David Gilmour Blasts Roger Waters As “Misogynistic, Antisemitic Putin Apologist”

Well, David Gilmour and Roger Waters still hate each other. Gilmour’s wife, the author Polly Samson, took to Twitter to denounce Waters as a “misogynistic, antisemitic Putin apologist” (amongst several other things), and Gilmour shared the claims as “demonstrably true.”

“Sadly @rogerwaters you are antisemitic to your rotten core,” Samson tweeted. “Also a Putin apologist and a lying, thieving, hypocritical, tax-avoiding, lip-synching,misogynistic, sick-with-envy, megalomaniac. Enough of your nonsense.” Soon after, Gilmore quoted his wife’s tweet, adding, “Every word demonstrably true.”

Waters has long been outspoken in his beliefs surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, even calling President Joe Biden a “war criminal” by supplying arms to Ukraine and, in his mind, “fueling” its war with Russia. He expanded on those beliefs in a recent interview, walking back a previous remark calling Putin a “gangster” and instead saying he’s more open to listening to what the Russian president has to say.

Elsewhere in the interview, Waters defended his longstanding boycott of Israel, stating simply, “The Israelis are committing genocide.”

“In my opinion, Israel has a right to exist as long as it is a true democracy, as long as no group, religious or ethnic, enjoys more human rights than any other,” Waters added later. “But unfortunately that is exactly what is happening in Israel and Palestine. The government says that only Jewish people should enjoy certain rights. So it can’t be described as democratic.”

Following Samson’s post, Waters responded with a message of his own, saying he was aware of the “incendiary and wildly inaccurate comments made about him” which he “refutes entirely.” “He is currently taking advice to his position,” the statement reads.

Read Waters’ full interview here, and see Samson and Gilmour’s remarks below. As a band, Pink Floyd previously pulled their music from streaming services in Russia and Belarus as as show of solidarity with Ukraine. Gilmour and Nick Mason also released their first Pink Floyd song in 28 years, “Hey, Hey Rise Up!,” to benefit the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.

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