Did Kaido Live Up to the Hype?


There is no questioning that Kaido lived up to the hype as he was the strongest creature in the One Piece world. Kaido was an emperor of the sea, and unlike other emperors, he had the same goal: to conquer the One Piece.

Besides that, Kaidou also had another unique dream, to die proudly. The dream of the Emperor has been quite fascinating in the series, but the main question is did they live up to that hype?

Did he get the proud death or become the most feared pirate in the world?

Let’s jump into our safari bus, where we’ll explore the hype of Kaidou and see if he lived in that!

Kaido’s hype as the strongest creature alive

Kaido caused an uproar all over the world as he continued to rule a particular territory of a Grandline, becoming one of the Emperors of the Sea. He lived as one of the most feared antagonists in the series.

He had destructive power, and only a few pairs of characters could match his terrible powers in the entire series. He was also considered the strongest creature alive, but how did he gain that title?

The King of the Beasts did something so amusing that it made the whole world stunned. The publicity of the Kaido and his action left all speechless. So, let’s get to know about what he actually did.

Kaido was so strong that no one matched his brutal strength to eliminate him. As no one could kill him, he tried to kill himself but didn’t die.

The strongest creature could’ve died if he drowned himself in the sea but he didn’t do so as he wanted a proud death like that of late Edward Newgate.


Therefore, he attempted to kill himself by jumping from the sky island, which was 10,000 ft high. However, it did not affect his monstrous physique, and he remained uninjured.

As the freefall from thousand meters of height couldn’t even kill him, Kaido casually stated, “I guess it’s hard to die.” He got annoyed as the pain was not enough for him.

During the Wano Arc, Kaido demonstrated his monstrous power that let all of us to jaw-dropped. Luffy attacked him with every possible powerful technique attacked him, but he remained unfazed.

All attacks of Luffy combined with Armament Haki were useless against his sheer physical powers, and he also knocked the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates with a single hit.

Kaido faced the most terrible situations in his life and survived each and every one of them. It is also believed that he was hanged, but the chain broke, and he was sent to the guillotine and impalement, but the blades shattered.

He was caught by his 18 times, the marines tried to execute him bet were helpless, and he even sunk 9 giant marine battles single-handedly. Just imagine how much monstrous power he actually holds. No one could kill him.

Putting aside the latest episodes of Wano, only one character has succeeded in injuring him in the history of One Piece. And the great Samurai of Wano sailed with the King of Pirates at a time, Kozuko Oden.

He was also one of the fewest survivors of the God Valley incident where the Rocks Pirates were utterly defeated. Kaido even destroyed an entire hill with a single blow of his attack named Fire Blast.

When he fought with the other Emperor of the Sea, Big Mom, the fight lasted for several days, but both of them were seen uninjured with no signs of fatigue.

We also got evidence of the strongest creature alive, defeating all the members of the Nine Scabbards with minimal effort.

Kaido’s tremendous powers, capabilities, and unmatched endurance have made him the most feared pirate who can single-handedly cause mass destruction.

So, is the publicity of him being the strongest creature alive true? Well yeah, it is true without a doubt, as only his name can cause tremors anywhere.

Kaido’s special features and powers

The King of the Beasts holds monstrous power and abilities that are capable of eliminating many infamous pirates in the sea within minutes.

Regarded as the most terrifying creature in the entire series, he is voguish all over the world for his terrible potency and durability. So, what are his special features and potential?

The strongest creature alive is flooded with various kinds of skills and abilities. When he is in his human form, he is very tough to deal with, as he is shown to be the greatest in terms of raw physical power in the entire series.

While in his human form, he is powerful enough to fight any other Emperor of the sea with his weapon only. He can eliminate other pirates like a piece of cake.

And when he is in his hybrid form, he is invincible. Being in this form grants him enormous powers, abilities, and impressive endurance capability.

Holding the title of the strongest creature alive, he is so powerful that even one of the former Warlords of the sea, Donquixote Doflamingo, and his incredibly strong crew got frightened by the thought of annoying Kaido.

Even his sub-ordinate holds a bounty of over a billion.

While transforming into a dragon, he can do so swiftly, allowing the air to make people and other objects fly. I know it sounds funny and dangerous at the same time, but he was able to blow people in the air by burping.

He could even transform into his dragon form, where his offensive and defensive capabilities increased up to a level that he was almost undefeatable.

He also holds a weapon named Kanabo, and with the help of it, he can break through the defense of his abilities of CP-9’s Tekkai and Luffy gear fourth form coated with Armament Haki.

Among the very fewest, he also possesses all three kinds of Haki, and he is a very proficient user of it. Even Law stated that he couldn’t use his room ability against him because his Haki was too strong.

The King of the Beasts can even levitate a whole island by creating clouds by himself. Through the same process, he lifted the Onigashima island.

These insane features and power led him to be one of the strongest characters in the entire series. Even the World Government and the marines are feared of his terrible strength.

No marines have dared to catch him till now, as they failed to execute him 40 times. Kaido is one of the most appreciated antagonists because of his amusing features and powers.

Warning: the article below contains spoilers!!!

Kaido’s hype as Embodiment of Brutality

Along with the title of the strongest creature alive, Kaido also holds the epithet of “Embodiment of Brutality.” He gained this entitlement when he did something drastic during the God Valley incident that shocked everyone worldwide.

Soon after the incident, he was publicized as the biggest threat to the entire world, and several years after that, he was considered one of the Yonko of the Sea who ruled over a certain territory of the Grandline.

Let’s roll back to the time of what actually happened during that time!

Kaido was the crew member of Rocks D. Xebec in the Rocks Pirates along with Whitebeard and Big Mom. But during the God Valley incident, the greatest battle happened in the history of One Piece, and they lost to the King of Pirates and Hero of the Navy.


The strongest crew in the world met its end as they were utterly defeated. During that exact moment, Kaido shook the entire world with his brutality.

He almost got killed during the incident, but Charlotte Lilin saved him in the meantime by giving him a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit named Uo Uo No Mi, Model: Seiryu.

There is no information on how did he get that title, but we have some theories that provide us a hint of what actually happened. So, here it goes!

Apparently, it might be possible that as soon as Kaido devoured the Devil Fruit that Big Mom gave him, he awakened his Devil Fruit ability, leading him to lose consciousness.

This idea is assumed after evidencing Chopper using his Devil Fruit to fight against his opponent while unconscious. He was brutal, had monstrous power, and even attacked his own mates.

Likewise, Kaido, with his overpowered transformation, must have gone berserk like Chopper and killed everyone who got in front of him not even considering his crewmates.

Big Mom left the battle and abandoned him alone because he was eliminating everyone around him insensibly. This might also be the reason why Kaido hates her.

However, this theory might not be 100% right, as we know that Oda comes up with an unexpected turn of events.

But the fact is that the King of the Beasts did something that was insanely terrifying. Only the strongest ones, except a few, escaped the battlefield, luckily, and Kaido is also one of them.

His brutality might’ve wreaked havoc and saved him during that time. Thus, he was entitled to the “Embodiment of Brutality” back then.

Since that incident, Kaido’s hype as an “Embodiment of Brutality” started to cause tremors in different parts of the world, and people started to fear his presence.

Did Kaido live up to the hype?

Holding the most terrifying titles, Kaido is one of the major antagonists in the series that succeeded in impressing many viewers with his dangerous power and techniques.

He has been hyped since he made his first appearance in the show. He succeeded in amusing all of the viewers by remaining unharmed after falling from the height of 10 000 ft.

Since then, we’ve got to know how strong he is and all of the audience was eager to see his real strength of him. And with the latest episodes of manga and anime, he demonstrated the real power of an Emperor of the Sea.

From that moment, Kaido gained hype as the most formidable villain ever. With the start of Wano Arc, we got to know more about the strongest creature alive, whose appearance was hidden till the 739 episodes of the series.

As soon as he made his debut in the series, the more interesting facts about him started to open up in the series. Although it was partially disclosed, The event of the God Valley incident was also exhibited.

He caused chaos all over the world and demonstrated himself as powerful enough to defeat Nine Scabbards, Kozuki Oden, and Luffy who are the most powerful and popular characters in the series.

Kaido gained massive respect as a villain when he knocked out Luffy, who gets up repeatedly, even if he’s severely injured with a single blow.

Not only once, but he also defeated the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates three times in his most powerful transformation.

However, the strongest creature alive also got defeated and met his end at a certain time. He got defeated by a young and determined pirate who didn’t give up even after he faced his defeat three times continuously.

In chapter 1049 of the manga, The King of the Beasts gets defeated by Luffy after he unleashes his new transformation, Gear Fifth. But he got happy before his death.

It is because he got to experience something he long awaited for. Kaido wished to fight with an opponent who matched his caliber and powers. And Luffy gave him what he wanted.

The Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates overwhelmed him after he got defeated three times, learned Ryou, and released a new transformation, Gear Fifth. Luffy gave him a proud death with one of the most powerful attacks in the One Piece series.

The actions and chaos that the King of the Beasts caused tremors all over the world and even surprised all of the people in the world.

In addition to advanced Armament Haki, Mugiwara only succeeded in defeating him after unleashing Gear Fifth. This proves that he lived up to the hype as one of the strongest pirates to ever exist in the One Piece world.

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