Does Luffy find the One Piece?

Luffy Pirate King

If someone asked if you would be interested in reading a manga or watching a series with over thousands of chapters and episodes, would you be up for it? Most of you might shrug off the idea, and realistically speaking it’s not that doable as well.

However, the anime series One Piece has managed to hook its audiences for more than two decades now. Many fans agree with the fact that, in the history of anime and series, there hasn’t been a beginning like that of One Piece.

Opening the series with Gol D. Roger’s execution was indeed a very bold move by Oda. With such a scene, the audiences instantly became hooked on the series.

One other thing that captured the viewers’ attention was the treasure, One piece, that Roger mentioned right before his execution.

Just like many others, Luffy sets out on the journey to find the One Piece, and become the Pirate King. However, even after such a long time, Luffy has yet to find the One Piece.

To this day, many questions about what exactly One Piece is. Here in this article, we have discussed everything there is to know about this treasure and whether Luffy will be able to find it or not.

What is One Piece?

One Piece Treasure

One Piece was the name given to all the treasures that the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger gathered during his time as a pirate. The treasure was located on the final island of the Grand Line: Laugh Tale and believed to be of great value.

The series began with Gol D. Roger’s execution where he mentioned his treasures. In his last moments, when Roger was asked about his treasure, he simply stated it was right where he left it.

He mentioned that whoever found the treasure was theirs to keep. However, finding the treasure was not an easy task, as he even said that to find the treasure, one had to search the entire world.

After his death, people began to become pirates and set out to find One Piece. Hence, this commenced the hunt for the treasure and thus the Great Pirate Age began.

Many do believe that the One Piece is a common name given to Roger’s treasures which were his wealth, fame, and power. 

Who found it?

It was Gol D. Roger and his pirates’ crew who found the treasure on Laugh Tale. Originally the treasure or a portion of the treasure belonged to Joy Boy. Since Roger and his crew found the treasure, it became his. Along with his other treasures, it was named One Piece.

How did Roger end up on Laugh Tale?

It all started when rumors started to spread that Joy Boy from the void century had left some treasure on the last island of Grand Line. Eventually, it got to the ears of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. To confirm such rumors, he along with his crew of pirates set out in search of the treasure.

On his journey, Roger reached a dead end at Lodestar Island. It turned out the island was the second last island of the Grand Line, Laugh Tale being the last one. Roger’s Log Pose started to act weird and made him realize that there was another destination beyond Lodestar island.

He believed that the land beyond the island existed and held treasures of great value. So, the Roger Pirates initiated their final journey through the Grand Line and ended up on the last island.

On his journey, Roger recruited Kozuki Oden, the daimyo of Kuri in Wano Country, to his crew as he was able to read the Poneglyphs. With his help, they were able to uncover the mystery of the Road Poneglyphs.

After they located each one of the Poneglyphs in the quest, Roger and his crew finally reached the mysterious island twenty-five years before the current timeline. There they discovered Joy Boy’s treasures.

On finding the treasure, the crew burst into fits of laughter. On the final island, they learned the truth about the Void Century, the nature of the Ancient Weapons along with Joy boy and his past.

Gol D. Roger Laugh tale













The pirates found the stories and findings to be funny, especially Roger. Inspired by the funny stories, Roger named the mysterious island Laugh Tale. Till now, after Joy boy, Roger and his crew are the only people known to set foot on this island.

The real reason why they laughed is still a mystery just like the treasure.

Does One Piece exist?

If what Roger said about his journey to Laugh Tale is true and his treasure is exactly where he left, then the One Piece must exist.

Because not much light is shed on the treasure itself, many still question its existence, if it is real or not. However, in the series, many times prove the existence of the treasure.

The treasure was talked about a lot in the series. However, its existence was proved when Edward Newgate and Whitebeard himself confirmed it.

During the mission to save Ace from the execution, Luffy along with Whitebeard came to his rescue. The fierce battle between the Marines and Pirates ended up with Ace and Whitebeard losing their lives.

Even in their last moments, Ace expressed how thankful he was to receive such love from Luffy whereas Whitebeard announced to everyone, that the treasure One Piece that everyone was after, indeed existed.

His statement was believable as he too was close with the Roger Pirates. So along with Roger, he too knew the truth about the One Piece.

Similarly, earlier in chapter 224, of the series, when the Straw hat pirates were looking for Sky island they encountered Bellamy. When they asked him about sky island, he and his teammates laughed at them.

Bellamy confronted Luffy and his mates saying that such ancient legends were nothing but stupid dreams. Along with Sky Island, other mysterious places, and things like the Emerald City and the  One Piece Treasure were deemed as mere rumors by Bellamy.

However, the things that Bellamy mentioned to be unreal did exist. Like the Sky Island that Luffy and his crew found. Similarly, the golden city which many believed to be the Emerald City also existed.

So if we follow the pattern and look into things that Bellamy said just existed in our imaginations, they might not just be any pipe dreams but rather a clue to One Piece’s existence. As some of the things he mentioned did exist and it did add more proof to the fact that One piece does exist.

What kind of Treasure is One Piece?

The term One piece came to be when Roger stated all his treasures are in “one piece” at the end of the Grand Line.

When the word treasure comes up we think about gold, silvers, and other valuable materials. In the series as well, the One piece might not be anything like precious stones and jewels but it sure is something valuable, far more than golds and silvers.

Furthermore, it was also confirmed by Oda that it is indeed a physical reward rather than something” like the journey itself was the real treasure.” 

Even Whitebeard confirmed it to be something that would shake the world to its core. So for it to do something like that it is not just something to be chased after but rather is to be caught.

So, it is a tangible treasure that once discovered will grant immense power to the beholder.

What are the theories regarding One Piece?

To this day it is still unclear as to what the treasure is. Here we have come up with some of the theories that might help us to better understand the treasure and probably figure out what it is.

So the One Piece treasure can be any of these things.

1. That will give the location of the legendary weapons

In the series, there are mainly three ancient weapons, known as Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. Each of them is named after a deity for their godly mass destruction powers.

So many believe that the One piece is a weapon that will bring these three ancient weapons together or it can be “The Weapon” after these three are combined.

2. That will explain the origin of the devil fruit

The devil’s fruits are one of the mysterious sources of power in the series. However, their origins are still a mystery to this day. The treasure One piece could be the key to discovering their origins.

3. Another theory can be that the real treasure is their friendship and the bond that they developed over time throughout their journey.

However, this was debunked by Oda himself in an interview. He clearly stated that he was not going to pull the Wizard of Oz stuff in his series, meaning no more of that friendship power and stuff.

Well if you look at it, it does make sense. All this journey and hardship just to show the power of friendship? The fans would certainly not be pleased. 

4. The treasure could very well just be riches such as gold and other valuable items. This is most likely to be true, as a pirate do need to be rewarded for all their efforts.

Who doesn’t like a little wealth for themselves?

5. The treasure is also believed to hold the truths and mysteries regarding the Void Century. Maybe because this was so important, Roger wanted to share the knowledge with the rest of the world.

6. Another interesting theory about the treasure is that it may be related to Joy Boy. By finding the treasure, Joy Boy’s true identity and his past can be revealed to the world.

7. According to Whitebeard’s statement, the One piece did exist and when it will be found had the power to make the world a new place. So, the treasure could very much be a weapon that will unify the divided lands and bring a new era of unification.

8. The One Piece treasure could also be the power that can be used to disrupt the powers of the current World Government. Hence they are trying their best to hide it from the world.

9. The Tree of Knowledge was a huge tree that the scholars studied. They were also able to read ancient languages. However, the tree was destroyed by the World Government.

This makes us wonder if the treasure, One Piece, is another tree of knowledge and the World Government is trying to keep it a secret.

10. This one is a little crazy, but bear with us. So, the next theory that we have come up with is that Toki from the Void century must have sent something or someone from her time to the present day.

And that something or someone must be what the treasure is, as Toki confirms with Oden that the time has yet to come for the treasure to be discovered.

There are many such theories about the Treasure One Piece. Here we have gathered up some of the interesting fan theories that might pique your interest.


1. So according to some fans, they believe that One Piece is actually Sake.  For those of you who don’t know what sake is, it is traditional Japanese grain alcohol made by fermenting polished rice.

Well, it won’t be completely wrong to say that it could be a treasure. The drink is very famous and prominent in the series, as we see most characters taking it. So the treasure could also be some divine and expensive sake as a reward for the Pirates’ hard work.

2. Many believe that the treasure One Piece is time-sensitive and person sensitive as well. Because as in the series we can see that, when Roger and his crew first discovered the treasure, he stated that they were too early.

So this makes us believe that the treasure can only be put to use by the right person at the right time.

Interesting, wonder why Rayleigh trained Luffy exactly for two years. Probably because he knew Luffy was the one to discover the treasure.  

3. Fans also believe that the treasure is the center of all the truths about the Ponegylphs and the ancient world and holds the power to disrupt the power system of the world.

4. Notice how some major characters of the series have the letter D in their name, and yet not much is known about why they have it. Certainly, they might not have been even related to each other.

So fans came up with the theory that upon the reveal of the treasure One Piece, the truths about the origin of the letter D in the character’s name will also be revealed.

At this point, The One Piece could very likely be an Ancient Weapon, as many things indicate it to be a weapon or some kind of mighty godly power.

The three ancient weapons, Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus are one of the most powerful weapons in the whole series. The One Piece is believed to bring all these three together or be a combination of these all and turn into a legendary weapon.

According to the Ponegylphs, the world is supposed to enter a new era when all these ancient weapons come together as one.

The Pluton is a battleship almost the size of an island, Poseidon could communicate with the Sea kings, and Uranus was a divine entity believed to be the Sun God, Nika. Just like the other weapon Uranus had the power to destroy the world.

By using Poseidon’s ability one could take the gigantic Pluton from the depths of the sea and combining their powers can use it against the World Government.

However, since it can only be used during the right time by the right person, the truths about the treasure won’t likely be revealed until Luffy gets to the Laugh Tale by himself.

So, we can say that all these powers and treasures are all for fighting against the World Government to unify the world that was one divided by powers and begin a new era of humanity.

Why did the World Government try to hide One Piece?

It is not mentioned in the series, however, the World Government is certainly trying to hide the treasure from the rest of the world.

In the recent episode of the series, it was revealed that Luffy could be Joy Boy as he was named the Warrior of Liberation, the one who would help the people and grant them freedom.

The World Government did know about this so they tried to stop the Straw Hat Crew. They didn’t want the Chosen One to find the treasure because they were afraid that the world would be free from corruption and the system that they developed would collapse.

Furthermore, they were afraid that anyone who found the treasure would come to know everything about the World including the Void Century and truths about the ancient world.

So, to prevent such things from happening, the World Government did its best to keep a tab on whoever defied them and stopped whoever approached the treasure.

Why does Luffy want to find the One Piece?

Ever since Luffy was a kid, he was inspired by Gol D. Roger and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Luffy’s dream was to set sail on the vast ocean and someday become the Pirate King just like Roger.

During his execution, Roger talked about his treasure and left it for the world to discover. People began to hunt for treasure to gain wealth, fame, and power.

However, Luffy wanted to find the One Piece so that one day he will make his dream of becoming the Pirate king true.

With the series entering its final stages, many mysteries have begun to unravel. Recently pieces of information regarding Joy Boy and the Void Century have also been revealed.
So, it won’t be long before Luffy actually finds the treasure and we will get to know what the true One Piece is. We just might have to wait a few more decades or so. Just Kidding!

After more than two decades, the popular series One Piece is entering its final stages. With the series closing to the end, fans are excited and curious to see whether Luffy finds the One Piece and becomes the Pirate King or not.

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