Death Note: About Notebook of Death (Rules and Curiosities)

Death Note

Death Note is one of the popular franchises where you’ll write a name and in 40 seconds, that person will be on their death bed. This is an iconic story created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. But there are certain rules you should follow while using the Death Note.

The anime portrays the story of a young student who gets his hands on the Death Note and starts killing criminals. He is a genius kid that always comes up with certain plans to make him successful, but he’s not the only one with that high IQ. We also have detective L, a mastermind that has solved every criminal case.

Using those forbidden powers, Yagami Light starts to kill hundreds of people. He is then eventually named a god, but although he has immense powers and can kill anyone just by using his pen and paper, he must go through some rules.

Every rule of the Notebook of Death

Notebook of Death

There are certain rules in Death Notes that you should use before using its powers. It’s necessary to know the rules and go through them because if you don’t then the outcome will not be as you’ve preserved.

You might have watched the Death Note and know certain things about them, but it will blow your mind when you’ll know about certain rules. Did you that the Death Note will not kill babies? Now let’s get started.

If you write a name on Death Note, that person will die. This is one of the most common and important rules of the Death Note. If you write a real name of a person in the Notebook then that person will die within 40 seconds.

Spelling will not matter if you can portray the victim’s face. If you have remembered the face of the victim then it will not affect another person who has the same name.  While writing the name of the victim you will need to remember the face of your victim. Piece of Cake!

The cause of death of the victim should be written in the Notebook within 40 seconds to prevent cardiac arrest. As we know, the victim will die under 40 seconds after their names are written in the Death Note because of cardiac arrest. If you don’t want that to be the cause of your victim’s death you should write the cause of their death within 40 seconds.

The details of the death of the victim should be provided in under 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Under these times the user should describe the cause of the dearth that he wishes. You can explain the cause and even change the cause within the given time.

The user can change the cause of death and update a new one within that time but the cause cannot be avoided within the time when the name of the victim is written on the notebook.

The moment Death Note will touch the ground, it will become the property of the human world. Humans can never make contact with the Shinigamis or their world, so the first person who’ll pick up the Death Not from the ground will automatically get the ownership. Just like Yagami Light did.

After the user gets the ownership of Death Note he will not get the entrance to Heaven or Hell. The Deah Note users will not go to Heaven or Hell, their existence will simply obliterate. This was told by Ryuk, the Shinigami to Yagami Light when he got the ownership of Death Note for the first time.

Until the Death Note Owner doesn’t die the Shinigami will not stop following that person. And if the Shinigami possesses two Death Notes then they should record the names of that person. Remember when Yagami Light had possessed the Death Note, Ryuk was always following him. We didn’t get much screen time from Ryuk but he was at the beginning with Yagami Light and also in the end when he was dying.

When the user gets ownership of the Death Note they should be presented in front of their respect Shinigamu within 39 days after using the Notebook for the first time. This is an interesting rule in Death Note. In any case, the Shinigami and humans should meet with each other within 39 days after using the Death Note for the first time.

Even Ryuk the Shinigami presented himself in front of Yagami Light after 5 days. Maybe they need to interact with each other to know the proper rules of the notebook.

A Shinigami can not be killed by normal gunshots or Knife stabs. As we know, the Shinigami aren’t normal beings. They came to the human world from a different place so ordinary weapons won’t work on them.

This was proven in the anime when Mello’s gang showered bullets on Sidoh but they simply slipped out of the Shinigami’s body. They can’t be harmed by any ordinary weapons, but that doesn’t mean that they are immortal or something like that. In the series Rem, the shinigami was killed by Kira.

The owner of Death Note can even possess the eye of Shinigami. The owners of the Death Note can even possess the eye of Shinigami and with that, they can read the name and age of every person.

The owners will need the name of a person to kill them and gaining the eyes of Shinigami is nothing more than a piece of cake but there’s a catch. They will need to sacrifice half of their life expectancy to gain the power of those eyes. If it is estimated that you’ll die when you’ll be 60 years old then, you’ll die when you’ll just reach 30.

The victim’s death should be physical. The victim’s death should be reasonable and physical. If you were to say that the victim should die after making an astronaut crash then that’s simply stupid.

If you’ll write with such kinds of causes in the Death Note, it will not work and the victim will die by simply having a heart attack. The main reason why this kind of request will not work is the amount of time it will take and there’s only a limited time.

Even a piece of Death Note will function like normal. You don’t need to pick and take Death Note wherever you want, you can just take out a piece of paper from the Notebook or a small fragment from it to prey on your victim.

In the series, we can Yagami Light using the same process. He would take out the pieces of Death Note and use them to prey on his victims. Even in the end, he had hidden a small fragment of Death Note inside his watch, but unfortunately, he was shot before he could use that.

Well, you don’t need a pen to write the Death Note always, you can write it with anything like blood. Kira tried to use that in the end but he failed to write in the end.

You can kill the victim according to your time and date. You should write the cause of their death before the name. You should write the details and date in front of the time within 19 days and the victim will die because of a heart attack after the given time period is over.

Everyone can use the Death Note and cause death, without the concern of its ownership. If you’re thinking that the owner only possesses the power to kill the people then you’re wrong.

Anyone who has got his hands on the Death Note can kill. Even if the user doesn’t have the ownership, they can create the same destruction and havoc. Yagami Light also gave his notebook to Kiyomi Takada and she could do all the crimes even without the rightful owner.

The owner is not needed to use the Death Note, you’ll just need a piece of Death Note to cause the same effect.

The only people that are unaffected by Death Note are people under 780 days. They are the only ones that can’t die by Death Note. Children who are under the age of 2 will not be affected by Death Note even if their names are written in the Death Note.

But once they get out from that given period of time, the Death Note will be effective. Children under the age of 6 can even get ownership of a Death Note. Imagine if it was a small kid that had picked up the Notebook instead of Yagami Light. The child would’ve been the owner of the cure book.

If the user has mistakenly written the name of his victims four times then the person will not be affected by Death Note. If the owner has misspelled the name of his victim and has put another name then the victim will not die.

You’ll need to imagine the face of the victim and if it was written unintentionally then it will cause no harm. Many people can write the names unintentionally thinking of it as a normal notebook. If the name is repeated four times, they’ll not be affected by Death Note.

If the user gives his ownership of the Death Note but again comes in contact with the notebook then he will gain his memories again. The user will gain its memory again after they’ll touch the Death Note once more.

This is shown by Yagami Light. His memories faded away when he gave up on Death Note for a moment but when he touched that Notebook again he gained all his memories back when he was Kira.

The Death Note can also cause suicide. You can even kill your victims by using the most natural way possible. As heart attack was very common and was noticed by everyone, Kira used a different method.

Yagami Light wrote the cause of Suicide to his victim and made it look pretty normal. However, if the victim is willingly trying to suicide and their name has already been written in the Death Note then the Notebook will prevent that from happening.

If the Owner has lost their Death Note then they have 490 days to retrieve it back. If the owner has lost their Death Note and it is picked up by someone else then they have 490 days to retrieve them back.

They will lose all their memory of them having the Death Note and if the time limit has crossed then they will forget their memory completely but if they retrieve their Death Note within that time then their memory will be back again.

Just like Light did, he had given up on his Death Note but when the Special Task Force captured Yotsuba Kira, he got the chance to touch the Death Note again. The moment he got his hand on the Notebook his every erased memory came back to him and now he was once again a Kira.

There can be only six Death Notes in the human world. There is a limited amount of Death notes in the human world. It is possible to have more than those but they will just appear to be a normal notebook. There might be another notebook that looks like Death Note but it will just appear to be a normal one.

Although there’s a limited amount of Death Notes that can be in the Human World, there isn’t any limited amount of Death Notes that a user can own. The user can take ownership of all 6 Death Notes.

If the Notebook is handed over to someone else, the owner will not change. If the owner decides to lend their Death Note to someone else then they can relax because the owner will not change.

While L was suspicious of Light, he gave his Death Note to Amane. He was under surveillance of L for 24 hours, but the killings were still happening in the human world. The person who was doing the killing was someone else. By doing it, Light cleared his name from L’s suspicious list.

The people who have borrowed the Death Note can’t possess Shinigami Eyes. The people who have borrowed the book won’t be able to use such powers. For them to use such powers, ownership must be granted.

When the book is borrowed by someone, the Shinigami will not follow them. The Shinigami will not keep on constantly following people but they’ll still be able to see and hear them.

If a Shinigami tries to save their loved ones using their Death Note then they will die. This is the only way to kill the Shinigami. One way to kill them is by making them fall in love with humans as Gelus did.

Gelus used to watch Amane from his Shinigami realm every day. Amane’s death was coming near every day and when the day had finally come gelus did something that a Shinigami should never do.

He used his Death Note to kill the person that was going to kill Amane. She survived her death but Gelus had to sacrifice himself. If a Shinigami falls in love with a human being then that will be their biggest disadvantage, eventually, it will be their death bed.

The user only has 23 days to cause the death of their victim. The owner of the Death Note has 23 days to manipulate the lives of their victim. They should give complete details on their victim.

The user should make all of the events occur within 23 days if the 23 days pass then the events will not happen and the victim will die simply because of a Heart attack.

There is a limited page for the cause of death in Notebook. The user of the Death Note has a limited page to explain the cause of death of its victim. They should explain the complete event and give full detail on the cause of their victim’s death within a page.

Shinigami should not mention the names and their remaining life to the Human World. As we all know, the Shinigami possesses the power to see the life expectancy and names of other peoples, but they should be aware and notion mention it to humans.

They should do that because if they reveal everything to the Human world then the whole world will be in commotion and everything will start to go nuts. Ryuk and Rem never broke this rule of Death Note, they stayed loyal.

Even if the Death Note is destroyed, the event will still take place. If you think that you’ll burn the page or Death Note where your name is written then you are very wrong because the events will still take place.

No matter what you do, if the name has been written once in the Death Note no one will escape from their fate. If there is a detailed cause of death then the victim will die within 6 minutes and 40 seconds, and if there’s any cause then the victim will die simply because of a Heart attack.

Human beings will never escape from death. Humans are the most vulnerable creatures in the world of Death Note. Whatever they do, they’ll never possibly be able to escape from death whether it is written in Death Note or not.

The notebook has 60 pages with 38 lines per page. The Deah Note contains 60 pages with 38 lines on each page. you can write the names of yo victim on these pages and if you have small handwriting, congratulations! You can kill thousands.

No one can see or hear the voice of Shinigami. If you’ve noticed then only the owners of Death Note are able to see Shinigami but the normal people can’t see them. They are completely unnoticed by other people except for the people who have the Death Note.

The Shinigami can take the Death Note anytime. The rightful owners of the Death Note aren’t normal human beings, the rightful owners are the Shinigami. They were the ones who had dropped it on the earth. If they don’t want you to be with the Death note anymore then they can simply take it away from you.

You can make Shinigami stop following you. If you’re tired of Shinigami that keeps on following you then you can stop them by throwing your Death Note. Once, you throw your Death Note away the Shinigami will stop following away.

Once the cover of Death Note is burned, it can’t be used. There is one way to make the Death Note make unusable. So, if you ever want to destroy the Death Note then just burn the front page of the Notebook. You can erase other names but the letter “Death Note” on the cover will not get erased, so you’ll have to burn it.

You can ask you Shinigami for another Death Note if you’re out of room to write it. If you have finished writing all the 60 pages of the Death Note then don’t worry, you can ask your Shinigami for another Death Note and he’ll provide it for you.

You can even bring back the Dead. Ryuk had once told about this certain rule in the series. He told that you can bring the dead people alive again by erasing their name in the name but they will only come alive if they haven’t been cremated.

“If you erase a name in the notebook with this, that person will come back to life — so long as he hasn’t been cremated yet.” 

The ownership will transfer to the person that’ll pick it up from the ground. If the owner throws his Death Note away then the ownership will transfer to the person that will pick it up next.

Rules Created by Ryuk


There are two rules that have been created by Ryuk that L discovered it later. These were the fake rules created by Ryuk so that the investors would take their suspicions out of Yagami Light.

The people who touched the Death Note will die if the Notebook is ever destroyed. With such rules, he could be sure that no officers would even think about destroying his Death Note. With this, he had secured the safety of his Notebook.

The owner will die within 13 days if there aren’t any names written on the Death Note. Yagami Light was under surveillance of L for months. He created this rule to fool L and his team. Because of this, he was able to prove that he was not Kira.

How many Death Notes were shown in the series?

There wasn’t only one Death Note that was used in the series. The total amount of Death Note that was used in the series was five. Whos Death Notes were they? Let’s take a look at all those five Death Notes.

Sidoh’s Death Note

This was the first Death Note that was shown in the series. Sidoh’s Death Note was stolen by Ryuk by tricking him. Ryuk stole the Death Note and threw it into the earth to have fun.

Yagami Light’s Death Note

The second Death Note we could see in the series was of Yagami Light. He picked the Death Note of Sidoh’s that was thrown down at the Earth. After he took ownership of the Death Note, he killed thousands of people with the Death Note and was ultimately known as Kira and “god”.

With Death Note he was almost unstoppable and because he was one of the genius people, he even outsmarted L and killed him in the end. But he also had to face the same fate because of the Notebook.

Death Note of Gelus

Gelus was the shinigami who fell in love with a human. He used to watch Misa from his Shinigami realm and watched her until her death had finally arrived. Gelus was falling in love with Misa and as soon as her end started to come near, Gelus did something that a Shinigami should never do in his life.

He used his Death Note to kill the person that was going to murder Misa. The only way to kill a Shinigami is by making them fall in love with the humans. The same happened with Gelus, he used Death Note and saved Misa and had to sacrifice himself for breaking the rule.

Midora’s Death Note

In the story, we can take a look that Midora bribes the Sghingami King with thirteen apples that he took from the human world. He bribed the Shinigami King and asked for a spare Death Note so that he could throw it down on Earth.

Later Midora gave the Death note to a person who was known as the C-Kira. This Death Note was used as the suicide Death Note. C-Kira used this notebook to kill those people who had the wish to die. Later Midora revealed that C-Kira wrote his name in the Death Note and killed himself.

Ryuk’s Death Note

This was the Fifth Death Note used in the series. Unlike others, this Notebook was only displayed for a limited time in the series and was only shown at the end of the series.

The Notebook was used to kill Yagami Light when he was on the verge of dying. Yagami was shot down and while he was crawling down the stairs, getting flashbacks of its earlier days, there was a sad song playing in the background, and there was someone who was keeping an eye on him, it was no other than Ryuk.

Ryuk saw him struggling and when he was dying, the Special Task was also coming near to get him. He thought that it would be boring to see Light in jail, so he took his Death Note out and wrote Yagami Light’s name. After shortly, he died because of a heart attack.

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