Disney Delays Next Star Wars Movie Again This Time

Star Wars

Star Wars has been one of the most popular franchises in the world. After joining Disney+ the franchise is getting more recognization and is expanding like never. New stories and many new plots are being planted in the franchise. With the fan-favorite characters in the story, the series is going strong but something seems off with them. What’s happening?

Star Wars is working with many popular people such as Taika Waititi, Kevin Feige, Rian Johnson, and many other popular faces. Seeing such names, you might be getting excited, it was the same for us but the franchise wasn’t very successful in it and is moving slowly. Why? Let’s have a look at it.

It almost seemed like Ryan Johnson was going to join but now, it seems like we’re just having an illusion because it seems like it’s not going to happen. Not only him, but even Patty Jenkins, the director of Rogue Squadron movie from Wonder Woman also seems like she’s not coming in because she has told that she’ll hop into the Star Wars project after completing directing Wonder Woman 3.

Well, Taika Waititi seems to be working on a movie about Star Wars, but it seems like it will take longer than anybody has expected because he might not get a chance to approach Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy.

Kennedy herself stated that she isn’t ready to do any Big Projects around it. She stated that she would not be working for Star Wars, but many fans had hoped for great success. Whatever the matter, it’s clear that she isn’t ready to pull the trigger on any kind of project related to Star Wars.

The project that they had announced will not be possible at the moment. There isn’t any kind of preparation being done for the Star Wars movies at D23. It almost seems like the new movie will not be released before 2024 at least. So, when are they planning to release the movie?

When Will The Next Movie Of Star Wars Will Get Released?

The team (Taika Waititi, Rian Johnson, J. D. Dillard, Damon Lindelof, and Kevin Feige, on top of Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron) working in their ‘untitled’ movie but it seems like it will be taking a long time.

As Kennedy is also not ready to work for Star Wars at the moment. So, it almost seems like Disney doesn’t have any kind of concern for the franchise, but they have told that they have a plan for the ‘untitled’ project of Star Wars.

Patty and Waititi were the ones with the potential who could release the next movie of Star Wars till 2023, but they have other projects as well in their plate so the delay isn’t that surprising. It seems like the next Star Wars movie will only premiere in 2024.

From Matt Belloni’s Newsletter (Puck News): "No Star Wars movie before 2024" from StarWarsLeaks

Before 2024 we won’t be seeing any kind of updates or announcements on Star Wars. Especially during D23.

Which Star Wars Movie Will Release Next?

The fans have waited a long for the next movie of Star Wars. They have been kept waiting since the last release of its series, the first movie since 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker. Things couldn’t be any worse as their expectations have turned into ashes. Will their wait be worth it? which Star Wars movie will be released next?

Star Wars have many projects going on right now. They have stated that the official release in the theaters will be in December of 2025 and 2027. So, this proves that they are moving at a completely slow pace. We still can’t be sure because what if it’s another delay?

Waititi is still busy with massive projects. The only person that’s left is Jenkins who is currently working on Wonder Woman 3. This is the only project he has on his schedule for now. So as planned the next incoming Star Wars movie will be Rogue Squadron. 

The franchise gave us great hope when they announced their big projects such as; Rogue Squadron, Lando, A Droid Story, and Rangers of the New Republic. In reality, there is barely any progress going on in these projects in the last two years.

Three years have already passed away and we don’t see any kind of projects being on the way from the franchise. It is stated in papers that the release of Rogue Squadron will be their latest movie. We can only hope without making any promises.

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