One Piece: Does Zoro Die? (Anime and Manga)

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Most of the One Piece audience is worried if their favorite character Roronoa Zoro will die or not. But he won’t die now as he hasn’t achieved his dream of becoming the world’s greatest swordsman till now.

He might face death later, but Oda won’t rush for it as he is one of the Jem characters in the One Piece series.

Will Zoro die because of his sword?

Roronoa wields three swords, among which one of them is cursed. It is believed that the one who uses that cursed sword will die a horrible death.

So what kind of sword did he wield that might take his life later? Stay with us; we’ll let you know!!

Former Swords


Among all of the 50 Grade swords, Yubashiri is one of them which has a black handle with a cross-shaped guard and a polished black scabbard.

The sword was inherited from the family and was one of the best swords in Loguetown. Zoro got a hold of this sword from Ipponmatsu(owner of an arms shop in Loguetown), who was the previous owner of Yubashiri.

Zoro killer

Roronoa was gifted this sword for his skill and bravery.

He did something in the arms shop that impressed Ipponmatsu and gave Yubashiri along with Sandai Kitetsu without any charges.

Zoro used this sword throughout his journey from Whiskey Peak, Little Garden, Skypiea, Jaya, Water 7, Arabasta, and Long Ring Long Land.

 Sadly, after all these journeys, this sword ended at Enies Lobby. 

During the battle with the Marine’s Captain and commanders at the bridge of hesitation, the sword was rusted away by the marine named Shu with his Devil Fruit ability. 

Later, Zoro settled the remains of the swords he kept in his wristband at Thriller Bark.

However, this sword played a significant role in Roronoa’s journey by defeating many formidable opponents like Kaku, Daz Bones, and many others.


Shusui is one of the 21 Grade swords, a black blade with a white reverse wave Hamon that is of Kanemoto style with a handguard containing flower-like borders in the form of an octofoil.

It was once wielded by the Sword God, Shimotsuki Ryuma of the Wano Country. After his demise, this sword was preserved as the national treasure of Wano.

But one of the Warlords of the Seas, Gecko Moria, stole this sword to use it by the ability of his Devil Fruit which is capable of reincarnating the dead from its shadow.

Zoro obtained this sword at the Thriller Bark when he fought with the reincarnated Sword God. When they clashed with each other, Roronoa was able to defeat Ryuma after a fierce battle.

Then Ryuma gave Shusui to Roronoa, believing that the sword would be happy to take Zoro as his master because he was not fighting seriously with the Sword God.

This black sword helped Zoro a lot to protect his crew from different tremendously powerful opponents like Pica, Hyouzou, Hody Jones, and others.

But Zoro didn’t get a chance to wield this sword for too long. He was requested by the Hiyori to give back the sword as it was the national treasure of her country, Wano.

Zoro had to give up the sword, but he was rewarded with another sword, Enma, which was as strong as Shusui. 

Current Swords:

Sandai Kitetsu:

Sandai Kitetsu is one of the 21 Grade swords that has the appearance of flames with a margin and a distinct blue Hamon. This sword is the lowest ranked among all of the swords that Zoro has wielded until now.

This sword was forged by the legendary swordsmith of all time Kozuki Sukiyaki. A cursed sword is believed that the one who wields this sword faces a horrible death.

Zoro might face death according to the statement above, but until that consequence of him being dead is caused, there is no guarantee of him dying. No.

Zoro got this sword from an arms shop at Loguetown. He was granted this sword for free because of his abilities and courage. 

Ipponmatsu was impressed by doing such a thing that the shop owner granted him his sword, which was inherited by his family. So what did Zoro do that amazed him? Let’s roll back to the time!!!

Roronoa got into the shop to find some swords as his previous sword was destroyed. So, he got into a shop at Loguetown.

Roronoa handpicked a barrel full of cheap swords by sensing its quality. When he was about to get that sword, the shop owner didn’t allow him to pick it up because it was cursed.

Roronoa got interested in that cursed sword and was determined to examine its curse, but the owner warned him not to do so. Zoro was stubborn and ignored the shop owner, throwing the sword at the ait to test it.

He bet his arm for that sword. Fortunately, the sharp side of the blade didn’t come in contact with Zoro’s hand. 

Zoro’s luck won; the blunt side struck his hand and crashed into the ground, digging some inches into the ground because of its sharpness. 

If the short side of the sword struck Zoro by any chance, he would’ve lost his hand. This astonished the shop owner, so he rewarded him with that sword and Yubashiri for free.

This sword, later on, helped Zoro to defeat many of his enemies such as Kaku, Ryuma, Hody Jones, Pica, Kaido, and many others.

Wado Ichimonji:

Wado Ichimonji is also one of the 21 Great Grade swords. This sword is the most precious treasure for Roronoa. This sword has been with Zoro since the start of his journey to pursue the dream of becoming the World’s Greatest Swordsman.

This sword was forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo from Wano country and was somehow passed onto Koushirou. Later on, This sword was meant to pass on to Kuina.

Unfortunately, Kuina died. The day before Kuina died, she promised Zoro that one of them would become the world’s greatest swordsman at any cost. But she met her demise.

So, to keep their promise, Zoro asked Kuina’s father, Kyoushiro, to provide him with the sword she was about to get.

Since Kuina was Zoro’s close friend, Kyoushirou agreed and gave him the sword Wado Ichimonji.

Since then, Roronoa has preserved this sword as his treasure, and he will never exchange this sword for any other swords.

With the help of this sword, Zoro has survived countless battles and has even been able to block the fatal attacks from many formidable opponents. 

Roronoa could block attacks from the most excellent swords like Shusui and one of the Saijo O Wazamono Grade swords during a battle in the Wano Country.

Wado Ichimonji can also be made more deadly and decisive if it can be turned into a black blade by infusing it with Armament Haki.


Among the 21 Great Grade Swords, Enma is also known for brutal power. This sword was also crafted by the legendary swordsmith Shimotsuki Kozaburo.

Until 20 years, Kozuki Oden( Daimyo of the Kuri Village) used to wield this sword. He was the legendary Samurai of the Wano Country who was so powerful that even the late King of Pirates and Whitebeard used to praise him.

Sadly, he was eliminated by Orochi, who took over the Wano 20 years ago. So his swords were supposed to pass on to his children, Kozuki Hiyori and Kozuki Momonsuke.

But one of his swords was given to Roronoa in exchange for the national treasure of Wano, Shusui, which was stolen. That’s how Zoro got a hold of Enma.

Enma is the legendary sword with a habit of drawing all the Haki from its user. The attack performed by this sword is so powerful that it might cause destruction. 

As this sword automatically drains Ryou from its user, it is tough to get control over it. Thus, Zoro is learning to achieve perfect control over it. If Roronoa can master the capability of this sword, he will be on the whole another level.

This sword is so mighty that when Sanji mocked Zoro, and he just threw a slash of this sword, it split a whole piece of land along with Black Leg’s cigarette.

Moments when Zoro almost died.

Roronoa Zoro has fought countless battles throughout his journey, yet he has succeeded in surviving till now. 

The formidable opponents almost made his grave, but somehow he managed to pull it off and escaped death.

Let’s see when he was almost eliminated!!

Zoro Vs Daz Bones, Arabasta Arc

During the Arabasta Arc, Zoro faced a formidable opponent Daz Bones, who is also renowned as Mr 1, to save his new friend Nefertari Vivi’s kingdom as his crew promised to help her get rid of Crocodile( A Warlord of the Sea). 

Bones could convert his body into hard steel, making the battle very intense.

During the early phases of the story, Mr. 1 was the most formidable opponent Zoro ever faced, except for Dracule Mihawk. Under Crocodile himself, Daz Bones was the top officer agent of Baroque works.

He was so powerful that Zoro was severely injured. Roronoa couldn’t slash through the hard steel body of Daz Bones. He almost faced death, but in the meantime, he surprisingly performed a technique that was able to pierce through Mr. 1’s steel body.

If Zoro didn’t perform that move then, we wouldn’t be able to witness one of the crew members of Straw Hats as strong as he is now.

Little Garden, Mr.3

When The Straw Hats ended up in Little Garden, two of the crew members, Zoro and Nami, along with Nefertari Vivi, were trapped and almost died at the hands of Mr.3.

Galdino is a member of Baroque Works, also known as Mr.3. He almost executed all three of them with his Devil Fruit ability, which grants users the ability to make a large quantity of candle wax and control it.

It may be hilarious to hear, but Roronoa made a pose carrying his swords in case he turns into a statue because of Galdino’s wax.

There was no escape from it, so Zoro decided to cut his leg and fight the opponent. He had already cut his leg halfway, but in the meantime, Luffy arrived for their aid.

Soon after that, Luffy successfully defeated Daldino and rescued all of them. 

Zoro finally made it out of Galdino’s wax. If Mugiwara didn’t arrive to help him then, Roronoa would’ve already faced his grave and turned into a statue.

Zoro Vs. Hawkeye, Baratie

The Straw Hats arrived at Baratie restaurant, where they got a new crew member, Vinsmoke Sanji.

During that time, there came the world’s greatest swordsman, who cut a whole big ship onto two effortlessly. After seeing that, Zoro went to duel with Hawkeye as his ambition was to become the world’s greatest swordsman by surpassing him.

Hawkeye clashed against Roronoa with a mere blade and overwhelmed him with ease. But after seeing his courage and skill, Mihawk decided to fight Zoro with his ultimate Black Sword. Sadly, Zoro faced a humiliating defeat.

This acknowledged Zoro how strong he is world’s strongest swordsman and how far he is from claiming that title. 

Afterward, Mihawk was about to slash him from the back, but Zoro turned and let him slit by saying, “Scars on the back are a swordsman’s shame.”

Mihawk found him very admirable, and he gave Roronoa a fatal injury but didn’t kill him as he was impressed by his bravery. That’s when he got his life sparred for another time.

Zoro Vs Kuma, Thriller Bark

Roronoa Zoro faced massive damage during the Thriller Bark, which almost took away his life.

Let’s see what happens then!!

During the journey at Thriller Bark, The Straw Hats were able to successfully defeat Gecko Moria(former Warlord of the Sea) and his crew and were recovering from the injuries of the battle.

The Captain of the Straw Hats was unconscious and was gradually recovering as he took severe damage during the fight with Gecko Moria. But at the same time, another Warlord of the Sea, Bartholomew Kuma, arrived.

zoro vs kuma

The Straw Hats were startled because of his sudden appearance. Soon, he began to attack The Straw Hats and knocked all of them.

He was going after the Captain of the Straw Hats. However, Zoro and Sanji were conscious though injured. Rorona saw that Kuma was about to eliminate Luffy, so he begged Bartholomew to let his captain go.

Zoro bowed down and begged to kill him instead of beheading his captain. This amazed Kuma. He allowed Roronoa to save his captain’s life by taking all the damages Luffy.

Zoro agreed, but Kuma warned him it could take his life, but he didn’t hold back. The Warlord extracted all the pain and fatigue, meaning whatever injury Luffy got during the battle with Moria, and let Roronoa taste a bit of that damage.

As soon as he touched a little portion of that paw-like thing, he felt severe pain all over his body which knocked him down. But you know what’s fascinating?

Zoro still stood up after all those pain!!

He requested to take those pain somewhere else. Kuma agreed with him. Then Zoro put his hands on Luffy’s pain and fatigue.

Roronoa felt tremendous pain all over his body. The pain was so severe that blood burst out of his body.

He almost died. The place where he took Luffy’s pain was painted with Zoro’s blood. Yet he was able to survive after all those suffering.

Sabody Archipelago, Kizaru

The Straw Hats were chased by the Shichibukai and Admirals at the Sabody Archipelago, where all of them were annihilated, especially Zoro.

Let’s roll back onto that time!!!

The Straw Hats were chased by the merciless Sentomaruu, PX’s, and Admiral Kizaru after they caused a commotion at the auction house by punching Celestial Dragon.

During the time, The Straw Hats were chased by the PX-4; however, they successfully destroyed it. But another pacifist and Sentomaru stood in their way.

They were not strong enough to beat all of them, so the Captain of the Straw Hats ordered his crew to split and run. They split up and went in different directions. 

Sadly, they were being chased mercilessly. In the worst-case scenario, Zoro’s group ended up in front of Admiral Kizaru.

There was no escape as the Admiral was the Devil Fruit “Pica Pica No Mi,” which granted its user the power to control, create and transform his body into light. He also could move as fast as light does.

Kizaru attacked Zoro. He was an inch away from killing Roronoa but Silvers Rayleigh saved by at the exact moment.

Although Zoro has faced numerous casualties and injuries throughout his journey with his crews, he has been able to escape his death many times.

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