Does Karen Die in Daredevil?

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Karen is an important character in the Daredevil series and also a significant person to our hero Matt Mudrock. The question of whether she dies or not is a great concern to the Daredevil fan. Isn’t it? Well to know about that you must read until the end of this article.

Karen was a very interesting character in the comics and series Daredevil. So first, lets us know something about Karen Page and her relationship with our hero Matt Mudrock who is also a vigilante in his most stylish suits.

Who is Karen Page?

In comics, Karen was a bright girl with rich parents. She moved to New York to live in her own way, away from her parents’ privilege. She ultimately ended up working for Matt and Foggy’s law firm named Nelson and Mudrock.

However in the Disney+ series, Daredevil, Karen was a secretary to an accountant chief of Union Allied Constructions. Eventually, she became the manager officer of Nelson and Mudrock. She was a mutual love interest of both Matt and Foggy.

She was the one who helped Matt and Foggy reveal Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin and send him behind the bars. Well, it was not easy for her, she was constantly risking her life, always being a target of Kingpin.

Well, let us begin from the start. In the beginning, when working in Wilson Union Allied Constructions, Karen found a suspicious email that contained evidence of United Allied’s illegal money.

Soon, she told McClintock, one of Union Allied’s employees, about the laundering of money but he instantly denied the fact.

Then Karen copied the file and asked one of her co-workers from the legal department, Daniel Fisher to join her for drinks. She believed he was a good person and she could trust him with all the secrets also the one she had carried in pen drive.

Both of them met at a bar, when Karen took a couple of drinks, she suddenly started to feel dizzy and fell asleep. She woke up in her apartment to find dead Fisher in front of her and herself covered with his blood with a knife in her hand.

Soon, the police came and arrested her for a crime she had never committed. Well, she lacked the evidence and proof to prove her innocence, this is when our law heroes Matt and  Foggy came to the rescue. How? Let’s unveil it below.

How did Karen meet Matt Mudrock?

So, the meeting of Karen and Matt was a part of the first case of Nelson and Mudrock law firm. Well, both Matt and Foggy were in search of the case after opening their law firm. They eventually found a girl in jail, accused of death and it was none other than Karen.

Initially, Karen was suspicious of both of the guys and their experiences. Well, they themself admitted that they are new in the service, it has only been seven hours since they opened their new law firm and she was their first client.

Matt convinced Foggy to continue with the case even when Karen said she didn’t have money to pay them. Then, Karen told the story of her side and which both lawyers believed thus they decided to go forward to solve the case further.

The following night in the cell, Karen was attacked by one of the police officers, Clyde Farnum. Luckily, she was able to free herself from his attack. She was able to scream and hence call for help from the people around her. The next day Matt and Foggy were able to release Karen from prison due to the attack last night and the lack of official accusation.

Thus, for Karen’s safety purpose she was released from jail and then was taken to Nelson and Mudrock. She was also offered to stay at a Mudrock apartment. The next morning she was also offered a job as a manager of Nelson and Mudrock which she agreed.

This is how Matt and Karen met and also these three became the team of Nelson and Mudrock and worked together as inseparable members to solve law problems.

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Does Karen know Matt is Daredevil?

Our hero Matt was of course a master at his law firm. Besides this, he was also a vigilante who was set to save Hell’s Kitchen from the criminals and the thugs who were troubling the innocent people. In both series and comics, Karen was among the few people who knew the truth about Daredevil’s real identity.

Well, Karen didn’t know the truth about Daredevil since the beginning, she was unknown of his identity for a long time. In the Disney+ series, she knew about him in the final episode of season two.

In comics, the initial situation was similar, Karen didn’t know about Daredevil’s alter ego initially, she knew about Matt’s secret identity only since Daredevil #57.

The conditions were different when Karen knew Daredevil’s secret in both comics and series. Let us know about that too.

How did Karen know Matt’s identity as a Daredevil?

The duo of Karen and Matt shared a certain spark in both comics and in series. Karen, being so close to Matt ultimately ended up knowing the secret of Daredevil. But how and what consequences were that brought into the story? Let’s unveil them.

In Comics

In Comics Karen’s identity was somewhat different than in the series. Despite belonging to a wealthy family Karen had moved to New York City to earn the name and fame on her own and without the support of her family.

She somehow ended up working at a Nelson and Mudrock Law firm as a secretary. Well, throughout the work she fell in love with Matt which she kept along with herself for a long time. Many situations occurred that brought them closer, eventually, these two turned into lovers.

Now talking about when Karen knew the reality of Daredevil, it’s in Daredevil #57. Karen’s father, Paxton Page had reappeared as a villain but soon he died. Matt decided to reveal his identity to Karen at her father’s funeral.

Karen told Daredevil who was standing in front of him to take off his mask which he took off. Karen was completely puzzled seeing Matt behind the Daredevil’s mask at that moment as he was assumed to be dead.

The duo still continued as a couple yet Karen struggled with her boyfriend being a vigilante. Thus, she takes the promise from Matt not to be a vigilante. Matt somehow kept his promise for some time but the increasing crime rates didn’t stop him to put on his mask and fighting as a Daredevil.

Thus, the couple departed due to this reason and Karen leave for Los Angeles. This didn’t end here, Karen was addicted to drugs after this event. She even returned to New York to begin her normal life but failed influenced by heroin.

She was so addicted to drugs that she even sold the secret identity of Daredevil to his biggest enemy, Kingpin. Well, this is the worst thing she did to the person she had once loved!

In series

In the Disney+ series Daredevil, Karen had been Matt’s love interest but both hadn’t confessed their love. Karen admired Matt for a long, for the entire season one to be exact but when Matt started to reciprocate the same love she let her feelings pass. She started dating Frank Castle.

Now, to mention how knew about Matt’s secret, Matt himself revealed his superhero identity to Karen and the final episode of season two. He just showed Karen Daredevil’s horned mask and said  “I’m Daredevil.”

Well, in the second season, we didn’t get a chance to witness Karen’s reaction properly as Matt said the truth at the end of the final episode of season 2. Further in season 3, the show focused on other matters but still, Karen and Matt were shown as friends, and they were working together in the law firm.

Okay, till now we have found out how important the character is Karen in the show and also in Matt’s life.  we must say she had a life full of dangers, filled with a threat as she was the prime enemy of Kingpin. Thus, there was a high possibility of her death. Did she die at any point? Let’s finally enter into this matter.

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Does Karen Die in the Daredevil?

Well, the answer to this question again differs in the comics and series.

In the comics, Karen was shown to be dead. Well, Matt and Foggy used Karen’s insurance money to set up a new law firm of them but still, they lost her.

The series is however shown differently than the comics. Karen escaped the deadly consequences in the series. Well, how did she die in the comics and how did she escape from death in the series? Let’s unveil this.

How does Karen die?

In comics

Unfortunately, Karen died in the comics in Daredevil Volume 2, Issue 5. She was in fact killed by Bullseye in an attempt to save the fated child.

Actually, Matt was protecting the child to which Karen offered Matt to help him care for the child. Mysterio hired an assassin named Bullseye to kill the same child whom they supposed would bring bad luck to the nearby people. He was ordered to kill all the people in the Shelter that came in the way except Daredevil.

Thus, Bullseye started to kill all the people in between but still could not find the baby and hence he started battering Daredevil.

You see, things were not too good with Karen. She was still battling drug addiction and felt extremely guilty for selling Daredevil’s secret. Thus this time she wanted to help Matt at any cost.

She asked sister Marie to take the child out and used the figure of the child to grab the attention of Bullseye and said him to spare Daredevil’s life in exchange for the child. Initially, Bullseye was tricked but soon he hit Karen when he found he was tricked.

Karen then grabbed his gun and pointed it at the Bullseye and threatened him. Knowing that the gun was empty, he was not afraid, he took the real child left instead. While leaving he picked up the Billy Club and threw it to kill Daredevil. Karen intercepted in between and took the attack in herself to save Daredevil.

Well our hero was saved and he immediately defeated Mysterio, but we lost Karen in the process. Of course, she had betrayed Daredevil in the past but sacrificing her life was worthier than her repentance.

In series

Luckily, the fate of Karen was good in the series as compared to comics and one of the reasons for that is the maker did not show her dead in the series.

Just like in comics there was a probability of her death, but here in the series, the plot was set up in the Church in episode 10 of season 3. Instead of Bullseye who killed Karen in comics, Benjamin Poindexter, aka Dex was an antagonist, willing to take the life of Karen in the series.

Dex was the one who worked for Wilson Fisk and in the order of Fisk, he went to church to kill Karen in a Daredevil suit. He called her name loudly in the church which she refused to answer. Thus Dex decided to take the life of the other innocents in the church until she appear.

She came in from of him before he could attack anyone. Fortunately, Daredevil came as a savior before Dex could kill Karen.  Both fake Daredevil and real Daredevil stated continued fighting until Poindexter went in front of the crowd and threw his Billy Club.

This time Page had a narrow escape from the mouth of death as father Lanthom came in front protecting her from the attack.

Thus in the series, our favorite Karen was alive. Well, she was neither involved in drug addiction in the series nor sold Daredevil’s identity to the enemy. Thus making her death would be a huge injustice to the character.

Wrapping up

Karen is a strong woman who is beside Matt in his lows and highs. She was among the few ones to whom Daredevil had revealed his identity.

Well, in comics we lose Karen, she had sacrificed her life to save Daredevil but luckily we got to see Karen alive throughout the three seasons of the series.

In both ways, Karen always had her life at risk, either due to the enmity with the Kingpin or due to being close to Daredevil. Along the whole thing that happened, we must not forget that she handled the thing with a certain grace and strength and she would always be admired for that.

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