideways to determine whether it could cut.

Fortunately, the blunt part of the sword touched his hand and dropped to the ground a few inches down because of its sharpness.

This impressed the owner of the arms shop, so the shop owner gave him the Sandai Kitetsu with another sword Yubashiri for free because of his skill and luck.

Wado Ichimonji:

Wado Ichimonji, one of the 21 Great Grade swords, was Zoro’s first sword. It was forged by the Shimotsuki Ichimonji which once belonged to Koushirou and was supposed to give to Kuina.

But Kuina died, so to keep his promise, Zoro asked for Kuina’s sword her father. This sword is Zoro’s most treasure, and no matter what, Roronoa won’t exchange it for any more excellent sword.

Wado Ichimonji has been with Zoro since the journey from Pirate Hunter till now. Zoro defeated many infamous pirates throughout his journey with the help of this sword.

This sword has been through numerous battles and can block attacks from black blades such as Shusui and one of Saijo O Wazamono grade swords.


Shusui is believed to be a legendary sword that the Sword God Shimotsuki Ryuna of Wano Country once used. This sword was marked in Ryuma’s grave after his death and was known as a national treasure in Wano.

But after some time, a warlord of the sea, Gecko Moria, stole this sword for zombification.

This sword was turned into a black blade by  Ryuma and already topped as a blade.

During the Thriller Bark Arc, Zoro fought with the Sword God Ryuma, who was reincarnated by the Devil Fruit power of Gecko Moria.

Both the swordsman fought with each other fiercely, and the Ryuma accepted that he lost as Zoro was able to cut through him.

Ryuma saw the capability of the greatest swordsman in Zoro and stated that the sword would be happy to have Zoro as his master. After that, Sword God himself gave the sword Shusui to Rronoa.


Enma is also one of the 21 O Wazamono grade swords forged by the legendary swordsmith Shimotsuki Kuzaburou. The strongest Samurai of the Wano country, Kozuki Oden, used to wield this sword long ago.

This sword got passed to Hiyori before Oden’s death and Ame no Hakebiri was to be passed onto Momonusuke.

Enma got passed onto Zoro in exchange for Shusui, Wano’s national treasure, after 20 years.

Zoro became stronger as this sword can draw excessive Ryou from his body, and Oden’s spirit resides in this sword.

This sword is a massive power-up because it improves Zoro’s control over Ryou and allows him to use it more than the regular sword.

If Enma could be turned into a black blade, it would be the most potent weapon.

All the above blades have played an important role throughout Zoro’s journey. He has defeated many powerful opponents over the seas with the help of these swords.


Zoro hasn’t eaten any Devil Fruit till now. That monstrous strength gained is because of his hard work and dedicated training to be World’s Greatest Swordsman.

The thing about him trying to get a hold of Devil Fruit getting lost doesn’t seem accurate; he just lacks directional sense!

Zoro might eat Devil Fruit in the future if it is “Direction Direction No Mi.”

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