Does Choji Die in Naruto?


It has been a long time since the Naruto series came to an end. Many of you might have forgotten about the supporting characters. Yet, there is a particular character that might not have got much screen time but certainly left a mark on the audience.

Want some hints?

The chubby guy, with swirl markings on his face, has brown spikey hair that sticks upwards into two parts. And not to mention an immense foodie. Remember him?

That’s right! It’s none other than Chōji Akimichi of the Hidden Leaf’s Akimichi Clan.

Because it has been years, many fans do wonder what happened to him. Since he had many near-death experiences, fans believed the possibility of him being dead was very high. But to this day many do question whether he is alive or dead.

Now if you are keeping up with the Boruto series, you already do know the answer to this. But if not, you can find it out in this article. So make sure to stick with us to the end.

Before directly getting into the topic, let us take you to the past and make you remember who Chōji Akimichi is because it seems most of the fans might have forgotten about him.

Chōji Akimichi

Belonging to the Akimichi clan, Chōji was an excellent shinobi. He was a kind, caring, and sweet person. Although being bullied for his rather bulky build, Chōji was a very kind and loyal person. His father Chōza, the Head of the Akimichi Clan, always told him that no matter what people said about them, they should never stop being kind to others.

During childhood, Chōji would often be left out while playing with other kids, as they believed he was not good enough to play with them. But to his surprise, Shikamaru stood up for him. However, he was still not allowed to play. Later on, Shikamaru found Chōji on the rooftop. Shikamaru asked Chōji to join him, to watch the clouds with him. Overjoyed to hear the offer, Chōji quickly accepted and shared his chips with him. And just like that, a lifelong friendship was forged between them.

In the academy, he would always get into trouble along with friends. To piss off their Iruka sensei, Chōji along with Shikamaru, Kiba, and Naruto, would cause trouble in the class and get punished. They would go together behind the school to practice Kunai and would get in trouble. But thanks to this, they were able to form a strong bond. This showed how friendly and loyal Chōji was to his friends.

Naruto even mentioned that while getting punished, Chōji would still think about food instead of schoolwork. A true foodie indeed!

Team Asuma

After Chōji graduated from the academy as a Genin, he was in a team with his best friend, Shikamaru Nara and Ino Yamanaka under the team Leader Asuma Sarutobi. Best known as the Ino-Shika-Cho trio of their generation, they worked together complimenting each other’s abilities and strengths. Together they were Team 10. Having Asuma as their team leader, they were able to bring out the best of them and use their strengths to their max potential.

Together, they went on several missions, fighting off opponents and deepening their bonds over time. They were also on good terms with other teams. They even went on a mission with Team 7. However, after the battle with Hidan and Kakazu, two of the Akatsuki members, Asuma lost his life. This deeply impacted Chōji and his teammates.

During his last moments, while delivering his last words to his team, he complimented Chōji on how he was always so kind to his comrades and told him to be more confident in himself as Chōji was always very insecure regarding himself.

They were gifted silver earrings as a graduation gift from Asuma as it was a Sarutobi family tradition to give their students on passing the Chunin exams.

The Ino- Shika -Cho

The Ino-Shika-Cho formation was used by the members of the Yamanaka, Nara, and Akimichi clans of the hidden leaf village which was designed as a result of their long history of working together. These formations were designed to use each member’s abilities in a way that they would complement each other. This shows how close the three clans were to each other.

Before Ino, Shikamaru, and Chōji, their fathers Inoichi, Shikaku and Chōza were the former members of the Ino-Shika- Cho formations.

Inoichi and Shikaku lost their lives in the Fourth Shinobi War, passing their legacies to their kids.

Does Chōji Die?

No, he doesn’t die. Neither in the manga nor the anime. However, even having some near-death experiences, he was lucky enough to survive. As of now he is well and alive as seen in the Boruto series.

Here we have listed some of the events from the series, where Chōji almost lost his life.

Chōji Vs. Jirobo

Jirobo was one of the members of the Sound Four, Orochimaru’s elite bodyguards, serving as the muscle of the group. Orochimaru was after Sasuke, so he ordered the Sound Four to safely escort Sasuke out of the village. They successfully managed to get Sasuke, but they were stopped on the way out by the Sasuke Retrieval Team, consisting of Shikamaru, Chōji, Naruto, Shiba, and Neji.

The Sasuke Recovery Team was an emergency response team formed to stop Sasuke from defecting to Otogakure.

After their encounter, Jirobo stayed behind to deal with them and commanded the rest of Sound Four to take Sasuke and flee. In doing so Jirobo captured the team members in a stone wall and absorbed their chakras. Shikamaru used his tactical skills and tried to distract Jirobo, by claiming that he would leave his team members and accept defeat. Hearing this, Jirobo stated how bad leader Shikamaru was to abandon his teammates.

When Jirobo was distracted, Chōji used the opportunity to find the weakest point of the wall and broke it. After successfully getting out of the barrier, the rest of the team went after Sasuke whereas Chōji stayed behind to fight Jirobo.

Since Jirobo was a strong opponent, Chōji decided to use Akimichi’s secret and powerful Three Coloured Pills against him. The pills were used to forcefully convert the fat reserves into chakra. At first, Chōji took The Green Spinach Pill (ホウレン丸, Hōrengan) to increase his power. He was able to directly attack Jirobo, lifting and throwing him away.

He used the Baiko no Jutsu to increase his body size. As he already chained kunai around himself, he turned into a spiked ball. Chōji tried to attack Jirobo but was stopped by Jirobo’s wall that he made by using the Doton: Doroku Gaieshi. However, it wasn’t enough to dodge Chōji’s attack, so Jirobo had to use his Mark of Curse: Level 1 to knock Chōji away.

Seeing how easily Chōji was defeated, Jirobo mocked him by calling him a burden and a pawn sacrificed by the team because of how weak he was. Jirobo attacked Chōji with powerful punches and knocked him out. Chōji however didn’t give up. He remembered his friends’ words, especially his best friend, Shikamaru who trusted and relied a lot on him. Gaining strength from such memories, Chōji swallowed The Yellow Curry Pill (カレー丸, Karēgan), which elevated his chakra massively.

Gaining such strength, Chōji again used the Baiko no Jutsu to increase the size of his arm and knocked Jirobo away. He attacked Jirobo with a mighty kick as well. He tried to attack Jirobo again but failed to do so as he was grabbed and thrown in the air. While still in the air, Chōji expanded his body to crush Jirobo, however, Jirobo activated level 2 of the Curse mark and was able to catch and throw Chōji away.

At this stage of the battle, Chōji was almost at the end of his strength. As the strengths from the Pills came with a price of the user’s strength, he had little to no chakra left in his body. He was constantly reminded by Jirobo that he was just a useless pawn in the battle. Laughing at Chōji’s defeat, Jirobo made Chōji doubt himself and give up.

Chōji was on the verge of defeat when suddenly he saw Jirobo walking towards his bags of chips and eating the only remaining chips. He even belittled Chōji’s friends and stated he would kill them after he was done with Chōji. Triggered by Jirobo’s actions and words, Chōji decided to take the  Red Chilli Pill (トンガラシ丸, Tongarashigan) as a last resort. The red pill was the strongest among the three colored pills, as it used all of the fat reserves of the users eventually leading them to death.

Despite knowing the effects of the Pill, Chōji decided to consume it as he would have rather died from the pill’s side effects than Jirobo’s attack. After taking the red pill, Chōji disappeared and reappeared behind Jirobo. Using the red pill, he became a hundred times stronger and even gained butterfly wings.

With the new powers, Chōji easily blocked Jirobo’s attacks and sent him flying a few meters away. Jirobo tried to get up but was soon knocked down by Chōji. Angered by the words that Jirobo said earlier about him and his friends, Chōji concentrated all his chakra in his left hand and used the Choudan Bakugeki on him. The powerful technique killed Jirobo instantly and created a huge crater on the ground.

Chōji successfully defeated Jirobo. However, because he used the red pill he was in critical condition and was rushed to the hospital. The death of the user was a certain occurrence after the use of the red pill. However, because the Nara Clan had done extensive research on the pills, it became easy for the Fifth Hokage to neutralize the poison and heal Chōji.

Team 10 and Kakashi Vs Hidan and Kakazu

Asuma was severely injured by Hidan and eventually ended up dying, leaving his team behind. Devastated by Asuma’s death, Shikamaru, Ino, and Chōji decided to go after Hidan and Kakazu to avenge his death. They went to get Tsunade’s permission but were turned down as they were not a four-man team. Kakashi volunteered to join them as he reassured Tsunade that he would look after them.

Finally, after getting the approval, they set out to find the two Akatsuki members who were behind the death of their sensei. Ino used her Mind Body Switch Technique on a crow to find the two. After finding the  Akatsuki Members, they decided to ambush them.

They decided to go with the plan created by Shikamaru after they located Hidan and Kakuzu. As Shikamaru distracted them with his attacks, Chōji attacked the two of them from above with his Spiked Human Bullet Tank. Its effectiveness increased with his new ability to grow and sharpen his hair. His attack created a huge crater in the ground on impact. However, his attack didn’t even phase them as Kakazu was able to protect himself and Hidan barely endured it.

Kakashi and Shikamaru tried to finish Kakazu. But Kakazu surprised them by revealing his masks that were his life force, and he had four of them. Eventually, Hidan was also freed from Shikamaru’s possession.

Hidan called Chōji fat and even insulted their sensei. Blinded by rage, Chōji headed straight towards him to attack. For going so carelessly, Chōji was stopped by Shikamaru’s shadow. However, this created an opening for Hidan to attack them. Fortunately, Kakashi stepped in and saved both of them by using his Lightning cutter in both hands.

Later on, Kakashi dealt with both Kakazu and Hidan by himself. When Chōji gained consciousness, he tried to help Kakashi. He increased his body size and used Super Open Hand Slap to crush two of Kakazu’s masks and kept them at bay.

However, the attack was unsuccessful and he was captured by Kakazu along with the rest of the team. As they were about to be hit by Kakakzu’s massive fire attack, they were saved by Naruto and Yamato’s combined technique, which canceled the fire attack. With help of Naruto and his team, Kakashi defeated Kakazu whereas Shikamru defeated Hidan and avenged the death of Asuma. Luckily Naruto and his team arrived on time and saved Choji and his team from the verge of death.

Pain Arc

During the Pain Arc, when Pain destroyed the whole Leaf Village using the Shinra Tensei( Almighty Push), Chōji was still in the village and faced destruction. Chōji along with his father, Chōza, went to Kakashi to assist him. They were up against such a strong opponent, that their efforts to help Kakashi went in vain as Pain attacked them, killing Kakashi and severely injuring Chōza and others. Luckily, Chōji survived the attack and went to Tsunade to deliver the message given by his father about the Deva Path’s abilities.

Now just because he escaped death several times doesn’t make him any weaker than the rest of his shinobi friends.


Always insecure about himself, Chōji often doubted his powers. However, he always had supportive friends who stood up for him and always cheered him on to bring out the best of him. According to his friends, his caring and kind personality was his greatest strength. Because no matter what, he would always show kindness to others and fight for his loved ones.


Since he was from the Akimichi clan, he was able to convert calories into chakra which resulted in him getting a bulky physique and regular eating habits. He used the chakra to perform ninjutsu such as Multi Size Technique and Human Bullet Tank.

He was also able to use the famous Three Colored Pills of the Akimichi clan, which were used to forcefully convert the fats into chakra. This immense chakra allowed him to perform other advanced jutsus of the Akimichi Clan. However, the Red Pill was the most dangerous one, as it provided the user with massive chakra in return for their life.

Later on in the series, during the Fourth Shinobi war Chōji was able to develop the Butterfly wings by himself which he generally only got with the help of the Red Pill.

Apart from this, he is also able to use nature transformations, including Fire and Earth Release. With Earth Release, he was able to erect a rock wall to protect against attacks.

Inherently, Chōji had immense physical strength that he combined with his clan’s techniques to increase the effectiveness of his attacks. He was also able to concentrate all his chakra on his fist during his Butterfly wing mode to deliver a powerful attack on the opponent. Along with his great strength, he also had great durability and speed. With such abilities, he was able to survive being hit by the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path’s chakra blasts and save Shikamaru from being crushed by the statue.

No wonder he is considered to be one of the strongest characters of the series.

Will Chōji die in the Boruto Series?

After the completion of the Naruto series, Chōji is in the spinoff series  Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. He is very much alive and fine. He became the Sixteenth Head of the Akimichi Clan. He even married Kurai and has a kid, Chōchō Akimichi.

Karui is a Kunoichi from Kumogakure and a member of Team Samui. After marrying Chōji she became a member of the Akimichi Clan.

So will he die? Probably not. Now until the writers don’t plan on going on a killing spree again, Chōji should be safe and sound for now and for many more years to come. But seeing Kurama’s death, nothing much can be said.

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