Does Naruto Die? (Manga and Boruto Explored)

Naruto Die

No one imagined that Uzumaki Naruto would get into such trouble while fighting Isshiki Ōtsutsuki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

People even thought Naruto lost the fight and ended up dying along with Kurana (the Nine Tail Fox).

But what’s the truth?

Although Naruto may not be the main protagonist in the Boruto series, he has a lot of vital roles in many events of Boruto. He holds immense responsibility and greater power than anyone else.

So, did the most powerful Shinobi of the modern era actually die? Let’s unravel the truth.

Does Naruto Die in Boruto?

In the first episode of the Boruto anime, we could see a little glimpse a major war in the future.

We saw the Konoha ‘The Leaf Village’ in ruins. Everything was destroyed and it seemed like Boruto’s father was dead.

So, oes this mark the death of Naruto? Don’t worry, everything is fine.

Naruto is still alive and fighting off his opponents. Although you don’t see him much, it doesn’t mean he is dead.

If he dies, the franchise will lose almost half of its viewers. The Seventh Hokage plays a vital role in the whole anime as the protector of the village and Boruto’s dad.

For now, though he’s gone missing, we know he is still breathing. But how about in Manga?

Does Naruto Die in Manga?

The anime episodes still follow the manga. So, there won’t be any specific changes in the anime; as of now.

Although there was a high chance of Naruto dying in chapter 66 of the manga, surviving against all the odds, he is still breathing to fulfill his Hokage duty.

How did Jigen Almost kill Naruto?

Naruto whiskers

Just like in the manga, Naruto almost died in the Boruto anime series. This incident happened while he was fighting Jigen; one of the strongest villains Naruto has ever faced.

We saw that Jigen had connections with Isshiki Ōtsutsuki.

As Isshiki controlled Jigen; we see how dominant he’d become. Naruto, Sasuke, and Kurama had a tough time just trying to defend themselves against his powerful moves.

Jigen’s brute power was overwhelming.

The battle was so intense that Isshiki almost killed Sasuke. Thankfully, Naruto comes at the right time and manages to distract him with his clones. Using that opportunity, Sasuke uses his Rinnegan and manages to escape.

Kurama tells Naruto how Isshiki was playing things calmly and hadn’t shown any forms of malice. But this would change in a matter of minutes.

Ōtsutsuki suddenly sealed Naruto inside a giant coffin under Boro’s protection.

Boruto Uzumaki, Mitsuki, Sarada Uchiha (Team 7), and Kawaki gave it their all to enter the dimension where Naruto was kept captive. They managed to create a crack on the seal and managed to recuse Naruto.

The team eventually took Boro down and rushed to Konoha with unconscious Naruto. They were all taken to the hospital for recovery.

Naruto’s Baryon Mode

After recovery, they made their way to the second round of the fight.

Boruto teleported Isshiki and himself to the dimension where they were previously sealed. Naruto, Sasuke, and Kurama also joined him.

As soon as the battle began, all of them get overwhelmed by Ōtsutsuki’s powers. He blocked Naruto’s every attack and knocked Sasuke out cold.

Then, Kurama did something that left all the fans in tears. He used his last trump card; sacrifice himself.

Kurama gives a quick tutorial on his new Baryon mode to Naruto.

He explains how it was supposed to be used and warned him to be careful and not to make any unnecessary movements.

Getting into the Baryon mode, Naruto gained the upper hand in the battle and surpassed Isshiki’s powers. But he started to get more tired as his energy deteriorated quickly.

Kurama understanded this mode was draining his and Naruto’s life forces. But it was also affecting Isshiki and delivering more damage.

So, despite their lack in energy, they continued to put more pressure on Isshiki. Eventually, Isshiki ran out of strength and gave up.

But at the same time; it was time to say goodbye to Kurama. He shared his last moments with Naruto.

Naruto got emotional and was ready to sacrifice his life with Kurama but couldn’t as he was the hokage. Kurama warned Naruto to be more careful as he would not be there to help.

They got the victory but at what cost…

Will Naruto Die Without Kurama?

Kurama and naruto

Nobody expected that Kurama would die.

Everyone thought that the demonic fox and the Seventh Hokage would live till the end, sharing their moments but Masashi Kishimoto (author of Boruto: Naruto next generations series) had different plans.

After the nine-tailed fox’s demise, Naruto was still alive. This means, that Kurama’s death won’t affect the Hokage’s life, but what about the future?

Will he eventually die?

As we’ve already discussed before, Kurama’s death won’t affect him physically, but it will affect him mentally. Kurama was a close friend of Naruto and was always there for him whenever he needed him.

In terms of powers, it will make a huge impact in Naruto’s abilities.

Will Kurama be Back in Boruto?

This is still one of the biggest mysteries which is yet to be answered.

Kurama will always be a part of Naruto and will remain with him. Although he will not be physically present with him in battles, he will always remain in his heart.

If Masashi considers his fans’ feelings and feels pity, then he “might” consider and reincarnate Kurama.

But in the end, it all depends upon him. Until something official news gets released, there is no way to tell about Kurama coming back to life.

Will Naruto Die in the Future?

Like every other character Naruto will eventually die. He will be surpassed by the Eight Hokage in the future. For now, he’s alive for Kurama and Konoha as the Seventh Hokage.

Naruto has always been the main character in the whole series; one way or the other. Even though the series Boruto focuses more on Naruto’s son; he will still play more vital roles in battles and other events.

For now, Naruto is still the most powerful character in the series, and the only shinobi who comes equal to him is Uchiha Sasuke.

So,until Kishimoto starts to go nuts and kills the main characters of the series, the Seventh Hokage will live. If Naruto dies in the series the fans will never forget Masashi Kishimoto.

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