Does Saitama Have A Girlfriend?

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Saitama has been a popular and strongest figure in the anime franchise. He has humor and strength and makes everything interesting, but what about his love interest? Does Saitama have a girlfriend? Is he in love? Don’t worry. We have questions for all your queries.

The protagonist is famous in the whole anime world, but there are only slim events that give us hints on whether he has a girlfriend or not. But when we talk about the love interest of Saitama, there is a girl that comes on all to our minds, Fubuki.

Fubuki might be the luckiest girl to be the girlfriend of Saitama. Even in the franchise, we can see many moments of them together, which certainly gives us a little hint of their chemistry. But is that even the truth? Let’s take a look at the truth that has been shrouded by the mist.

Fubuki’s Identity

Fubuki is another famous protagonist of the franchise. She is well-known by her allies Blizzard of Hell. She is the leader of B-class hero “The Blizzard Group” and the younger sister of Tatsumaki.

Fubuki is one of the most respected characters in the series. She is willing to sacrifice even herself to save her group members. Because of such kind of charismatic personality of her, she is well respected by all the members of her group. She has always been a prominent member of her group and the franchise, as she deeply cares for the Blizzard Group.


And no character can be a protagonist of the series if they lack super abilities. Just like every other major character of the franchise, Fubuki also possesses some super skills. Let’s take a look.

Fubuki possesses Psychokinesis. With such ability, she can levitate in mid-air and even fly with great speed. This psychic power has been a great plus point for the protagonist, but she also possesses another ability that helps her in combat aspect.

She is also a Master Psychic Combatant. With such ability, she can control and attack her opponent by throwing rocking or any harmful object. With the combination of both of her powers, she almost becomes invincible in the franchise.

Fubuki is known for being an intelligent character. Unlike her sister, she possesses good deduction skills and has a strong ego. She is known for constantly seeking attention because of her ego, but after meeting Saitama, her world changed. Let’s take a look at how Saitama affected her life.

This might be the start of their romantic chemistry. This might’ve been the first time they came close and started to know each other well. Before a meal of steak, you should always start with an appetizer, so before jumping straight to a conclusion, let’s see how they met for the first time.

How did Saitama and Fubuki meet?

Fubuki was the leader of her group, “The Blizzard Group,” but it seemed like her position was coming into question, and she needed to find someone strong. She needed to recruit a powerful character for her group, and Saitama was the perfect candidate for her.

The First time when both of them met was when Fubuki was trying to recruit a new member for the Blizzard Group. The way she showed in Saitama’s apartment is true;y funny and iconic. This scene still lives in our heads rent-free.

When she met Saitama for the first time, she started to argue with him in no time. But that was until when she found the real power and strength of Saitama. Everyone knows how powerful Saitama is and when Fubuki finds out about the reality, she doesn’t waste a second and starts adding sugar to her sentence.

She couldn’t believe how powerful Saitama actually was. She also found that he was friends with some of the strongest characters. She found out that he was friends with A-Class and S-Class. After taking a look at all the information, she admired him and decided to join Saitama’s team.

She has a plan, a plan to recruit Saitama to her team. She wants to make him a part of the Blizzard Group but ends up failing again and again. The start is never romantic, but as the series continues, we can see some changes in feelings of Fubuki.

Fubuki used to be annoyed with Saitama at the beginning of the series, but we could see her feelings being changed like seasons. She was slowly adopting a warm, loved feeling for Saitama.

The fans were sure that Fubuki was in love with Saitama because of the way she started to treat him. She began to show a lot of compassion for Saitama, but is the same case with him as well? Does he feel the same towards Fubuki? Let’s take a look!

Saitama’s Love Interest

We all know what kind of personality the protagonist has. He isn’t someone that looks for a girlfriend and stuff but always looks forward to being much stronger and exceeding his abilities limit. The franchise has always been interesting in terms of battle, but when it comes to romance, it seems to be kinda dull.

The protagonist’s love interest doesn’t seem to be going quite well, but after the presence of Fubuki in the franchise, the fanbase is getting some kind of hope from somewhere.

As we’ve already discussed before, Fubuki might have some feelings for Saitama. Well, when they met for the first time, the encounter seemed to be kinda unusual, but right now, things seem to be taking a romantic turn.

The fanbase has already witnessed the behavior of Fubuki and is confident that her feelings for Saitama are being cooked, but what about our protagonist? Does he feel the same way for Fubuki as well?

Fubuki is just a carefree character and doesn’t seem to be interested in anything at all. He is the powerful character of the franchise but doesn’t seem to care about other characters’ powers and abilities. Let’s go back to the time and see when Fubuki tried to impress Saitama by showing her strength!

Fubuki once tried to show her strength and power by challenging him, but her attempts to persuade Saitama faded away. She wasn’t successful and her tries faded into thin air. Saitama never cares about what kind of rating the character is or how strong they are, so he doesn’t care much about heroes and their ranks.

Genos meets Saitama

Taking a look at the franchise, there are rarely any moments where Saitama has shown some kind of gesture. Let’s look at one event where Saitama was eating in a restaurant, and Fubuki came and sat beside him. Surprisingly, Saitama left some fried for her, and this was so shocking to Fubuki that she couldn’t believe the kind gesture that he was showing to her.

The fanbase was growing wild when they witnessed this moment, everyone had their hope ups, but it was just another disappointment. It was revealed later that Saitama had lost his wallet and he ordered those fried for Fubuki, so she would pay the bills for his food as well. The Baldy sure is one of the genius protagonists as well.

After all these events, fans were sure that there wasn’t any kind of love interest being cooked in for Saitama. He isn’t interested in Fubuki, not at all. Well, if you still have some issues with this statement and refuse to believe it, then we still have one point that will assure you!

There was a moment in the franchise where Siatma got asked about his relationship with Fubuki. The question was raised by Tatsumaki when she fights with the bald protagonist. His response was sure one of the most shocking to the whole fanbase.

The event occurred in the One Punch Man webcomic; Tastsumaki assumed that Saitama didn’t have a genuine relationship with her. His response? He said he didn’t even consider Fubuki his friend, and she was just a mere acquaintance.

The response broke the heart of Fubuki and the fans who were hoping for some kind of romantic relationship in the franchise. We can now be sure that there isn’t anybody that Saitama is currently looking at. He doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment, but what about in the future?

Will Saitama have a girlfriend?

Most of the other protagonists of other franchises have also been love failures, but as time grows, we can see them having their love interests. Hinata and Naruto are the perfect examples here. Naruto didn’t care about her, but in the end, they ended up being with each other, so maybe Saitama might have a chance in the future?

It would be safe for us to crush our hopes and dreams because there isn’t even a 10% chance of the baldy protagonist getting a girlfriend. Don’t get offended by us! Scold and email to Yusuke Murata. He has created the character so that he might never have a girlfriend, only brutal strength!

For now, we can be sure that Saitama will not have a girlfriend in the future because of his personality and his interest in women. He isn’t interested in making friends or socializing in any way. The character isn’t interested in loving girls or even making crushes.

The main reason why he’ll remain single in the future is that he has lost all his feelings and emotions. For now, he isn’t any kind of normal human being who would seek some kind of love interest or girlfriend.

There might be a time when he’ll turn into a normal person, and maybe his emotions will also return. We can’t be sure for now because things don’t look like they will take some kind of turn.

The anime “One Punch Man” doesn’t even focus on a love interest. The franchise is filled with comedy moments and is filled with epic battles. No doubt it is one of the best anime out there, but it doesn’t seem to be making anything related to the protagonist’s love interest.

The only thing that Saitama is interested in doing is challenging and being in the supermarket because that’s all he does.

There isn’t a doubt that Fubuki is growing a whole garden of feelings for Saitama, but the Baldy doesn’t seem to care about her. He doesn’t even consider him a friend! WHAT! We feel so sorry for Fubuki.

Well, we don’t think that he’s going to have any kind of love interest in his life, but he’s growing every day in the franchise, and maybe, as Jesus walked on water, Saitama might get a girlfriend. Miracles happen, so stay tuned!

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