Does Grace Die in Peaky Blinders?

We loved actress Annabelle Wallis as Grace Burgess in the popular Netflix show, Peaky Blinders. She had awesome chemistry with her co-actor, Cillian Murphy who portrayed the character of Tommy Shelby.

If you are recently watching the show and are in the early two seasons, you may wonder if Grace made up to the last season. Well, you are in the right place. We are to reveal Grace’s journey in Peaky Blinders.

Just read till the end to indulge your curiosity!

Something to know about Grace

Grace was initially seen as an undercover agent who came to Garrison Pub for employment as a barmaid. She worked under Inspector Cambell to spy over the Selbhy family to recover the missing consignment of the guns.

Coming closer to Thomas Shelby aka Tommy was a part of the plan. Well, she was able to leak information about the consignment of the guns. In the process of her mission, she lost her heart to Tommy who also fell for her.

When Tommy knew about her betrayal he was heartbroken. Thus the couple departed at the end of the first season as Grace fleed away as she feared facing Tommy.

In the second season, two years after the event Grace was shown married to a rich banker named Clive Macmillan in New York. Tommy had frequently called Grace but he eventually hung up the phone. Well, Grace knew it was him every time. Thus, it was revealed both of them had a feeling for each other even after two years.

Grace came for a fertility check-up with her husband in London where she meets Tommy. They got back together. She also expected to have a baby with Tommy. Thus, she left her husband and married Tommy.

Does Grace die in Peaky Blinders?

Grace, being in the Shelby family is equal to being surrounded by lots of threats. There was a probable consequence of her death where she had a narrow escape.

Inspector Cambell

As we already mentioned that Inspector Cambell sent Grace to spy on the Selbhy family with the purpose to recover the gun consignment. It was part of a plan that Grace had to come closer to Thomas, but little did Cambell know he was being his own enemy.

Actually, Cambell liked Grace. After she handed the gun consignment to Cambell, he purposed to her. It is obvious that she rejected the proposal as she had fallen for Thomas. Besides, she would not have accepted the proposal of a man aged like her dad anyhow.

Well, Cambell didn’t take the matter too well. In the final scene of the first season, we witnessed Cambell pointing a gun at Grace. The season ended with the suspense of whether Cambell would kill Grace.

Season two of Peaky Blinders revealed the suspense. Thankfully Grace was not killed, rather she shot Inspector Cambell at his feet before he could shoot her. Therefore, she had saved herself.

Well, luck doesn’t favor us every time and hence it didn’t favor Grace either. We had to witness the heartbreaking death of Grace in season 3. She was murdered as a consequence of Thomas and the whole Shelby family’s rivalry with Changrettas. You have to read further to know how she was killed and who actually killed her.

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How did Grace die?

The ultimate cause of Grace’s death was the enmity of the Shelbys and Changrettas. It began with John Shelby. He had a soft corner for Lizzie who was seeing Angel Changretta. Well, Angel was the guy who was disliked by the Shelby family.

Hence to stop Angel from coming to the wedding party of Tommy and Grace, the Shelby family set his restaurant on fire.

Changretta would not be silent on the destruction caused by the Shelby family. Thus, the father of Angel, Vicente Changretta came to confront the Shelby family over the matter.

The situation would have been pacified at that point if Shebies had humbly apologized to him. But they made the situation worse, especially thanks to John! He insulted Vicente, and Arthur supported him instead of stopping.

Vicente ended up threatening John with death. Infuriated John blinds Angel’s eye with a blade placed at his peaked cap (this is called Peaky blinding, a special defense technique of Peaky Blinders). This eventually lead to the death of Angel Changretta.

Now the war came to another extreme. Vicente hired an Italian assassin to kill the leader of Peaky Blinders, Thomas Shelby. At the formal party, when Grace and Thomas were dancing the assassin shot a bullet to kill Tommy but it killed Grace instead. 

Thus, Grace died the death of Tommy leaving behind his son, Charlie to be taken care of. This incident led Tommy devastated. He could not overcome this pain until season 6.


The Curse of  Blue Sapphire

Remember the necklace of blue sapphire that Tommy gifted Grace. Well, that holds a certain story that may not be so pleasing to hear.

The event took place in season 3 when Tommy and Grace were extremely happy in their marriage with their son Charles. Meanwhile, Tommy had several deals with Russians.

In one of the deals, the Russian gave him a blue sapphire as a reward for a murder of a spy and also for an advance for the shipment of tanks. Well, he didn’t complete the latter task but he gifted the sapphire to his wife as a necklace.

They attended a formal party first time as a couple. Grace was wearing that necklace. It was the same unfortunate party where Grace was shot to death.

How can we forget the sentence told by Russain heiress, Tatiana Petrovna to Tommy before, “Does your wife know that the sapphire she’s wearing has been cursed by a gypsy? Nothing on Earth would make me wear it.”

Was the curse of the sapphire reason for her death? Well, it can be true to a great extent as it held the most horrific consequences in the latter season too. It also became the reason for the death of Tommy’s only daughter in season 6.


What Impact had Grace’s death brought to Tommy?

Grace was the person who was gradually healing Tommy but her death led Tommy devastated. We lost Tommy who used to smile often and used to crack jokes.

He was back into PTSD and mental trauma and he smiled rarely. He became a ruthless fellow without any emotions left in him. He even ignored the concern shown by his family.

We witness his mental health in the worst condition in season 5. He is seen constantly Hallucinating Grace

Of course, Tommy married Lizzie but he was never able to overcome the trauma of losing Grace. He blamed himself for not being able to protect the woman he extremely loved.

His relationship with Lizzie didn’t consist of love. The only reason he married her was that she was pregnant with his daughter.

Lizzie never tried to heal Tommy the way Grace did. Tommy was never able to love Lizzie the way he loved Grace. However, he had a low-key love for her as she was the mother of his daughter.

Was Grace Death Necessary in Peaky Blinders?

Grace’s death was the most unfortunate event that occurred in Peaky Blinder that saddened most of the fans. She was the one who was taking Tommy to the bright side of life. He was recovering from the trauma caused due to first world war in her presence.

There comes a moment when Tommy lost the love of his life at no time. He loathed himself for not being able to protect his loved lady.

The bullet that was shot at her was meant for him and this made him regret it to an even higher extent.

The death of Grace turned a cheerful Tommy into a man who barely smiled. His mental condition just degraded to the worst condition. Well, we were in pain to witness Tommy in such a pathetic condition.

On the other side, the death of Grace gave the plot of season 4. It started the ultimate Vendetta between the Changrettas and Shelby families.

If it had not led to Grace’s death, Tommy would not have been so wild and vindictive. This event also made the Solomons and Luca Changretta characters in existence.

Did Grace come back?

For an instant, we hoped for the arrival of Grace into the plot of Peaky Blinders. Of course, her glance was seen after her death too. Unfortunately, it was just a hallucination of Tommy.

We could notice her in Tommy’s remembrance in season 5. He just could not get over the memories of Grace. In his vision, he talked with her and she encouraged him to live a better life.

Short wrap up

Grace was sent to the Shelby family as the secret undercover agent. of course, she was able to accomplish the task she was assigned but also she ended up falling for Tommy Shelby.

With few complications in between, they married each other and were living happily along with Charles. The situation got worst when they get into a rivalry with Changrettas.

Changretta sent an assassin to kill Thomas but Grace was shot instead. This parted the Shelby family into fragments and devastated the world of Tommy.

What if Grace hadn’t died and Thomas had died instead? Well, it could have been a more destructive situation. The Shelby family would have lost its guardian and the family would have faced worse conditions.

Whatever has the consequences been, we enjoyed the whole season of Peaky Blinders. If you are yet to watch, what are you waiting for? Watch it fast.


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