Demon Slayer: Does Nezuko become Human?


Now, most of us are already familiar with Nezuko being a Demon, however, there remains a question among the fans: does she ever become human?

The manga readers probably already know the answer to this question. But the ones who are eagerly waiting for the next season of the anime series might have to wait some more.

!!Spoiler alert!!

How does Nezuko become a Demon?

The series starts with the annihilation of the whole Kamado family. Except for Tanjiro and Nezuko. Tanjiro was out and Nezuko barely survived the attack. Turns out she turns into a demon.

Great sadness and regret sweep upon Tanjiro as he blames himself for not being able to save his family. So he makes it his goal to find a way to turn Nezuko back into a human to save her.

Does Nezuko’s personality change?

Before turning into a demon, Nezuko was a kind and caring girl. Just like her big brother, she always put her family first. She would help with the house chores and look after her younger siblings.

After the sudden attack, Nezuko turns into a demon which completely changes her personality. She has no memories of her family and is mainly detached from human emotions. However, despite all this, we can still see how Nezuko values human life and tries to save them from demons.

Does the relationship between Nezuko and Tanjiro change?

The answer to this is a NO.

Both Nezuko and Tanjiro share a deep love for their family. As we can see at the beginning of the series how happy their family looks and the loving bond they have with each other.

Being the older siblings, Nezuko and Tanjiro both acted as the guardians of the household. It shows how deeply connected they were to each other.

After the horrifying incident, when Nezuko turns into a demon, Tanjiro still loves his sister as much as he loved her before. No matter what happens he was set on turning his only remaining family back into humans again.

Throughout their journey, they were protecting each other from all the difficulties. This shows how much they cared for each other. So, even after turning into a demon, they are still inseparable and still share the same bond, the same love for each other.

What powers does she gain?

Nezuko demon looks

After turning into a demon she possesses different demonic powers. She acquires powers such as regeneration, superhuman strength, and the ability to grow and shrink rapidly.

Apart from all this, just like each demon has its unique power, Nezuko has a special blood demon art, the Exploding Blood(爆血, Bakketsu). The unique powers that the demons possess allow them to enhance their physical abilities, control their opponents and cast various illusions as well.

Nezuko’s Blood Art allows her to generate and manipulate special demonic flames created from her blood that are pinkish. Nezuko can do this by igniting her blood or creating it from thin air.

Does Nezuko become human again?

Yes. She does become a human again.

With the help of Lady Tamayo and all the efforts of her brother, she is successfully turned back into a human.

How does she become a human?

The journey to turning back Nezuko was rather a difficult one as her brother, Tanjro goes to greater lengths to save her.

On his quest to save his sister, Tanjiro meets Giyu Tomioka, a Water Hahira. You, as a member of The Demon Slayer Corps, attack Nezuko as she has turned into a demon.

But seeing how Nezuko was not a threat to humans and how Tanjiro was set on saving his sister, Giyu ordered Tanjiro to find Sakonji Urokodaki. Sakonji then looked after Nezuko while Tanjiro trained for being a Demon Slayer. After the final selection, Tanjiro becomes a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. Taking Nezuko along with him, Tanjiro sets out on his missions.

During his quest, he meets Lady Tamayo. She promises to help him turn Nezuko into a human again. For the medicine, Tanjiro collects the blood of the Upper-Rank Demons and sends them to Lady Tamayo.

Lady Tamayo plays a very important part as she states that with enough of Muzan’s blood, she could work on an antidote. She eventually succeeded and acquired a medicine, which Nezuko received and turned into a human.

When does Nezuko become Human?

Nezuko  looks as human

In chapter 126, Daybreak and First Light from the Swordsmith Village Arc, after defeating Hantengu, Tanjiro collapses on the ground in sadness and exhaustion. He grieves over the fact he sacrificed his younger sister in the fight.

But to his disbelief, he sees Nezuko standing under the sun, healed and uninjured, smiling brightly at him. This is where her transformation begins.

Well, Nezuko’s transformation into a human is a long one. In the Infinity Castle Arc, in Chapter 147, we see Sakonji Urokodaki return to Butterfly Estate to take care of ill Nezuko. He then gives her Tanayo’s medicine to avert her back to human form.

Nezuko falls into a deep sleep but suddenly wakes up making everyone around her shocked. She sprints out with Sakonji running after her. She jumps off a cliff but lands safely. This makes Sakonji believe that the medicine didn’t work.

Nezuko makes her way to the place where the battle between Muzan and Tanjiro was taking place. In the later chapter, Muzan starts to get tense when Nezuko reaches the edge of the city where the battle is going on. At this point, one of her eyes starts to turn as it was when she was a human.

The horrifying moment where Muzan kills her family flashes right before her eyes as she begins to recall her past. Nezuko reminisces all the hardships and beautiful moments she and her brother along with their friends had gone through.

Finally, in chapter 196, I AM, Nezuko’s past flashes before her eyes making her difficult to control her emotions. Finding her footing, she stands up and finds her hands turned into that of a human.

In the ending panels, she is holding her head as she seems confused with all the memories flooding in. At that moment she remembers her brother, Tanjiro, saying that he would save her no matter what.

At last, she raises her head, declaring that she is Nezuko Kamado. This is the moment when Nezuko finally becomes human again.

What happens when Nezuko turns into a human?

Now you know that she does become a human again, but now what?

This whole thing of Nezuko turning back to a human is yet to come in the anime series but in the manga series, after she turns back to a human, she loses all her powers and becomes an ordinary human being.

Many fans were expecting her to join the Demon Slayer Corps but in the latter part of the manga, Nezuko marries Zenitsu, and starts a family together.

Is Nezuko the strongest demon in Demon Slayer?

She might not be the strongest demon, but she is in the levels of the Upper-Rank demons.

How quickly can Nezuko regenerate?

Nezuko’s regeneration speed is no less than that of an upper moon. It’s also mentioned that it surpasses the regeneration speed of one of the upper moons.

Why does Nezuko have a piece of bamboo in her mouth?

It’s an extra layer of defense to prevent her from attacking any humans and to hide her demon fangs.

Will Nezuko gain her powers back once she’s a human again?

That is less likely to happen as she would have to turn back into a demon again to gain such powers which are not possible as Muzan is gone.

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