All 13 deaths of most important Naruto characters

strongest naruto characters

Over the 20 years, the series Naruto has continuously released new chapters of manga and anime. This anime series has come up with more than 700 episodes, and as the storyline progressed, we experienced tragic stories of various characters and their demise.

In the series, many precise characters died that were dearest to most of the fans. However, the death of every character had its reasoning and importance. They didn’t die in vain.

If you want to know about the demise of the most essential characters in naruto, we’ll help you out. In the article below, we have the list of different underrated characters and the importance of their death. So, who are they?

Let’s get to know about it!!

Uchiha Madara

uchiha madara

Uchiha Madara, also known as the Ghost of Uchiha is the major antagonist of Naruto Shippuden. He was one of the biggest threats to the shinobi world who caused the Fourth Great Ninja War by manipulating Obito.

The death of this character has played a significant role in the series. The entire storyline of the series changed after his demise. But he terrified the whole world even though he was physically dead. Guess how?

As he was manipulating Obito, he successfully made his comeback in the series as he got reincarnated. With his plans and proper implementation of it, he caused tremors all over the world.

Madara almost killed naruto when he possessed the power of all the Ten-Tailed Beasts. He also had Rinnegan and was the first to perform Infinite Tsukuyomi, with the power of which he trapped all the shinobi into the never-ending dream.

However, he later got killed as the powers of the tailed beast, and Demonic Statue got extracted from his body when Sasuke, Kakashi, and Naruto successfully sealed Kaguya away.

Madara’s death is important in the shinobi world’s history. Everyone got saved from being trapped under the genjutsu as he got eventually killed.

Uchiha Obito

Obito Uchiha

Obito was the most formidable opponent that the shinobi world ever faced. He was the biggest threat to the world who declared the Fourth Great Ninja War under the plans of Uchiha Madara.

In a certain episode, Obito almost faces his grave by getting crushed into a huge boulder but was saved by the Ghost of Uchiha. As the storyline progressed, he became a primary antagonist of the series and gave a pretty difficult time to the entire allied shinobi, which signified his death even more.

He became the Jinchiuriki of the Ten-Tailed Beast, possesses Rinnegan, and starts to overwhelm everyone with his furious power. He was unstoppable, and the allied shinobi were falling but there caused the most significant turn of events that shook all of us.

Obito realized that Madara betrayed him and was using him to achieve his ambition. Soon after that, Zetsu stabbed Madara and gathered a lot of chakras turning him into Kaguya.

Since then, he teamed up with team 7 and started to fight against Kaguya. However, he was way too weakened at that time as ten-tailed Jinchiuriki was extracted from him. Later on, he faced his death while protecting Naruto and Kaguya’s attack.

Because of it, the prominent character saved who rescued the entire world. This means that Obito indirectly contributed to Allied forces’ victory in the Great Fourth Ninja War.

The story of this character was precisely written and both his existence and demise cause a huge impact on the events that occurred later in the series.

Uchiha Itachi

Itachi uchiha naruto

Itachi’s role is the most prominent in the entire series. People are misjudged by his actions but they are not aware of the fact that he is the reason why shinobi stills exist in the Naruto world.

Itachi died before the Great Fourth Ninja War started. He is considered the deadliest antagonist in the series as he was affiliated with the Akatsuki clan and massacred the entire Uchiha clan members. But he was protecting the village behind the scenes.

His death caused really great impact on the shinobi world precisely on Sasuke who killed him. The lone survivor of the Uchiha honed his fighting skills since then when helped a lot during the Great fourth Ninja War.

He was the most prominent ninja who saved the village before his death and save the world after his death. Although he actually died, he was summoned back to life by the release of Reincarnation Jutsu performed by Kabuto during the Fourth Ninja war.

During that time, he broke free from the Genjutsu of Kabuto and put him in Izanami Genjutsu after defeating resurrected Nagato. Soon after that, he set the reincarnated ones free by releasing all of them from kabuto’s Jutsu.

He is the one who is hated even though he saved the world. But his death is one of the most important in the series that led to a different turn of events. He died at that precise moment because the storyline wouldn’t progress much better if he was still alive.

Kakashi Hatake

Hatake Kakashi eyes

You might get astonished after seeing the name of Kakashi in the list of Deaths in Naruto although we know that he’s still alive. But the fact is that the son of White Fang of the Hidden Leaf once died.

This following scene left all of us startled as no one expected that it would happen. When the Akatsuki’s approached the Hidden Leaf Village in searching for Nine-Tail Jinchiuriki, Pain destroyed the entire village in rumbles.

During that time, Kakashi faced Pain and fought head to head battle with him. Later on, the copy ninja faced his death while struggling to stop pain from causing more consequences in the village.

He sacrificed his own life in order to save the village but ended up being killed. When Naruto returned to the village and saw that his mentor was dead, he got speechless.

However, The Hero of the Hidden Leaf defeated the Pain, and the same incident resulted in Nagato performing Rebirth Jutsu and reviving all of the people who lost their lives during the war, including Kakashi.

This incident demonstrated how one of the most capable could turn into the most vulnerable. The death of Kakashi was one of the most epic scenes, which made that certain episode drastically intense and interesting simultaneously.


jiraya death

Jiraya, one of the legendary Sannins of the hidden leaf village was the most respected ninja who didn’t get to see his apprentice being a hero who save the entire world. Jiraya’s death is one of the saddest death in the entire series.

He was killed by the one whom he saved and trained during his childhood. He was one of the most prominent characters and trained a lot of shinobi s throughout his lifetime and all of them came to be renowned all over the world later on.

When Jiraya was on a mission to gather intel about the most dangerous group of Rouge Ninjas named Akatsuki, he was killed in the process. Before he met his end, he came to realize that his killer was non-other than one of his own apprentices.

His death was the most heart-wrenching Naruto got to know that his mentor is killed, and he gets devastated. The occurrence of this scene is the reason why Naruto got the ultimate boost to his power and abilities.

His death changed the entire storyline of the series as Naruto drastically polished his skill and after the demise of Eo Sennin and ultimately defeated Pain.

This is the reason why the demise of the Jiraya has great importance in the progression of Naruto Shiupudden’s storyline.

Kushina and Minato

minato kushina

Similar to the death of other protagonists of the series, the demise of the Kushina and Minato is unforgettable. They were the ones who sacrificed themselves to save the village from the destruction of the Nine-Tailed Beast.

The death of this popular couple is the reason why this series has come to be this popular. The demise of both of these characters led to the beginning of the storyline of Naruto Shippuden.

A few years ago, when the ten Tailed Beast led by Tobi rampaged over the Hidden Leaf village. During that time, Namikaze Minato was the village’s Hokage and was responsible for ensuring the village’s safety.

To confront the tailed beast, Minato went to the battlefield leaving the newly born Naruto in the hands of his wife, Kushina. and when he encountered the beast, he had a very difficult time dealing with it.

The Nine-Tailed Beat tried to kill Naruto and while attempting to save the Hero of the Hidden Leaf Village, both Kushina and Minato got pierced by the gigantic paws of Kurama. However, the Fourth Hokage managed to seal the tailed beast inside of Naruto before dying.

This scene is the main reason for the progression of the storyline of Naruto Shippuden. It was the opening of the series because from that precise moment naruto had to spend his childhood alone and became the savior of the world as the series

Because of this, the demise of Minato and Kushina is the most important death of Naruto Shippuden.



Neji was one of the best fighters from Team Guy who carried the greatest potential within himself. His death is considered the most uncalled and tragic death in the series.

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Neji sacrificed himself as a shield to save Naruto. He gets succumbs to his injuries because of the wooden spikes that pierced through his body. No one ever expected that he would die like that.

We all complain that the death of Hyuga Neji was unnecessary because it seemed quite pointless. He deserved more than what he got. But the fact is that there was a big reason for his death behind the scenes.

According to the statement by Matasaka Kishimoto, Neji was just a tool to advance the relationship between Naruto and Hinata. Although most of the fans disagree with this, his death was not a total waste. It was plotted from the start by the creator of the series.

Because of this, Naruto and Hinata got married to each other. Thus, the main importance of the demise of Neji was to make these two characters close to each other although it seems quite unfair for one of the most appreciated characters.

Rin Nohara

Rin Nohara

Even though Rin was not the main protagonist of the series, her role in the anime was significant. She was one of the most important characters, especially for other underrated characters like Kakashi and Obito.

She died after she took the Chidori of Kakashi by herself which pierced through her heart i.e. she committed suicide. Why did so because when the opponent abducted her, the Three-tailed Beast was sealed inside her which would destroy the Hidden Leaf as soon as she reaches there.

However, Obito didn’t realize that it was all the intended plan of Madara to get him on his side. He saw Kakashi killing Rin without being aware of the truth. He didn’t have any idea that she intentionally took that attack.

The death of Rin was a big tragedy to him as he truly loved her. Her death traumatized him, even more, when he saw his closest one killing his lover. This is the reason why Obito aimed to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village by working along with Uchiha Madara.

This incident played a very great role in the successful continuation of the storyline which is why the death of Rin is most important in the series. If she was still alive now, the Fourth World War wouldn’t have been caused and the narration of Naruto Shippuden would have changed its course.



Pain also known by his alias Nagato died quite a remarkable death. He had played quite a formidable role as one of the major antagonists of the series. Following his death, many uncalled events occurred in the series.

As the leader of the Akatsuki clan, he destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village and caused a lot of consequences. He also killed Kakashi and even performed Chikabu Tensei which was about to demolish the rumbled Konoha into nothing.

However, he faced his grave after Naruto pulled up in his Sage mode. The Akatsuki clan got disbanded after his elimination as he was the last survivor of the clan.

His death is plotted very precisely which supported the development of the series afterward. Before he died, he performed a certain  Jutsu that reincarnated numerous people back to life who died during that incident in exchange for his life.

Nagato’s death is one of the most important plots in the series because if he would’ve been still alive till now, Kakashi and even Fukasaku would’ve been dead long ago.

It would’ve changed the entire scenario of the series because without Fukasaku, Naruto would’ve hardly learned the Sage mode perfectly and a lot of other things would’ve changed. This is why Pain’s death is one of the most appreciated death in Naruto.



The death of Shisui is often remarked as a waste of the most powerful character. He was an exceptional Uchiha who exceeded Itachi in terms of skills and abilities but died the most unsatisfying death.

Most of the fans disagreed with his death as he killed himself by falling over a cliff. However, his death has very great importance in the series and was plotted at that precise moment.

The main reason why he jumped off the cliff is that he was about to die. Danzo hired a henchman who poisoned him in order to steal both of his eyes. The leader of the root even succeeded to take one of his eyes but Shisui managed to escape.

The poison was about to eliminate him but before that, he approached Itachi, told the truth, and gave him another eye as they were very loyal to each other. Leaving the rest to the eldest son of Fugaku, Shisui jumped off the cliff and killed himself.

Because of this event, Itachi possessed Shisui’s eye which later helped him to break free from the genjutsu of Kabuto after he got reincarnated during the Great Fourth Ninja War.

This resulted in the elimination of half of the forces of Obito during the war favoring the approaching victory for the allied shinobi forces. Thus, the death of Shisui is also regarded as one of the important deaths in Naruto.

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