Do Rey and Kylo Ren Fall in Love?

kylo ren

The sequel trilogy of Star Wars surely had us guessing so many things, we can only wonder. The one that tops the list surely was Ren and Kylo’s relationship. Serving as the main villain for the sequel trilogy of Star Wars both were introduced with 2015’s Start Wars: The Force Awakens.

The relationship between Rey and Kylo has also been the main focus of the sequels. Rey is a scavenger with powerful force abilities and Kylo is the leader of the villainous First Order and their relationship, well it’s complicated. Often called by the nickname ‘Rylo’, this is one of the best enemies-to-lover relationships in movies.

Ever since their encounter in The Force Awakens, there has been a great connection between them. Also, their conversation in The Last Jedi through force was really special cause it was regular. It is also revealed that they’re a part of Force Dyad. The mutual understanding between them was there from the very first movie and this rarely-seen bond went on to being one of the best in the series.

The Force Awakens

the force awakens

The Force Awakens is the first movie in the sequel trilogy and follows Rey and Kylo in a rival way. Kylo kidnaps Rey and tries to read her mind, and to his surprise, Rey is the one who reads his mind.

The movie continues and goes the duel between Kylo and Rey happens where Rey defeats Kylo. We can only see some hints of them in a romantic way. This was the first movie and maybe that’s the reason we don’t see such a bond forming but, later on with other movies, it has surely gotten its place as a romantic bond.

The Last Jedi

The last jedi

This is the movie that foreshadowed the outcome of their relationship. Their communication via Force was something very special in this movie. Despite being in different parts of the galaxy their communication, was really admiring.

They also join hands to defeat Snoke, and this makes Rey believe that he has turned to the light side of the Force but Ren wishes to become the Supreme Leader and rule. He also offers Rey to join him, but Rey refuses the offer.

We can clearly see that Rey has strong feelings and the only explanation we can give is that those feelings are for Ben Solo and not Kylo Ren.

The Rise of Skywalker

the rise of skywalker

The Rise of Skywalker starts with now Supreme Leader Kylo Ren pursuing Rey in an attempt for her to join him. She goes on refusing and at last, they again duel on the downed Death Star and take a stab wound from her.

Rey still heals Kylo and spits the truth that she did want to “take his hand, Ben’s hand”. This is the turning point for their story and we believe that allowing Ben to rise and Kylo to die is the new starting point.

Rey doesn’t really realize it until it’s too late and when he shows up to take down Palpatine, she is dead as she was completely drained. And yes, the balance of the Force. One of the dyads must die to bring balance in the Force and their love for each other? Well, It’s all about sacrifice for them.

Ben gives his remaining life force to Rey and shares a kiss before he dies.

Why did they kiss?

The moment when they locked their lips, well everyone had their own theory and thinking on what happened. Another thing is that sure, it was kind of problematic and weird. We were personally happy to see them kiss cause yup we were shipping them.

And to answer the question, they kissed cause she was in love with Ben. She was happy to be alive and be in the arms of someone who she loved. She also believed that Palpatine had killed him, so she was happy to see him.

Some people surely didn’t like the idea of them kissing but, it is what it is people, their relationship was purely romantic.

Attraction and Soul Mates

Despite the hate, Come on guys, you cannot say there was no attraction between the two of them in The Last Jedi. Come on. Yes, they were enemies but the attraction sure was real. Also, when Rey admitted that she wanted to join his hands, we think it pretty much sums up their relationship.

And, their kiss in the final scene, was surely one thing that needed to define them and it did. What follows is surely not a happy ending for us but it was something that both of them needed. At the end after all this, we can just say Rey Loved Ben and Ben loved Rey.







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