Disney Plans to Remove Star Wars Boss Kathleen Kennedy (Rumor)

Kathleen Kennedy

Katleen Kennedy has faithfully worked in Lucasfilm for almost a decade, but her time to resign from the industry is coming near each day.

Since 2012, when George Lucas sold his company to Disney, nothing has been the same for the Star Wars fan. Kathleen Kennedy has been the president of Lucasfilm since that period and, as she started, has made quite progress with the industry.

Kathleen Kennedy has managed to produce five live-action Star Wars films and started a new project on Star Wars, a new television era on Disney+.

When we look at the audience’s reviews, they haven’t been satisfied with the work of Kennedy. The new era that Star Wars is adopting and the new genre mixed with the series has raised many questions and mixed feelings.

The fans didn’t get the exact product they were hoping to get, and when they released the finale of  The Rise of Skywalker, the fans got disappointed with the work of Kathleen Kennedy.

But she has also managed to gain some plus points in the community with her work in Rogue OneThe Mandalorian, and Andor. The fans were searching for some new changes in the industry and it seems like her time as president of Lucasfilm is finally coming to an end.

Kathleen Kennedy Rumored to be Leaving Lucasfilm

Kathleen Kennedy

According to Youtuber John Campea, he collected some resources and shared on his love channel that there are clues which hint that Kathleen Kennedy will be removed as the president of Lucasfilm before the release of  Indiana Jones 5; 

“This is what I have heard: I have heard that the decision to remove Kathy Kennedy has already been made and that she will be gone either sometime before or significantly, very, very shortly thereafter the release of Indiana Jones 5…

Now, I want to be very, very clear here: I cannot independently say to you and confirm to you that this is a fact. I will say that one of the two people that have contacted me has a 1000% average on the things they’ve informed me of.”

According to his statement, Kathleen will finally resign from Lucasfilm, and the industry will look out for someone new to take on the projects of Star Wars on their grasp. They’ll see for someone new who can give the audiences joy, which means the next director will also take care of the next Star Wars film, which will be released in December 2025.

Campea also explains that he had thought Bob Iger would return as the Walt Disney Company’s CEO, which would help Kennedy with her role as the president till the end of her contract, which is set to run out in 2025.

“I had many people write in and ask, ‘Now that Iger’s back, do you think that means Kathy Kennedy’s gone?’ And I had many people write that to me on social media, in the comments, writing to me directly asking about that. And my response to that was, ‘Well, no. If anything, it’s the opposite.’

Bob Iger has traditionally been a Kathleen Kennedy ally and with Bob Iger coming back, I have a feeling that will entrench her even more and she will probably stay out to the end of her contract. I mean, I’ve said for a while, I don’t think she lasts beyond the end of this new contract she’s got. I think she’s out either by or shortly after 2025… I do think she needs to move on. I’ve said that for a long time. But I said, ‘I think Iger coming back only more entrenches her there.’”

Campea also explained that according to the sources, he has corrected his theory saying; “two separate people completely independent of each other” have stated that Kennedy can resign from her position till 2023.

Alright. Sometimes, I will say something on a show and then, like in the case of Edgar Wright, I will get contacted by certain people in the know that would say to me, ‘Hey, you said this… It was a great show, but you’re wrong.’ I will tell you this, last night, in the last fourteen hours… last night, I got an email from somebody very connected and then this morning, I got a phone call from somebody even more connected that got in touch with me.

Two separate people completely independent of each other, that got a hold of me and said, ‘Oh, John, you Kathleen Kennedy’s gonna be more entrenched that Iger’s in.’ I’m like, ‘Yep.’ … ‘You’re wrong.’”

Is there going to be a New President of Lucasfilm in 2023?

According to the sources of Campea, if Kennedy is going to leave her post at Lucasfilm then this might be the happiest news that Star Wars fans have heard in a while.

That is not a proper way to give farewell but fans know that Disney Star Wars was a big failure than a success. 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker was a big hit but since then Waititi’s film doesn’t seem to be moving ahead of the time and even Rogue Squadron has been indefinitely delayed, which is a clear sign of failure.

The fans have to wait till the release of Indiana Jones 5 on June 30, 2023, to find out if the rumor is actually true or not. If Kathleen is actually going to leave the industry, we will see a new face to take the spot of Kathleen Kennedy.

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