Does Sasuke love Sakura? Let’s Find The Clues

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Unlike other couples in the anime series, the bond between Sakura and Sasuke is exceptional. Their fondness for each other is massive, although it is confidential.

There’s no questioning the love of Sakura for Sasuke, but in the case of the last Uchiha, the interrogation might arise. It is because he is bad at showing his love and affection for her.

The presentation of his love for Sasuke is very uncommon and unusual. Or is he just pretending to be in love with her?

We have various pieces of information that might help you know about it. Stick with us till the end!!

Is Sasuke pretending to be in love with Sakura?

Although Sasuke acts as if he is cold-hearted, he is very caring and loving in nature. As he has already confessed his feeling for Sakura, he has a genuine love for her.

Not only him, but we’ve also got evidence that every Uchiha is hesitant and shy when showing affection for someone they love.


However, as bad as they are showing their affection, they are equally bad or furious when someone hurts their beloved one.

At the very least affectionate in public, Sasuke is very different in private. Sasuke has dedicated emotions toward Sakura even though he doesn’t show it. He has his own way of uniqueness and shows effort for someone he loves.

He directly doesn’t confess his feeling in front of others, but the signs he points towards Saukura surely appreciate her. His unnatural way of showing overwhelming love for Sakura will definitely not leave a doubt on us.

Kishimoto also stated that although he is embarrassed when it comes to a girl, Sasuke is very pure. So, he clearly is not pretending to be in love with Sakura and has a special place for her in his heart.

When did Sasuke confess to Sakura?

In the early episodes of this anime series, it was shown that Sasuke is a kid who doesn’t care about others’ opinions on love and is determined to complete his aim.

He shows no interest in love, although numerous girls chase him. He acted as if he didn’t know the meaning of love. He was the cold-hearted brat among all in the series when it came to romance, love, or affection.

He never chased girls and only planned on how to fulfill his ambition. His classmate and teammate Sakura had been in love with him since she was a kid and always chased Sasuke.

She confessed her feelings for him countless times and always stayed by his side, only to get ignored by him again and again. Sasuke never showed his emotion for Sakura in any way.

Not considering her effort at one side, he didn’t even give a shit about her feelings, although she didn’t give up relentlessly. Sasuke neither showed his feeling nor uttered a single word about his love for Sakura.

He was so cold that he even tried to kill her at a time. He stated that she is very irritating. But as the story took its progression and the season came to an end, we got to see the hidden caring and loving nature of Sasuke.

Sakura’s desperate effort paid off. After the Great Fourth Ninja war, Sasuke finally exhibited his emotions towards Sakura. He developed feelings toward Sakura and set a proposal to marry each other when Sakura confessed to him.

When did Sakura confess to Sasuke?

Sakura has been a classmate of Sasuke since she was a kid. In her eyes, she thought of him as the coolest boy who was unmatched.

She had a crush on Sasuke when they both were little. Every time she encountered Sasuke, she didn’t leave without blushing. His cold and rare sweet behavior made Sakura fall in love with him.

However, Sakura was not the only one who liked Sasuke. The line was very long. Even her best friend of her, Ino, too liked him. Her eyes are only for Sasuke. She rejects and says she’s already in love with someone else when someone confesses to her.

Sakura was totally in love with him, and she could do anything for him. When she joined Team 7 along with Naruto and Sasuke, she learned more about his painful past and became more obsessed with him.

As the day passed, she fell into him more and more. She could even sacrifice her life for Sasuke. Sakura has relentlessly shown her interest in Sasuke, but no sign of him loving her back.

She gets ignored by him again and again. Her limit of affection towards Sasuke was going off the charts. When Sasuke persuaded Orochimaru to gain monstrous powers and abilities, Sakura begged him not to go and tried to stop him, but he hesitated.

Worried, Sakura even told him that she would go along with him as it was very dangerous to move that he was about to move. Sadly, Sakura was left behind. Sakura also wanted to save him from the darkness that resided within him.

Sakura has continuously supported Sasuke from the start to the end of the series. Her effort to be with him is just amazing. She has been loving him without a break and also has confessed to him multiple times.

But she got used to the rejection as Sasuke said she was irritating. But at a point, Sakura was shocked when he positively responded.

After the 4th Great Ninja war, Sakura confessed her feelings to Sasuke again. Fortunately, Sasuke accepted and put an instant proposal to marry her. This left Sakura jaw-dropped and overwhelmed with happiness at the same time.

Will Sasuke and Sakura get married?

From the beginning of the journey from Team 7 to the Great Fourth Ninja War, Sasuke and Sakura were together. Their journey of ending up being a couple from nothing is very fascinating.

Sasuke marrying Sakura is the scene in that audiences expect the least. Sasuke was a coldhearted person who never showed interest in love or affection.

He is very shy and uncomfortable when showing affection to someone he loves. But he is pure when it comes to loving a girl.

We don’t know the exact time when Sasuke developed feeling for her. It might be possible that he liked her from the start but didn’t show his feelings.

But as we evidenced that Sasuke apologized to her for everything he put through her in the past, it seems that he developed feelings for her during the Great Ninja war.

Fortunately, good for Sakura that Sasuke developed feelings for her as soon as he realized that he was in love with her.

Unlike Naruto’s and Hinata’s wedding, Sasuke is no scene of marrying Sakura. However, they have a child named Sarada, which is a shred of evidence that they got married to each other at a certain point.

It is not displayed in the series that they both married each other, but they certainly married after the Fourth Great Ninja.

It is also believed that Sasuke’s love was destined for Sakura as she relentlessly supported him in both good and bad times. She continuously helped him through his mental problems and tried to stop him from turning to the evil side.

There was a faint trail in the 21st episode of Boruto that they both got married to each other during their journey together. At the same time, Sakura got pregnant and gave birth to Uchiha Sarada.

His daughter’s birth lighted Sasuke’s hope for the revival of the Uchiha clan, which he had long desired.

How did Sasuke fall in love with Sakura?

Sasuke is one of the coolest characters in the series who never showed curiosity about loving someone. His masculinity was different as he was never interested in someone, although he was chased by many girls.

He decided to develop feelings for Sakura as soon as he realized her true feeling. She was desperately trying to get her attention the since she was a kid.

She tried to help him in the harshest situations and cared for him. Although she failed, she attempted to stop him from his ploy of Orochimaru.

He also noticed that she always cared about him and never gave up on him even though he continuously ignored her. At one point, Sasuke tried to kill her, but she still loved him even after that.

After the Great Ninja War, Sasuke and Naruto fought with each for a long time. Sakura, later on, came to their aid and healed both of them.

She was very happy when she got to know that Sasuke had decided to get back to Konoha. A few days later, Sakura again confessed her feeling to him and said she would come along with him on the journey.

Fans never expected Sasuke to fall in love because of his passiveness towards any type of girl. However, Sasuke realized that he had fallen in love with Sakura at a certain point.

However, he politely rejects her. He pokes her in the forehead and says, “Maybe next time. Thank you”. It was Sasuke’s way of showing his affection toward Sakura.

That’s when Sakura and even fans learned that Sasuke had fallen in love with Sakura.

Do they really love each other?

Sasuke and Sakura are one of the series’ most unpredictable but determined lovers. As both are major images in the series, viewers often find it interesting to know about their love stories.

This couple has a very special relationship between them. They are totally different in showing love for each other but are desperate for each other.

However, the Audiences doubt and question if they really love each other or not because of Sasuke’s inconspicuous way of showing his love.

Sakura is very confident and relentlessly shows her affection towards Sasuke, but her lover is the total opposite. He rarely shows his affectionate side even though he loves her a lot.

Sasuke is a very shy and awkward when it comes to showing his love to his lover. Unlike Sakura, he faintly shows his liking for her. But it’s not because he hates her. It is because he is bad at showing a fondness for someone he loves.

Despite being far from each other, they both love each other madly. The feeling of both of them for each other are not often displayed on the screen, but in private, they are totally different characters.

Even bold Sasuke gets melted over Sakura as Sugiyama mentioned that the last Uchiha has romantically fallen for her.

The bond between them became so strong that it was likely to be unbreakable after his battle against Naruto at the God Valley.

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