Does Light Yagami Die at the End of Death Note?

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the genius owner of ‘Death Note. He is also one of the famous characters in the anime series. He might be the first character to defeat an anime protagonist without even laying a finger on him. He gets successful in beating L, but in the end, it doesn’t go as he had planned. Does he get killed in the end?

Light Yagami has the power to kill anyone he wants. He is a person that is feared by the whole world. It’s not only in Japan but the name ‘Kira’ is famous worldwide. How can a person like that powerful even die? Let’s take a look at what happens at the end of Death Note.

What happens at the end of Death Note?

Light faces his fate in episode 37 of the series. Let’s take a look at what happens exactly, and does he come back again?

In episode 36, Near suggests Light arrives at the warehouse named “Yellow Box” to meet with his special task force. Light agrees, and as he appears closer to the Yellow Box, he has already prepared his master plan. He has already started to put things in order and plans to kill anyone that suspiciously looks at him.

The plan that Light had on his mind was that Mikami would take a look at the yellow box, not down the names of everybody she looked at in the original Death Note. He had a perfect plan where everybody in the Yellow Box except for him would die.

As soon as Mikami starts to take a glimpse and notes down the names, Near notices that. He has noticed that somebody has noted down their names. Mikami then enters the room. She then tells Light that 30 seconds have passed since he wrote the name to Light. Do you know how many seconds it takes for a person to die after the title is written?

light yagami and ryuk

It normally takes 40 seconds for a person to die after the name is written in the Death Note. It has already been 30 seconds, and then Mikami starts to count the remaining 10 seconds. 3..2..1… Mikami reaches 40, and then we hear a shout. “I win,” says Near. Lights get shocked but are unaware that Mikami has the fake Death Note and Near has already got his hand on the real one.

This was the first time that Light’s cover had blown up. He was shocked that his plan didn’t work. Everyone inside the Yellow Boc was surprised except for Near. It was Near’s plan the whole time. He had outsmarted Light and had already predicted his new moves. And the final master plan of Near then begins.

Near then takes the fake Death Note from Maikimi and reads all the names that were written there. Near looks at the name and finds that there were names of everyone except Yagami Light. The Special Task and Neat then start to throw their suspicion toward Yagami Light.

Light is in disbelief that his plan didn’t work out for this time. He then says that this is a setup, and he shouts in frustration. He starts to panic and throws bluffs, but the evidence is clear, and the murderer is also because it is clearly written in the Death Note about everything.

It wasn’t possible for Near to capture the serial killer alone, so he had already discussed certain plans with Mello and detective L. They collaborated with each other to reveal their true identity of Kira. Light sees that this time he has no escape.

He knows that he is now cornered, but then he laughs. This is one of the greatest moments in the whole anime. His evil laugh is one of the iconic scenes in anime. He then reveals that he is Kira.

He then tells all of them that the world needs Kira for true justice, for humanity. He explains that he is not done with sharing his justice, the world needs to get cleaned again, and there are still many rotten people in the world, and this is the thing that only he can do.

But then, finally, Light reveals his backup plan. He pulls up a piece of Death Note.

Does Yagami Light Die?

After knowing that he has been cornered and there’s nothing to hide, he pulls up a piece of Death Note that he had been keeping on his watch. When he’s about to write Near’s name, he gets shot in the arm. Matsuda is the one that pulls the trigger. But Light isn’t done yet. He stands up again and tries to write on the paper with his blood.

After seeing him try, Matsuda gets filled with rage and shoots him multiple times. He falls to the ground, he wants to stand up again, and even strains, but he is not too low on energy. Mikami then, in the commotion, slits his wrist with a pen and screams in pain. Using that moment as an opportunity, he makes his escape.

While the task force was busy looking after Mikami, he escaped from the Warehouse. After seeing him run, the Task Force is about to make their run to catch Light but Near stops them. He believes that he won’t live for long and knows that he doesn’t have another Death Note.

The Task Force is still concerned; they don’t take orders from Near and start pursuing Light. Yagami is in pain and is trying to find a cover while being covered in blood. This is one of the heartbreaking scenes from the anime because he is dying slowly, and he can’t do anything about that.

He starts to get flashbacks of when he was younger. The anime gives us a recap of the moments that Light had been on till now. Even the sun is setting, an emotional song is being played in the background, and Yagami Light is still running with all those pain and blood.

He suddenly starts to hallucinate and sees flashbacks of him finding the Death Note when he was younger, when he was excited to look at the Death Note for the first time. The flashback ends as he’s about to enter the warehouse.

As Light is dying, Ryuk observes him from the top of the tower. Yagami is exhausted from running because of the gunshot wounds. As Yagami Light tries to take a stair, Ryuk writes his name on the Death Note. Light suddenly gets a heart attack and dies.

Why Did Light Die? 

Ryuk writes the name of Yagami Light in his Death Note. It is maybe he felt pity for him and gave him a peaceful and sooner death than looking at him struggling to end. But what if there’s a different reason?

Yagami Light looks at himself and talks to himself; he finds it unbelievable that he will die. Looking back, Ryuk had dropped his Death Note in the human world because he was bored. He was bored with his word and was looking for excitement where he thought it would be perfect on earth.

light yagami and L

Did you know what the plan of Ryuk was? He had planned to kill the person who would lay their hands for the first time in Death Note. It was unfortunate for Light because he was the first person who got his hands on the Death Note. With one thing or another, his fate was already fixed from the beginning.

Ryuk knew that the humans would get fascinated after seeing the Death Note. Just like that, Light became obsessed with the Death Note and started using it frequently.

The first reason why Light had to die was that he was doomed from the moment he touched the Death Note. The second reason is he was never meant to use the Death Note. A normal human shouldn’t take responsibility for another human being. He started to kill many other people as well, and for that, he had to pay for his life.

Light is in disbelief that he is dying in the same way that he used to kill other rotten criminals. We can be sure that Ryuk didn’t kill him because he was feeling remorse or anything. After all, he was smiling the whole time. He killed him because that way 2would be more fun instead of seeing him rotten in jail.

At what age did Yagami Light die?

Look back at when Yagami Light was born for the first time. He was born in February 1989 and died in January 2013. Yagami Light died when he was 23 years old. Yagami thought he was doing the work of the gods by killing all the criminals; he thought of himself as a god and had to pay the price for that.

Yagami Light died at a pretty early age. He was only 21; he could’ve chosen a different path and lived with his parents. He was a genius being, but that genius led him to nowhere. Ultimately, he was killed by the same method he used to kill other criminals.

He was no different than the rest of the criminals. That’s why I had to face the same fate. A book stole his life just when he was 21.

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