Does Luffy Use Gear 5 in One Piece Film Red? Ultimate Transformation Revealed

Luffy gear 5

Luffy’s gear transformations are entirely absurd. What’s more ridiculous is that he gets a boost to his power, speed, and endurance as the number of gears is upgraded. Well, did you happen to watch his new transformation(Gear Fifth)?

The new transformation is the ultimate transformation of Luffy. Lately, One Piece has released its latest film, Red, and it grounded immediately after its release resulting from being one of the highest-grossing anime.

The main reason this movie got so popular is that we get to see the new transformation of Luffy. But will he get to see him using that power?

To know about it, let’s jump into the article below!!

Monkey D. Luffy in Gear Fifth

Following the fourth gear, Gear Fifth is the latest unleashed transformation of Luffy that left all of us jaw-dropped. Mugiwara got access to this drastic after he awakened his Devil Fruit power.

In this form, The Captain of the Straw hats Pirates is renowned as the Warrior of Liberation as he freed the entire Wano country from the captivation of Kaido with the absurd power of his new form.

This transformation of Luffy got first introduced in the manga when he battled against the Emperor, Kaido. This form of Luffy happens to be unlocked at the precise moment as he is having quite a hard time fighting against the strongest creature alive.

The Captain of the Straw hat Pirates got access to the tremendous power of Gear Fifth after he awakened his Devil Fruit powers. Unlike any Devil Fruit awakening, this awakening was different and wreaked havoc throughout the One Piece world.

After the awakening of this Devil Fruit, it was announced that the Devil that Luffy ate was Hito Hito No Mi: Model Nika rather than Gomu Gomu No Mi.

This form of Luffy is different from his previous transformations. Not only in terms of power, speed, and endurance but in terms of appearance too. When Mugiwara gets evolved in this form, the color of his hair and clothes get changed to white.

Even his eyes turn red color along with a cloud-like substance around his neck. In simple words, his appearance was a lot like that of cartoons. However, the monstrous power of this transformation is not to be underestimated, and you know why.

When the new power Luffy was out, the audience was either left speechless or driven crazy. That left all of us more astonished is that The Captain of the Straw Hats Pirates started beating the crap out of the strongest creature alive with its overwhelming power.

Not only that, he even succeeded in doing something that no one in the history of One Piece could do or dared to, i.e., eliminate the infamous, Kaido.

Does Luffy use Gear 5 in One Piece Film: Red?

One Piece Film: Red grossed over  ¥18.04 billion in Japan, making it the greatest-grossing film of One Piece. It became so popular that it became renowned as the 6th highest-grossing anime.

Do you know the reason? How? Shanks’s appearance after all these years and Luffy’s new form.

So yeah, the appearance of Luffy was first shown in non-other than One Piece: Red Film. It is because the movie continues after the Captain of the Straw hat Pirates successfully overwhelms Kaido and releases Wano Country.

The Gear 5 transformation of Luffy was shown in the latest film of One Piece, but when and where?

In the film Red, Luffy is in a dream world created by Uta. In the same dream, Luffy encountered an overpowered demon that was a massive threat to most people.

As a result, Luffy engages in a fight with the monster, but that’s not all. The battle was highly intense, so Shanks joined Mugiwara to defeat the opponent. That is the moment when Mugiwara uses his fifth gear transformation in the film.

The monster was annihilated with the tremendous power of Shanks’ and Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation. Honestly, the fans in there screamed so loud in this scene that I thought they’ll be unlocking a new voice.

So yeah, aside from the battle against Kaido, Luffy is also shown using Gear 5 in One Piece Film: Red.

Fans’ reaction to Luffy’s new form (Gear Fifth)

When the infamous pirates, Luffy and Kaido, battled against each other, the Captain of the Straw Hats was continuously defeated over two times. Proving himself the overwhelming one, the strongest creature alive didn’t flinch.

Although Luffy had the ability to Ryou that could counter Kaido’s tough scales, it was not potent enough to defeat the King of the Beasts. No wonder he was feared as the biggest threat to the world, along with the title of Emperor of the Sea.

Well, even though Luffy was knocked over two times, he’s the one who never learned to run away. Despite the hopeless victory, the Captain of the Straw Hats Pirates tried relentlessly that paid off at last.

Mugiwara defeated the strongest creature alive and freed the Wano Country from his governing. During the same incident Luffy earned the name “Warrior of Liberation.”

Guess how he defeated the strongest villain ever produced in the series till now?

We know that Luffy always comes up with something amusing, leaving all of us astonished when he’s helpless. And the same thing happened this time. However, this time was different. He appeared with something that left all of us jaw-dropped.

It was non-other than his new gear transformation, i.e., Gear 5. In chapter 1044 of the manga, it was shown that Luffy awakened his Devil Fruit. As a result, he unlocked gear’s fifth transformation.

The release of this chapter of One Piece excited its fandom so much that it was appreciated all over the internet. It was so crazy that no one could stop reading the manga after they oversaw a particular portion of it.

Even the one who didn’t want to get spoiled couldn’t get rid of the spoilers. Well, this is the only about the manga. Do you know what happened when the transformation of Luffy was displayed on the screen?

Luffy’s Gear Fifth was released in the manga chapter, i.e., during the battle against Kaido. Still, the audience of One Piece saw this transformation of him directly after he defeated the strongest creature alive.

It is because One Piece Film: Red got released sooner than the anime episode where Luffy defeated Kaido. And when the film got released, all the viewers were driven crazy as no one ever expected that plot. The expression of every individual in the series was priceless.

Was it necessary to introduce Luffy’s gear Fifth in One Piece?

We know that Luffy has defeated numerous infamous pirates in the sea with his incredible powers. Thanks to his overwhelming transformative skills and abilities, he gained massive popularity as one of the most potent pirates at a very young age.

Since he started his journey to become the King of the Pirates, he has faced numerous complexities, and the most distressing yet interesting hurdles of Luffy were his opponents.

As he continued his journey and went deeper into the world of pirates, he encountered a couple of opponents with average powers and opponents with horrific powers.

Even opponents almost killed or defeated him, but as we know, giving up is not in the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates dictionary. He somehow managed to knock them out.

Even though his opponents outclassed his skills and abilities and beat the crap out of him, he didn’t give up. Instead, he started to his opponents’ skills, as evidenced in the battle against Charlotte Katakuri.

However, as Luffy continued his journey, he had to face much more powerful opponents. He struggled to battle with Katakuri with his maximum power. Guess what happened when he approached Kaido?

The strongest creature remained unscratched even though the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates attacked him with his maximum power in ultimate transformation. During that time, Luffy realized he was a piece of cake for Kaido.

Later on, The Captain of the Straw hats Pirates came up with a new transformation, i.e., Gear Fifth, after being defeated consecutively twice. Soon after that, Luffy was able to overwhelm Kaido succeeding in liberating Wano’s citizens.

Oda introduced Kaido as the strongest creature to exist, so he was rewarded with ridiculous power that Luffy could barely match. However, he also plans to make Mugiwara the King of Pirates eventually.

So, for Luffy to achieve his dream of becoming the King of Pirates, Oda eventually boosted his powers. Without a doubt, Echiiro needed to introduce the Gear Fifth transformation because it is where a new story begins.

According to some theories, this transformation also hints that Luffy might be the legendary character Joyboy who remains a mystery.

Gear Fifth’s transformation is shown to be the key to Luffy’s Devil Fruit which grants him tremendous powers and capabilities. This power will be a great advantage for him to continue his journey as those powers can hold and even defeat an Emperor.

The Captain of the Straw Hats managed to overpower Kaido with relative ease in this transformation. It might be possible that it was the least powerful attack of Mugiwara in this transformation.

If it happens to be so, Luffy will possibly use the most powerful attacks of this transformation until the end of the series as there are only the fewest character that can stand against this power of Luffy. These are the reasons why the introduction of GearFifth was a must.


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