Does Nezuko speak in Demon Slayer?

Nezuko demon looks

Many fans wonder what Nezuko actually sounds like. Her charm and cuteness leave us no doubt that she has a cute voice. Her silence sure irritates us, but the faint sound from her mouth always fascinates us.

Observing the fact that Nezuko has bamboo in her mouth, many people wonder if Nezuko is able to speak or not.

The answer is yes, she can speak. Nezuko can speak like any other average person, but we have seen her speaking rarely. However, there are some reasons behind her stillness.

You’ll be stunned if you’ll get to the real truth behind Nezuuko’s silence. So, let’s dig into it.

(WARNING: The article below contains spoilers!!!)

Why is there bamboo in Nezuko’s mouth?

Nezuko is one of the major images in the anime series Demon Slayer. She is the only live biological sister of Kamado Tanjiro. She is the most appreciated and loved character in the series because of her cuteness.

Her heart-melting charm and astonishing beauty surely will attract many people and chat with her. But she can’t chat or communicate back with anyone because the bamboo stick is stuck in her mouth.

You might be wondering how a bamboo stick got stuck in her mouth. We’ll let you know about all the incidents due to which Nezuko is compelled to have a bamboo stick stuck in her mouth.


Let’s roll back to the past when there was no bamboo stick in her mouth!!!

In the early episode of the series, Kamado Tanjiro, who is the eldest son of the Kamado family, is headed to the town to sell the charcoal. After he sells all the charcoal, he decides to trek up to the mountain where his house is located.

But he was stopped by his old neighbor on the way. The old neighbor suggested taking shelter in his house to prevent getting attacked by the vicious demons at night.

Agreeing with the suggestion, Tanjiro decided to take shelter in his home that day. After that day, he climbed up to the mountains, and as he approached his house, he sensed the smell of blood.

He got startled and rushed towards his home. On the way, he saw three corpses of his family members. He calls for them, but no one responds to his call.

As soon as he realized they were dead, he started to search for the other family members and got inside the house. The moment he entered his house, he got stunned after seeing his sibling flowing in the river of blood.

Poor Tanjiro gets into tragedy and grieves over his family’s death, but later on, he notices that one of her siblings,m Nexuko isn’t there. He immediately starts to search for her.

After some moment, he succeeds in finding her but as soon as he sees her, she attacks him and tries to devour him. Tanjiro realizes that she has turned into a demon and tries to stop him, but he can’t hold against her demonic power.

Fortunately, Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka, comes to his aid. He helps Tanjiro and attempts to behead, but the eldest heir of the Kamado family stops him.

Tanjiro knew that his sister is not turned into a demon fully. She was a semi-demon. So he begged and requested Giyu not to kill his sister. As demons were very dangerous, the Water Hashira hesitated and attempted to attack Nezuko, but he got stopped again and again.

Tanjiro said that his sister is a semi-demon and won’t devour humans. As Ginyu was stopped by him repeatedly, he let her go and put bamboo in her mouth.

The Water Hashira put the bamboo stick in Nezuko’s mouth to stop her from eating other humans.

Why can’t Nezuko speak in Demon slayer?

Muzan Kibutsuji turned her into a demon by injecting some amount of blood into Nezuko’s body. After she got turned into a demon, she craved the flesh of humans even though she didn’t want to eat them.

Later on, she was found by his brother and came to rescue, but it was too late. By the time her brother came to help her, she was already turned into a demon.

As soon as she saw Tanjiro, she attempted to attack him. Her brother had no idea why she shot him. While defending him from her attack, he got to know that her Nezuko was already turned into a demon.

Although she didn’t want it to happen, she relentlessly attacked her brother to devour him. She couldn’t help to stop herself from attacking her own brother.

Tanjiro tried to save himself and stop Nezuko, but he couldn’t withstand her power. She was crying at that time. Then, Her brother realized that she is not fully turned into a demon.

At the exact moment, the Water Hashira made his appearance and saved Tanjiro. He also put a bamboo stick in Nezuko’s mouth to stop her from biting and tried to kill her as she became a demon.

But Tanjiro stopped him and again and again. He said that Nezuko won’t devour a human even though she was a demon. Because of the continuous attempt of the eldest son of the Kamado family to stop him, Giyu sparred her life.

However, Nezuko couldn’t eat or even talk after that incident. She wanted to take out the bamboo stick from her mouth, but she didn’t do so because if she removed that, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from attacking humans.

The bamboo stick, which was stuck in her mouth, deprived her of speaking or chatting with other people. She only could use sign language to communicate with others since then.

Could Nezuko speak before she turned into a demon?

Nezuko became a demon after some amount of blood from the Lord of Demons was injected into her. Before she turned into a demon, she was an average human.

After she became a demon, a bamboo stick was put into her mouth by the Water Hasshira to stop her form from devouring humans. Since then, we didn’t saw Nezuko speaking.

However, we haven’t been able to witness Nezuko speaking even though she was human. That is why most of the fans believe that she cannot speak.

Nezuko having the disability to speak is the misconception that some audiences believe. But no, it’s not the truth.

Nezuko can speak fluently both before and after she turned into a demon. We didn’t get to witness her speaking before she turned into a demon because she didn’t get much screen time at that time.

After she turned into a demon, she didn’t speak because the bamboo stick was stuck in her mouth.

People might not have noticed proper, but there is a scene where she speaks. During the Mugen Train Arc, Rengoku the Flame Hashira, along with Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, was attacked by a demon.

The demon had the power to put people to sleep. When Tanjiro was also set to sleep and Nezuko tried to call him, the eldest son of the Kamado family met her sister in his dream.

In the dream, Nezuko spoke to Tanjiro. That’s when we get to witness Nezuko speaking for the first time, and she was not even a demon at that time.

Thus, here, we conclude that Nezuko could speak before and after she turned into a demon.

Can Nezuko talk with bamboo in her mouth?

Nezuko can speak both before and after she turns into a demon. What’s more surprising is that she can even speak with bamboo in her mouth.

If you haven’t noticed it till now, we’ll let you know when Nezuko talks despite having a bamboo stick in her mouth.

During the Mount Nagatumo Arc, we got evidence that Nezuko could speak with a bamboo stick in her mouth. When Tanjiro fought with Rui, he used the Hinokami Kagura dance at the same time and headed to strike a slash spider demon’s head.

The battle was very intense. Tanjiro almost died during the battle, but Nezuko helped him with her demonic power in the meantime.

That was the time when Nezuko spoke with a bamboo stick in her mouth. The words she uttered were “Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood.

We never got to see Nezuko speaking, but that was the first time she said, along with a bamboo stick in her mouth.

Why did Nezuko keep quiet all the time?

As Nezuko is one of the most liked characters in the series, the demand of the audience to hear her voice is quite impressive. Although we’ve only got a glimpse of Nezuko’s voice, it was worth every pico second as it was very soothing.

We would like to see her chat or speak more with her voice charming than herself, but her silence and the bamboo in her mouth always leave us helpless. Her quietness always bothers all of our audience because we know the fact that she can speak.

We all know that she can speak, but she makes all of us ponder as she doesn’t utter a single word. Are there any reasons behind that?

The anime and the manga both have maintained secrecy on the answer to this question. There hides a greater meaning behind Nezuko’s hushed.

nezuko talk

Stating the fact that some concepts of Demon Slayer are based on Buddhism, Nezuko’s silence is also somehow related to the same cult. By the explanation of one of the users on Reddit, it is revealed that monks follow Buddhism vows in a hush to help prevent hurting any living being consciously or subconsciously.

Likewise, Nezuko was training her mind quietly not to hurt any people. While on the other side Tanjiro was preparing his body for self-control to prevent himself from attacking innocent ones.

This is also precisely why poor Nezuko was fighting herself internally. She chooses silence as the best way to control herself. As a demon, she has the urge and craving to devour flesh. So to prevent herself from causing the consequences, she relentlessly trained her mind.

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