Daniel Craig Talks Joining The MCU After Balder Doctor Strange 2 Rumors

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Three MCU films were released this year, including Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness starring Benedict Cumberbatch. It was the most anticipated Marvel movie since it was directly connected to the multiverse. There were rumors several characters to make an appearance in the film, including Balder the Brave, portrayed by No Time to Die star Daniel Craig.

Although Blader the Brave did not appear in the movie, we still got short and sweet cameos from several Marvel characters, including Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, John Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic, Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter, Lashana Lynch’s Captain Marvel, and variants of Dr. Strange.

Is Daniel Craig interested in joining the MCU?

Even though Daniel Craig and his rumored character Blader the Brave didn’t appear in the film, fans still want to know if Craig plans to join the MCU in the future or not. And recently, in an interview, Brandon Davis from ComicBook.com asked Craig if he was interested in joining the MCU. Craig then answered, “I should be so lucky.”

He did not reveal if there was ever talk about him joining the Marvel superhero universe as Thor’s half-brother Balder the Brave. However, judging by his reply, he seems interested in joining the universe of superheroes.

While Dr. Strange’s sequel performed pretty well in the theatre, fans were left disappointed as many rumored characters like Deadpool, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, and Balder did not appear in the movie. However, that does not mean we will never see these characters. We will see Deadpool in 2024, while we might also see Tobey’s Spider-Man again in Avengers: Secret Wars, and who knows, maybe we’ll get to see Balder too.

And even if we don’t, there is a high chance that Balder will be introduced in the MCU in the next Thor movie since he will be battling the God of strength, Hercules, which means Thor will need all the help he can get. However, Thor’s next film will undoubtedly take years to develop.

Will Daniel Craig join the MCU as Balder the Brave?

Certainly, rumor had it that Craig would make a cameo as Balder the Brave in the Dr. Strange sequel; however, it did not happen. So now the question arises, will Craig join the MCU? and second, what are the odds of him playing the character of Thor’s half-brother?

Indeed he was rumored to play Balder, but that does not mean he will play Balder’s role if he ever joins the MCU. There are plenty of other characters who Craig could play. Captain Britain is one of the Marvel characters he could kill as. Why?

Well, given that Craig is an English actor and has played the character of a brilliant spy James Bond. And we’ve seen his Bond films, and there are plenty of outstanding action scenes. Hence, as much as he would kill as Balder, he would do better as Captain Britain because he’s already an action star, and Captain Britain is somewhat similar to and different at the same time to James Bond’s character.

However, it seems that Craig was set to play Balder’s role in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, given that the film’s costume designer stated that Balder was considered to be featured in the movie. It appears that Craig’s character was developing because the character’s concept art was also made public.

Darrell Warner, an International award-winning Artist and Illustrator, shared the concept art on his Instagram. They wrote, “BALDER THE BRAVE | Shame this character went no further than this watercolor | Y’all know the story; if not, just go and look it up online.”

He again shared the new concept art of Craig as Balder the Brave this month, which looks fantastic.

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