Does Bakugo Die in My Hero Academia? (Anime and Manga)


Katsuki Bakugo seems short-tempered from the outside but is caring from the inside. During one of the battles, he got severely injured, and the wound was extremely deep.

So, Does he die?

Bakugo is a close ally of Midoriya (the main protagonist of the series). Although his close friend believes in justice more than anything, Katsuki looks at justice differently. Together they have participated in lots of battles and are always in extreme danger.

So dangerous that they always stare at death’s eyes.

Does Bakugo die? (manga edition)

Katsuki Bakugo possesses a unique personality which makes him the fans’ favorite. In the series, he has been in many complex battles and has remained victorious with the help of his extraordinary quirk.

Katsuki is essential to the series: My Hero Academia because he is an important character. He has faced life-threatening moments in numerous battles and remained victorious.

But this time was quite serious.

Everything started with the epic clash between Midorya, Bakugo, and Tomura during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

Class 1-A students were heading towards the Alpha Field to put their skills into action. Meanwhile, Shota was called to Tartarus and as his substitute, All Might was there to take his place.

Everyone tried to give their best in demonstrating their powers. All students showed their best skills like; Midoriya’s control over his new quirk, and Shoto with his inhuman speed.

After the test, All Might encountered Katsuki and Izuki, he congratulated them for their efforts in their quirks. Izuki then noticed a notebook of All Might which contained his research and information on former One for All users.

Katsuki looked at his notebook and explored that there was a fifth One for All user; Daigoro Banjo aka Lariat. He used to possess the quirk that Midoriya is currently using, the Blackwhip.

As soon as he looked at All Might’s journal, we saw him being disappointed. Then the ex-no. 1 hero (All Might) explained that every user of this quirk was killed, so they were passed to another user.

Izuki possesses multiple quirks and he had a vision in his dream about which quirk he was getting next. Katsuki asked about his next quirk and Deku replied; Float, Quirk of Nana Shimura.

Then, Deku trained with his classmates to enhance his new quirks. Do you know who he trains with? Bakugo!

Deku started to train with Bakugo to only lose each time with him. Out of frustration after the practice, Bakugo told All Might that he can no longer keep the secret about the quirk, All For One. he responded wisely,

He told Katsuki that, not only do villains require great powers and great powers bring out great threats. Stubborn Bakugo ignores him and asks why he left his research (of the notebook) out.

All Might explained that he was doing this because he was worried for Deku and then we saw the soft spot hidden inside of Bakugo. He replies that he bullied Izuki because he was weak.

After a few months, Bakugo is seen with the Pro Heroes. The city is in threat because Tomura Shigaraki, (the main antagonist) is in his conscious, he wakes up again to destroy the entire city with his enhanced powers.

The entire town’s citizens were rushing to find a safe spot including some of the heroes. Meanwhile, Bakugo, Deku, and the former no. 1 hero, Endeavor, are chasing Tomura to stop his evil actions.

Tomura realizes that his quirks are disabled due to Erase Head so, he shot two quirk-destroying bullets at Bakugo. He manages to dodge one but he wasn’t lucky with the second bullet.

The bullet strikes his leg making him severely wounded and disabling his explosives. Tomura was just about to overwhelm the heroes, but then, Deku attacks him with his new quirk, Float, and uses Blackwhip to save all the heroes from Tomura’s range.

Bakugo gets worried about Deku and tells him to stay back. Katsuki fears that Deku might die because Tomura now has more capacity with his quirk, which can be life costing for the young hero.

Katsuki and Endeavor make their move to save Deku. Bakugo finally realizes how useful the One for All quirk was, as he saved him and all the citizens and the heroes with his ability.

The unfortunate happens, Tomura makes his move, and he unleashes his threads to steal One for All. Katsuki Bakugo then makes his bold move,

Katsuki intercepts the attack and rescues Deku from Tomura’s grasp. Then gives a manly speech to Midoriya about not being the hero alone. This shocks the whole hero group and frustrates the heck out of Tomura.

Katsuki lays on the floor remaining injured. Right at that moment, Lida makes his appearance and saves the injured Bakugo and Endeavor. Meanwhile, League of villains and Gigantomachia are preparing to attack behind their backs.

Dabi makes a move to attack the heroes, but before that, he reveals a shocking truth to them.

Dabi reveals that his true identity is Toya Todoroki.

bakugo manga

Just when he revealed this shocking truth to the world, Best Jeanest made a bold entrance. He jumped off the plane and held the villains with his wires. Bakugo then came to help his former employer in a blasting way.

Together they fight with Nomu and help to defeat it. During that battle, Bakugo gets into a small conversation with Jeanest. Then, Jeanest reveals that his official hero name is Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight.

As they were trying to recover from another reveal, Compress (villain) escapes from Jeanest’s grasp. With his help, the league of villains became successful in escaping again, Katsuki tried to make a move to stop the villains but he was too weak to even stand up.

The league of villains is successful in escaping, then the injured heroes are taken to the Central Hospital for quick recovery.

Two days after this event, Bakuho wakes up in shock but relieved at the same time after he sees that the students were in a fine state.

But he notices a gloomy look on everyone’s face. He realizes that Midoriya was still unconscious. He was very concerned about Deku but angry at the same time.

Does Bakugo die in the anime?

My Hero, Academia is a complete adaptation of the manga. Although there might be a few episodes filled with fillers, the anime follows manga events.

Therefore, don’t worry.

Your favorite character Bakugo will not die so soon until he surpasses the no. 1 hero. Bakugo survived the deadly battle against Tomura, so there is a pretty high chance of him not doing it at the moment.

Bakugo has always put himself in dangerous situations, he has performed heroically in all battles. He might die one day due to some different cause but for now, he will live another day.

What happens if Bakugo dies?

Bakugo is one of the main characters in the series My Hero Academia and it will cause a great effect on the series.

Bakugo has always been close with the main protagonist of the anime. If it was not for Bakugo, Deku would’ve been dead. He holds a vital role in the battles and his death will make a waste of his quirk cause there might be more left in his ability that is yet to explore.

Bakugo also has a lot of fanbases, if he dies then the industry will lose lots of viewers. The anime might go into complete downfall if the author decides to kill Bakugo.

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