Does Ash Ketchum Have a Girlfriend?

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Pokemon has always been one of the most popular adventure anime in the world. The anime portrays the journey of a young trainer named Ash, who travels worldwide to become the Pokemon master. Throughout his journey, he meets with many girls and shows strong emotions, but has he even made a girlfriend?

Ash is one of the famous Pomeon Trainers and has a large fan base of friends, but the news of him being in a relationship is still shrouded in mystery. Let’s see if he ever has made a girlfriend or has had any emotions for someone.

Does Ash Ketchum have a girlfriend? 

Ash Ketchum is one of the characters who is always on his journey to accomplish his goal of becoming the Pokémon Master. As we know, protagonists who focus on their journey are mostly lonely without interruption. Is this the same case with Ash? Let’s take a look.

If we are being honest, then the answer will be no. Ash Ketchum doesn’t have a girlfriend, and he is more focused on his goal. The protagonist has barely any time to give to his relationship because he is always focused on training his Pokémon to become the strongest.

Ash has traveled with his Pokémon, but they aren’t his only companions. He has traveled to many corners of the world with many ‘female’ characters. Of course, some characters have had a mad crush on Ash, and some have none. But what about Ash? Is there anyone important in Ash’s life that can be considered his girlfriend?

We all know when Pokémon was released, right? Almost 20 years have passed since its release, and the age of our protagonist is still 10. We can’t be sure why Ketchum never ages, but it is what it is. Ash is that guy when you go into an interview, and your boss asks for 20 years of experience in your resume knowing you’re 18 years old.

Anyways, Ash is way too young to be in a relationship. That can be one of the reasons why Ash does not have a girlfriend currently. He might make a girlfriend when he is of an appropriate age, and we have no idea when he’ll reach that age. Ash ages slowly; it’s like he doesn’t even age.

Although his age gets in the way of being committed to a relationship, it doesn’t stop him from having a crush. When we were kids, we all had a crush at some point; it’s the same with Ash. We used to fall in love while the girl we liked had no feelings for us, but in Ash’s situation, the girl also liked Ash.

The girl we’re talking about right now is no other than Serena. No, they aren’t a couple or anything like that, but they certainly have interests in each other. In the franchise, we can see some chemistry being cooked between those two characters. But first of all, who the heck is Serena?

Who is Serena?

Most of us have been watching Pokémon since we were kids. If you’ve continued that journey, then you should probably know Serena by now, but if you stopped watching, then don’t worry. We are here to help you out.

Serena is like Ash; she is a Pokémon trainer who started her own journey from Vaniville Town. She wasn’t introduced at the beginning of the series. She hopped later with Ash, and then they started to continue their journey together.

Since then, Serena has been a prominent character in the series. She has shown playing many vital roles with Ash in the season of Pokémon XY. It is stated that Ash and Serena have been close friends for a long period, but her appearance was shown only in Pokémon XY. It turns out that have been honest friends before even Ash had started his adventure.

It turns out that Ash and Sere have been friends since they met each other at a summer camp. The plan was organized by Professor Oak, who both attended that program.

Serena was once lost in that camp, and during that event, she got chased by a wild Poliwag. She got scared of the wild Pokémon, and while she was trying to run away from it, she tripped and injured herself. At the same moment, Ash was looking for that Poliwag and witnessed Serena in an injured situation.

Ash helped Serena, and that’s how they encountered them for the first time. But do you know when this story was actually revealed? It was revealed in the Seventeenth Season. The fans finally knew that Ash and Serena had been friends since that little.

They had separated on their own journeys, but when Ash came to Luminose City, Serena recognized him within no time. She saw her on television and went on a quest to meet him, but she found disappointed. She discovered that Ash had left the city and was continuing his adventure.

Serena started her own journey, and that journey was to find her childhood savior, Ash. She chose Fennekin as her starter Pokémon and started her journey. After some time, she finally caught up with Ash, but the young trainer had already forgotten about her.

Ash had already forgotten about the Summer Camp event, but eventually, he remembered her, not as Serena but as “the girl with the straw hat.” Then Serena joined in the adventure of Ash and soon became a vital member of the team.

Serena and Ash then started to be close to each other. They started to go on many adventures together, and throughout the series, we could see Serena growing feelings for Ash. She had a big crush on the young Pokemon trainer. And Ash? It was clear that he also had a big crush on his adventure partner.

This was the moment where the romantic life started to come on display in the franchise. Clearly, those two characters are in love with each other, but do they end up with each other?

Do Ash and Serena End Up Being With Each Other? 

It’s complicated. Both characters have romantic feelings for each other, and both know that, but they are not a couple. They love each other, but they are nothing more than best friends. We should blame the anime because they never let Ash and Serena be named as a couple.

Eventually, a time came when they had to depart. Serena left Ash and went on her journey to explore the Hoenn region. This was a sad goodbye, but this can be another opening for their relationship, as there is a possibility that they’ll meet each other again, and this time, they’ll be together as a couple.

Before leaving Ash on his journey, Serena made a confession to Ash. The two characters finally share their feelings with each other. In the episode “Till We Compete Again!” Serena was leaving Ash, and she did something that left the whole crew speechless and shocked.

ash and serena

Serena shared her final goodbye to Ash, and we can be sure that she KISSED Ash. In the anime, the romantic scene of them was never displayed, but by seeing the actions of his teammates and reading the situation, we can be sure that Serena gave a goodbye kiss to him.

Before she kissed Ash, she also confessed her feelings, “You’re the one I want; I’m going to go work on myself, then I’ll be back for you.” We can be sure that both of them had strong feelings for each other, probably more than the chemistry between Ash and Misty.

During an interview with Yajima, he even stated that Serena and Ash would end up being with each other in the future. “They didn’t become a couple in the episode itself, but the way I ended it is meant to wake you to understand that they’re probably going to become one later. Serena tells Satoshi that she’s going to improve herself and then come back to him.”

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