Does Genos Die in One Punch Man? (What Did Actually Happened)


The Japanese series, One Punch Man, recently dropped the most intense chapter of all time. The intense battle between Garou and Saitama left many readers shocked. However, one thing that surprised the fans was Geno’s death.

One of the most beloved characters of the series, Genos died in the hands of Garou. The death of Genos certainly created a discussion among avid critics as well as fans.

Before straightly diving into his death, let us know a little about this Hero.

Genos is the deuteragonist of the series. He is a 19-year-old cyborg and self-proclaimed disciple of Saitama.

The Genos that we know of now was never a cyborg from the beginning. Before turning into a cyborg, he was just a regular boy. One day a mad cyborg rampaged through his town and annihilated everyone, but little did he know that Genos survived.

There he met Dr, Kuseno, who was there after the cyborg. Genos, being barely alive, begged the doctor to save him so that he could avenge his family. Dr. Kuseno agrees to save him and turn him into a cyborg.


How did Genos meet Saitama?

Genos meets Saitama

There might hardly be any fan who doesn’t know how these two met. But reminiscing memories doesn’t hurt if it’s an interesting one.

So, as we know, Genos went out to seek the cyborg that destroyed his life. So on his journey, he is encountered by a monster, Mosquito Girl, a mutant from the House of Evolution. He gives his all to attack her but fails to defeat her.

This is when he meets Saitama, mistaking him for a civilian. He advises Saitama to evacuate to a safe place. When Mosquito Girl attacks them with her horde of mosquitoes, Genos uses his Incineration cannon to burn them all. Observing the scene, Genos realizes there was a man. To his complete shock, there stood Saitama, completely unharmed, in Nudes.

The fight between Genos and Mosquito girl continues, as she gains more power and nearly kills him with a slash. Having no option, Genos decides to self-destruct and defeat the enemy. But before he could do so, Saitama steps up and slaps Mosquito girl and sends her flying through buildings, eventually killing her.

After the fight, Genos realizes how weak he was and he needed to get stronger. So he ends up in Saitama’s apartment and decides to become his disciple.

Interesting, right?

How does Genos die?

In the latest chapter, we see all the heroes fighting against Garou.

At this point, Garou had received immense power and claims himself to as a God Level Threat. Here, Bang tells Garou, that he is being controlled by something evil, to which he replies that all the doings were his own.

Suddenly we see Blast appearing on the battlefield. Since Garou’s radiation was affecting the beings in the surrounding, Blast suggests he take it somewhere else. However, Garou being full of h himself doesn’t listen to anyone.

At this point, Blast tries to fight Garou using his dimension portal abilities. He uses his Dimension Canon against Garou, but he easily dodges it. Opening various portals, Blast manages to land a few punches on Garou. Finally, when Blast was about to seal Garou between two portals, Garou emerged creating his own portal. He had somehow managed to copy Blast and his techniques.

When he emerged from the portal, he had Blast’s Gravity Knuckle in his right hand and All Life Eradication Fist: Nuclear Fission in his left hand. By combining both of those, he created his own attack, Nuclear fission: Gravity Knuckle, which he used against Blast.

During their fight, Genos interrupts in the middle and charges at Garou. However, Garou stops him in mid-air and mercilessly rips out the core from his body. Since the core is the main part of Genos’s life source without it he is as good as dead.

Why did Garou kill Genos?

In the latest chapter, 166 “Opposing each other, polar opposite fists” we see the ongoing fight between Garou and Blast. At the same time, Blast tries to distract Garou, as he is more concerned about the lives of others. However, Garou didn’t seem too interested in fighting Blast, but he was more focused on Saitama.

He soon realized that Saitama really never used his full power. So in order to draw out the true potential of Saitama, Garou kills Genos.

Genos charges at him with all his power, despite losing almost all of his body. However, he was too weak for Garou. Garou grabs him by his hair and rips his core out of his body.

Saitama arrives at the scene and sees Genos’s lifeless body. Garou tosses Genos’s core to Saitama as he is amused seeing him in such a state. Saitama holds the core and remembers how Genos always complimented him on arriving on time at the scene. However, Saitama regrets not arriving in time to save Genos.

Can Saitama defeat Garou?


After losing Genos, who was more than just a friend to him, Saitama lost it and decided to avenge Genos’ death by defeating Garou.

Garou was successfully able to bring Saitama to his full potential just as he wanted to. But upon coming face to face with the real abilities of Saitama, Garou was terrified. As scared as he was, he tried to keep his cool.

During the last released chapters, we can see them fighting with full force. The blast was witnessing all of this and was worried that their fight might really destroy the whole world. When Garou and Saitama exchanged a fist, they nearly destroyed one of Jupiter’s moons.

Soon Garou realized the only way that he would be able to defray Saitama was to mimic him. We can see how well he copied Blast’s dimension portal abilities.

Although Garou does possess extraordinary abilities and strength, Saitama does have some upper hand when it comes to physical strength and speed. So no matter what, Saitama defeating Garou is very likely to happen.

To know who comes out as a victor, we must wait for a while before the release of the new chapters, and fans are as excited as ever.

Will Genos come back?

Probably No!

It is very common in anime and manga series for the beloved characters to die. The death of Genos probably is probably one of them.

Because Genos was a cyborg, that means most of his parts were that of a robot. The core was the main part of his system. It was the life source. When Genos fought against Garou, he was already in very bad shape. So, when Garou took out his core, he lost his life source and collapsed on the ground, and died. As his main core was taken out, we can assume that he really is dead.

Even the illustrator himself stated through his tweet, that he won’t redraw Genos. 

However, fans still believe he will be back as numerous times he was resurrected by Dr. Kuseno. But it is highly unlikely to happen, as before only his other parts were damaged, which were easily repairable. however, this time around, his main core was ripped out, which would be nearly impossible to fix.

Despite all of this, there are still some who believe that Genos will come back. At the end of chapter 167, Saitama tried to put the core in his outfit but realizing that it might fall off, he held it tightly in his hands. Saitama was trying to protect the core. This leaves a small hope among the fans that maybe, with the core, they will be able to resurrect Genos.

Furthermore, as Genos has yet to finish his mission of finding the Mad Cyborg and defeating him. So in order for that to happen, they cannot just kill the character, can they?

So, right now nothing much can be said, as we cannot be so sure about his death, because looking at both perspectives, both point seems valid.

But let’s just hope, they do find some miracle and bring him back.

So in conclusion, to know what really happens to Genos,  we must be patient and wait for the upcoming chapters. As the manga series is still ongoing, we can expect some exciting chapters and more intense battles on the way.


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