Does Tanjiro become Demon in Demon Slayer?


As we continue with the story of Demon Slayer, many fans have brought their speculation. Many believed that Tanjiro might end up turning into a demon.

In the series, we see that demons are not born but created through the blood of other demons. Muzan, the powerful demon king uses his blood to create them. He uses them for his own benefit by causing turmoil and destruction.

This made many fans wonder if Tanjiro will also become a demon since Tanjiro’s sister is also a demon. They concluded that it is not worth the hassle for Tanjiro for the sake of turning her sister back into a human.

So the question arises,

Does Tanjiro become a demon in demon slayer?

Yes, Tanjiro does become a demon in the latter chapters of the manga. This might have made you more and more curious. Don’t worry, we’ll shed light on the whole situation; what led to him becoming a demon, and what happened when he became one.

But first, it would be best to know how the demons originated and how Muzan became the demon king.

The Origin of Demons

Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon king, was not always a demon by birth. Before turning into a demon, he was a young man with a disease. He was suffering from a horrible disease that could take his life before he turned 20.

So he let a doctor experiment on him for a possible cure.

Muzan killed the doctor out of frustration. He dreaded that the whole experiment was gonna fail and that he would only suffer more.

Later, the experiment was successful in delaying the disease from advancing. It extended Muzan’s lifespan but at a cost. The sad part is that this also resulted in losing his humanity and turning him into a blood-thirsty demon.

The final part of the treatment done using a flower called Blue Spider Lily was also left. This prevented Muzan from walking in the sunlight without him getting burned.

This led Muzan keen on finding the Blue Spider Lily so that he could complete his treatment and fulfill his desire of walking under sunlight. He also wished to create demons that are immune to sunlight and do the job of finding him the flower.

He used his blood to create different powerful demons. He would inject the blood into the humans and then they would turn like him.
That is how they created demons. Other demons would also create demons from their blood if they were powerful enough to do so.

Does Tanjiro Become Demon?

In the series, we see many powerful demons offering powerful Hashira to become one of them. They lured them by saying it would make them immortal, and enhance their power, and freedom to do their will.

But, the offer is only limited to the powerful ones. Whoever they think will be the stronger one of their kind.

So, in the Mugen Train Arc, Aakaza was eager to turn Rengoku into a demon. In episode 10 of the Entertainment District Arc, Gyutaro also asks Tanjiro to become a demon.

He tries to make him take the offer by telling him that he could protect his sister and he won’t have a weak human body.

We all know that both of them rejected the offer. So, how does Tanjiro end up becoming one?

We can find the answer in the later chapter of the manga, chapter 201 of the manga, which is also near the end of the series.

Tanjiro along with other Hashiras defeated Muzan in a fierce battle. They were able to defeat the Demon King at last. This resulted in different casualties and also Tanjiro’s life. Yes, you heard it right!

The main protagonist of the story, Tanjiro died in the great battle. Amidst the sadness of losing Tanjiro, Muzan injected all his blood into Tanjiro. He used his last remaining consciousness to do so.

This resulted in turning Tanjiro into a demon. This brought him back to life as a blood-thirsty demon who possesses the feeling and the power of Muzan.

The Power of Demon Tanjiro

After turning into a demon, Giyu immediately asked everyone to kill Tanjiro. But all those powerful Hashira were no match for him.

The high biological potential of Tanjiro surpasses the power of Muzan. So, you can imagine the strength and the power Tanjiro holds after becoming a demon. He is also believed to be the strongest being that ever existed.

What makes him the strongest? It is that he had the power of the legendary Demon Slayer Yoriichi Tsugikuni and the blood from the demon king. He also had resistance to the sunlight making him better than Muzan.

So, we can conclude that Tanjiro was pretty strong. If Muzan was to fight with the demon form of Tanjiro then he would get a taste of defeat.

Does Tanjiro Become Demon King?

Yes, Tanjiro becomes the Demon King. Since he had the remaining blood of Muzan, he became the second and most powerful Demon King of all time.

Like Muzan, he grew tentacles from his back which bore sharp blades which he moved at an immense speed. His ability was also enhanced due to the demon blood that he had.

But this form doesn’t last for a long time. He later turns back into a human after a short period. Tamayo brought Tanjiro back to human form by using her humanizing drug.

Turning him back sure gave a hard time to many demon slayers. We do want to elaborate but do not want to give away any spoilers.

So, check out the manga chapter 202 to see how Tanjiro turned back into a human.

Does Demon Tanjiro kill anyone?

Tanjiro and nezuko

When Tanjiro turned into a demon, he sure caused quite a ruckus. He went on a rampage and no one was able to control him except for his sister, who also had to do so at the cost of her life.

But the good thing is that he didn’t kill anyone. But he did cause great injuries to his teammates and his friends. Giyu, Inosuke, and Zenitsu almost lost their lives in the process but were not killed by Tanjiro.

Before anyone would lose their life, they brought back Tanjiro’s self-consciousness. So, no death occurred within the duration of Tanjiro going berserk.

To Conclude,

Tanjiro did turn into a demon and on top of that a powerful demon. He was able to take on many powerful demon slayers at once.

Unlike Nezuko, he was a bad demon. No one ever expected that they would fight him. He started attacking friends and his teammates. He couldn’t control himself, started attacking everyone, and also tried to kill them.

So, the main protagonist of the whole story ends up being the most powerful antagonist. All the remaining demon slayer has to come together to defeat him.

The good thing is they held off Tanjiro and helped him overcome Muzan consciousness. So, at last, they got their friend back.

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